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Wannawin's Library / hot numbers method by turbogenius
« on: June 06, 2019, 03:09:36 am »
turbogenius said this:

Quote from: turbogenius
Any number has a 1 in 37 chance of appearing during a cycle of spins.
That means that any number on average will show up once per 37 spins.... we can all agree with this right ?
But no.. as you can test and prove to yourself - 24 numbers appear on average every 37 spins, not 37. There never will be 37 possible outcomes... just because there are 37 numbers and 37 spins in a cycle and each spin is independent - there will never be 37 numbers that show once and no repeats.
Now grab the eraser and make it every number has a 1 in 24 chance of appearing ?
You could do this or you could take this info and look into repeaters....
I said it until I'm blue in other posts. A number can't show twice unless it's shown once, it can't show 3 times unless it's shown twice, etc..
And most importantly - you can never lose a single unit on any number that doesn't appear because you never bet on it.

can we say turbogenius hot numbers method is to bet the numbers that appeared? to be bet as they appear. at the same time to stop betting when it becomes a number that does not appear by his definition? this way you always bet on appearing numbers only .would the turbogenius number cycle be 24 spins to apply this method? to bet each number appeared during 24 spins.  if it reappears give the number a 24 spins run again every time but stop betting when it disappears during 24 spins.

whole topic: https://www.rouletteforum.cc/index.php?topic=19732.0

Wannawin's Library / Roulette strike strategy pdf
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:28:26 am »


after passing all the blah blah blah page # 94 has the strategy . you must bet one column + one ds using the progression published on page # 99.

Wannawin's Library / Packer Progression Betting System
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:31:58 am »
$35 Is All The Bankroll You Need to Win $1,110 an Hour With the Packer Progression!


Wannawin's Library / REWARD system for even money bets pdf
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:29:04 am »
REWARD System – For Even Money Bet in Roulette;


Wannawin's Library / Power Matrix Roulette System pdf
« on: September 16, 2018, 03:02:26 am »
Power matrix roulette system pdf download:



If you have an opinion about the method please reply or send it to me by private message. thank you.

Wannawin's Library / should the even chances be treated differently?
« on: March 01, 2018, 05:55:40 pm »
I often notice that people who play EC whatever the game tend to be more concerned and pay more attention to streaks, timing and others . is it due to the volatility that it can go in any direction at any time?

I also notice that people who play with more numbers than even chances have a confidence because they have the advantage of the probabilities in the next hand. Is this really justified?? should you not be even more cautious and be more attached to tracking the swings of the game because you can lose more too??  maybe the even chances are the right point where people do not need to worry about having more or less chance of winning or losing because it is basically the same. maybe this psychological factor of having equal odds plays a part in the EC players to be more aware because at any moment it changes as motivation to be more alert because that is the nature of all EC bets. what do you think?

Wannawin's Library / small consistent profits or better aim to win big?
« on: February 27, 2018, 06:18:48 pm »
Which side are you on?

I like both forms and I really like to combine the frequent events from the common game results with the events of a great potential when the signals are appearing . it is not very hard: for example with EC you can bet on the small series with 1,2,4 for many small wins. then when you lose your progression it can be a signal to aim for the long series to win big.

how do you exploit the events of frequent appearance and the events of little appearance but with great profit potential? Thank you.

Wannawin's Library / how to test a system?
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:58:27 pm »
there is something that bothers me for a long time: how to test a system in an appropriate way? maybe someone here can share when can you say that a system is really a winning system......

if someone has an answer about location name vs number of spins each it would be much appreciated. I know that a two dozen system should be tested differently from one of two quads . the details of how many spins to test each betting location to say it is a winning system would be good to know if someone has it figured out. thank you.

General Discussion / my prediction: forum closes 2017
« on: October 14, 2017, 05:28:28 am »
this forum is broke friends . they do not have to renew the 2017-2018 domain name fee. time to leave this forum behind.

web pages to prepare for the inevitable:


it was a good trip but we all  saw it coming. no money = no gas to continue.

Steve's forums sells = success
Kav's forum parners with casinos = success.
Betselection = church offerings basket = broke.



Roulette Forum / delectus: random vs automated wheel
« on: October 11, 2017, 01:26:42 pm »
delectus said:

Please note the random numbers at random.org and say an actual roulette wheel produce completely
different results
. I have worked on random numbers for a great many years and I am currently looking
at the results for sets, when using random.org random numbers. It is interesting to discover the differences
and try to discover why there should be such a difference.


Anyone who has bet on sleepers ( 3 x 37 = 111 spins is "officially" a sleeper), will be often aware
that irritatingly, the ball will land often either side of a sleeping number, say 1 & 16 the sleeper being 33.

A possible interesting research may be to examine random.org sleepers, this may point to some
differences, such as the above and when a sleeper appears.

there are random.org and automated roulette numbers easily accessible on the internet.  could you do a step by step comparison on the differences found between two of these samples complete with statistics? this topic is interesting to me because I do not see anything different but I remain open to being proved otherwise. thank you.

Wannawin's Library / flat bet winning possibility: method with teeth
« on: October 10, 2017, 06:26:30 am »
This method looks good to conduct long term study . progression analysis would be interesting.

Author   Topic: A method with teeth
   kj smooth   Posted: 04-Sep-10 20:14   
I know some will play this and I'll never hear a word from them, I accept that. Some might even rip the method AND still play it. lol This is flat betting. I use units of $15, $10 and $5 but use whatever fits your budget the best. I try and separate fact from opinion. A fact is, in 'X' number of spins, we will get a complete street hit, all 3 numbers. I do have to thank Bayes ahead of time, he helped me a bit.

Ok, on to the method >> I keep track of the last *12* numbers hit. When the next number hits, cross off the latest number, we will always be looking at the LAST 12. Any street with TWO of the numbers hit, is what we are looking for. Example: the 14 and 15 are hit within the 12 recorded. We flat bet the 13 UNTIL either a win OR until either the 14 or 15 is NOT within the 12 recorded anymore. I have done lots of testing recording the last 11, 10, 13 and 14 spins, I have found that *12* works the best. Anytime all 3 (a win) are within the 12, no more betting on that number UNTIL it drops back to two within the street.

EXAMPLE: We were betting on the 13, it hits and we have a win. Lets say a couple spins later, the 14 drops from the last 12 recorded. We NOW have the 13 and 15 hit so we bet on the 14 until either a win OR until either the 13 or 15 is NOT within 12 recorded anymore. Don't make this tougher than it is. Sometimes I over explain stuff. lol There are some spins where NO betting will take place. Now, what about multiple bets going on? This is what I do in terms of betting. 1-2 bets: I bet $15 per number, 3 bets: I bet $10 per number, 4+ bets: I bet $5 per number. It is very rare to have 4+ within 12 but you MUST have a RULE for every situation.

My BR is 3K but use what you can afford. No progression here, that should make a few happy. Its VERY common for a street to hit within a short (12) period of time. What I like about this most, we are NOT betting on semi-cold streets. My win goal is 1K, then go home. Any questions, just ask. Thanks for reading. Ken


I wrote this today: https://betselection.cc/general-discussion/alrelax-and-his-petty-poll/msg57211/#msg57211

and I feel entitled to speak because I was one of several members who committed to support and I supported with my money by the first week of April as alrelax himself said: https://betselection.cc/general-discussion/pledges-to-betselection-cc/

after defending alrelax from greenguy today I started to think that I can not assure that he gave it. the pledge carries a part of honor so I am 100% sure that I gave my part but although it would be despicable not to have fulfilled the pledge it is within the possible.

Please confirm to the forum that alrelax fulfilled his pledge to be able to speak properly and to defend him again knowing that I will not end up like a fool putting my hands in the fire for him without having all the facts.

because we made the compromise in public so we put our honor in the same line the confirmation must be public too. any of the other members who committed themselves can also confirm if you want.  there should be no problem because we made a very public commitment and not a private business or coverup.

In any case for speaking clearly if he did not honor his part after three months it is simply that he does not want to help the forum which would be disgusting . or else if he does not have funds to afford $ 50 USD after these several months then all claims of moving money at the casinos and so on crash. which also reminds me that I suspect tabone smells suspicious as a big bettor author. well let's hope that alrelax does not disappoint. thanks.

Math & Statistics / How many spins to call a bet hot or cold?
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:58:23 pm »
How many spins back should be used to say that a bet is:

* Hot
* Warm
* Cold

what is the universal formula to calculate this? Be it baccarat or roulette or another game. if you can back it up with math the better. Thank you.

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