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Baccarat Forum / Re: Testing shoes to find profit
« on: March 10, 2020, 11:52:05 pm »
alrelax, your last line there,"Wagering on what is happening within a Section that is within Turning Points, rather than wagering for your desire, will always prove more in your advantage than anything else".
Ooohhhh how desire has has enriched the house with my $$$$$ and others.
I have done those "systems"  they work until they don't. In the trash they go.
I have done others, counting the frequency of events and how long they last, keeps my head spinning mostly.
However I have only experienced it a few times. It is when my subconscious has knocked on the door of the reality of the moment and I opened the door. That is the best. I do well in those cases.

General Discussion / Re: Behind-the-scenes at BetSelection.CC
« on: March 06, 2020, 04:58:50 pm »
Hello alrelax and all the staff.
I came across your forum in my search for some Baccarat question I had at the time and boy did I discover something that was different in the way I was thinking. I am a newbie by your level of time in and games played. I appreciate the effort it takes to type one's thoughts to paper. Currently busy reading thru the topics and posts, keep them coming I am a sponge at the moment.

What a great read, thanks for posting it.

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