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Topic: RULES & REGS: Bringing up old posts here or importing other board?s post(s).  (Read 7615 times)

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Bringing up old posts on our board or importing other board?s post(s), references and links.

Reference:  Drama posts, personal opinions & feelings, views on other members here or members of other boards and previous members as well, and writings written by BetSelection members or staff at any time on any board, etc. 

There will not be and cannot be the continued bringing up, referencing and creating drama with old posts and threads on our board here, as well as other boards.  Defined:  Do not reference any one on our board with what they wrote on another board or anywhere else for that matter.

Do not do it.  Simple.  Period. If you are a well-known and established member here, there will be one warning and a deletion to the post made.  If you are not well known and established, there might not be any warning. 

Reference ?other boards?.  I am well aware what happens on some of them and others, I have no idea whatsoever.  I belong to two of the other boards and rarely post on them.  I have been on a few of the larger boards and I have been banned.  All the bans I brought on myself and most of them I squared off on the owners or admin?s, so what?  Big deal.  History.  I don?t care. 

But one thing, from this point on.  On BetSelection, if anyone brings up, makes reference to, copy & paste, links to---any other board with a derogatory, negative, drama seeking post that anyone made here on BetSelection elsewhere, it will be deleted.  Simple, don?t do it. 

As far as posting, referencing or linking to a positive, constructive and non-personal agenda on another board within your posting here on BetSelection, I don?t see anything wrong with it. 

One more thing.  I generally do not care what is said on the other boards.  However, read this carefully and understand it.  If you have a question or it is not clear, ask.  If you are going to post on BetSelection and be a ?regular? or a ?known member?, etc., I do not feel it is proper to regularly and with vengeance bring our business, postings and our content onto other boards for the sole purpose to demean, chastise, humiliate or belittle our BetSelection members or staff here.  If you are referencing something that was said and using, that in a decent conversation and defense of something on another board, sure?no problems.  If you are going to be on BetSelection and consistently cut & paste, reference and regularly engage in detailed threads and conversations on the other boards about the content here, that is wrong.  The content on BetSelection, once posted, is the property of the board.  It stays on the board.  If you want to cut & paste and engage in detailed conversations with only drama and so-called investigative journalism of some weird style, don?t attempt to continue as a regular and a well-known member in good standing on this board. 

While, I do not and will not patrol the other boards, I guarantee you someone will email or PM me with the more flagrant violations of what I just said.  Stop the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of board personalities as well.  Talk about gambling, wagering, casinos and anything else within your life.  Leave the other boards and their members out of BetSelection.  We are not a wrestling arena with BetSelection involved or its members to hash over and wrestle regarding the other board's members or their problems or a dislike you might have regarding anyone posting anything.   

As Esoito said:  ?In summary, if you don't approve that's fine. Just don't keep needling and banging the same drum.  Membership here is not compulsory. Acceptable behavior is.?

Thank You.  Glen.
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