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Baccarat Forum / Re: 2 Posts I Want to Re-Post This Morning
« on: Yesterday at 05:39:32 PM »
I assume you posted these for some interaction rather than reading it yourself, am I right?

If it's the 2nd case then is like masturbation, you get satisfied by yourself without the need of another human being.

If it's the 1st case then I assume that everybody could speak freely his/her mind, talk about what he/she really thinks like you are doing about scams, frauds...etc

I really admire your honesty and straightforward spirit, you dare to tell the truth, you dare to oppose interests when you have none by doing so!  :applause:
Thus you are acting like citizens' advocate and someone has to do so without the materialistic motivation.
As for you, the same principles exist for me, I'mm an idealistic person, sometimes I could be accused for expecting too much from such world and to be too idealistic could has practical consequences...

With such circumstances as we call everyday life, it is not convenient to be honest and live by your morals and principles, it is not easy to practice what you preach...
In theory, everything seem easier than how it really is.

And here we come to particularly you, what you wrote:

"But, members and readers will interpret what one says on the message board according to their own agenda and beliefs the majority of the times, rather than where the author of the information came from and what he experienced, is the mistake I think many make when using a message board."

Even if I agree in general with the most of what you express, allow me to disagree with the above and let me explain why;
It's not who says/claims something, anything, but what he/she is actually saying/claiming.
The explanation is pretty simple, on words everything is easy, everyone could claim anything, I could claim that I'm Alexander the Great or Epicurus for example, but of course it would be far from truth.

We have to be the example we want/expect to see in others...a great leader does first what he preaches and later expect others, who are able, to follow.

Your casino venture was an aftermath of plain luck and lack of discipline.
Nobody could gain something positive from such example, in my opinion.
Only could tempt some to think: "Hey, why not do as Glen did, I could win on the end!"
Out of 10 persons who would read and consider your ad-venture on such way, only 1 will experience similar result as yours.

Therefore, under this perspective, I think that you are availing more trouble than assistance and forgive me for saying so but it is what I really believe.

If you decide to consider my comment as rude, furthermore remove it and ignore me, I'd understand because I don't expect you to understand me.

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Just curious about email?
« on: Yesterday at 02:31:09 AM »
It means that I also have made a huge land investment in Florida and you are just the kind of person that might do well in an investment there too.

How did you arrive to that conclusion?

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Just curious about email?
« on: Yesterday at 12:50:31 AM »
I was contacted by a Nigerian Prince that actually sent me the 16 million dollars. But I believe that I'm the only one that ever got the money.

So you are a millionaire huh?
What does it mean?
Can you buy happiness?
Can you buy love?
Can you buy success?

All an illusion, if you'd asked me!

Roulette Key Gold / Re: Beware Recommended Casinos !!
« on: Yesterday at 12:46:44 AM »
And how about the frenzy about digital currencies?
It's a baloney for me, 1 day you may have a certain amount on the monitor of your PC and the next nothing...all an illusion and as sudden it has appeared it will sudden disappear!
But don't listen to me, the experienced financial consultant with offices at Long Island NY and Henderson NV, corporations with Swiss and Cypriot financial institutions, listen to your heart instead!

Roulette Key Gold / Re: Beware Recommended Casinos !!
« on: April 23, 2018, 05:47:25 PM »
You are right my friend, the same happened to me on other cases...
I've received that promotional email too, but for me was on the top of those 2 casinos you've mentioned, "mr Green casino" too.
When I've attempted to register an account with "mr Green" I saw that players from Greece are not allowed to open account and play.
I've ignored the other 2, but since there were rumors about the reputation and variety of "mr Green" games I've decided to give it a try, but it has been proved as waste of time.

« on: April 17, 2018, 06:09:06 PM »
I'm puzzled by your attitude, first you provide sufficient clues to attract some interest and then you bluntly refuse to incorporate any further!  :-\ ::)
However, I respect your indisputable right to decline any additional exposure, but why did you initiate it on the first place?
If I was something like a troll I'd claim that you are playing the secret squirrel game...but I don't!
One thing is for sure, what you are up to might be interesting but cannot be considered as proven (not even to you and your colleague), thus why the secrecy for something which might be proved baloney(as 99.9% of all cases in long term basis)?
More minds accomplish more and faster than fewer, just think about it.
Besides, doesn't it what such forum's purpose suppose to serve?
To share, collaborate and progress together?

« on: April 17, 2018, 12:45:26 AM »
Just to clarify:

I'm not talking about betting on the numbers 3,  6 and 9 per se.

Our research is aimed at several number combinations we have identified that involve underlying patterns of 3 or 6 or 9, or even all three.

These are:

* various number combinations which are based on number 3

* various number combinations which are based on number 6

* various number combinations which are based on number 9


* how they relate to specific times of appearance, which are also based on 3, 6,  9

Why 3 and 6 and 9?  Because they are the specific numbers identified by Tesla.

More than enough work there to keep me from playing on the road for quite a while! Especially as my time and energy is limited by other commitments.

But your query could perhaps open up ideas for others to follow.

I presume that you are not talking about the finals, for example when you say numbers related to 3 you mean 3, 12, 21 and 30 OR 3, 13, 23 and 33, which of these groups??
The first is related numerologicaly while the second group is related according to finals.
My opinion is that since you are following Nicola Tesla clues you are not betting finals.
There could be a number of ways to combine them, for example if we would count them as group and not individually then there would be too many combinations to take under consideration, for example the numbers 4, 11, 23, 25 could be considered as 9 group even are not related directly with any of the 3,6,9 properties.
That's because 4+11+23+25=63 and 6+3=9
If you are combining in such way then all numbers could be related with 3,6,9 properties, but I think you are not doing this because you wouldn't know what to bet since all would fit.

From the other hand, if you consider each number strictly related to properties of 3,6 and 9 groups then you would discard 25 numbers including 0, that's because group 3 is related directly with 3,12,21 and 30, group 6 is directly related with 6,15,24 and 33, group 9 is directly related with numbers 9,18,27 and 36.

Both approaches seem flawed on first sight but for different reasons.
By timing your selection you probably mean to bet only every 3 spins since 3,6,9 are all multiples of 3, yet that doesn't equate necessarily that you will bet every third spin because your criteria don't allow frequent betting.

Please confirm and/or decline where appropriate, thank you.

« on: April 16, 2018, 08:22:12 PM »
Not knowing what it is that you are applying to the 3.6.9, once it does go through the program you've yet to write, would it be possible to also test other number groups for comparison? Initially 2.5.8, and 1.4.7, and for a complete study, every 3 number combination from 1 through 9?

It would be very interesting to see if the grouping 3.6.9 outperformed all other groupings.

I'm interested about it too, Max I'd appreciated your feedback, thanks.

« on: April 16, 2018, 02:09:39 AM »
I believe there are much more than meet the eye and we should try to keep an open mind.
Reality is only limited by what we know (or think we know).

« on: April 16, 2018, 12:46:22 AM »
Thank you Max for sharing something so interesting (I rarely thank anyone for sharing as I rarely see appreciation from others for my efforts).

Just a couple of questions, I assume you had good results but for how long, are the results sufficient in order to prove something?

Does it have to do with numerology?

Dice Games Forum / Re: Get your kicks with Craps ROUTE66 - 2018
« on: April 12, 2018, 05:10:01 PM »
That's nice!  :thumbsup:

I know a variation with 6 or 8 as starting bet, if it comes then you place the profit to the other and keep the change.

So now you have placed both 6 and 8, if a 2nd win happens before 7 then place 5 or 9 and keep the change, if 3rd win without 7 out then bet the 5 or 9 in order to have four inside numbers covered with banks money, 5,6,8 and 9.

If one of these rolls next you'd win for 4th time and now you are going to buy (or place) the 4 or 10 (your call), if you win once again it would be your 5th win in a row and now you should buy the 4 or 10 which remains the only inside number uncovered.

Thus you need 6 wins in a row without 7, a 7 out at any time costs only the first bet of the series, probably even less as you keep change (small money) after each win.
With the 6th win in a row you will win 72$ minimum (10$ base bet) if your wins are only 6s & 8s, with wins from 5 & 9 or 4 & 10 the gain will be more.

So even if you lose 7 times by 7 before you achieve your 6 in a row win pack you would come out on top as one 6 pack exceeds 7 losses by 7.
If you have a 7 storm and losses climb to 8 before you get your 6 pack then you have 2 options:
1) raise your base bet from 10 to 20$ 
2) change the strategy to one which accommodates plenty of 7s (I've this too if you are interested)

That's not bad, but if my memory serves me correct that was about a hundred rolls short of one at the Borgata in Atlantic City around 2009 2010 something like a hundred and fifty something rolls.

That's correct, was from an old lady and not 1 of those dice setters/influencers/instructors...just wondering how come, how come not from one of all these so called dice experts?!
Besides why someone needs to sale guide/instructions/lessons for 49.99 or 99.99 when he/she could make that amount multi-fold in a single day?!
Just wondering! ???

Alrelax's Blog / Re: 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 summation
« on: April 03, 2018, 02:04:25 PM »
Explanations are either lengthy and detailed or short and incomplete to many.

I always post lengthy and detailed explanations, so if those members you are talking about they are lazy to read but need someone to "chew" it for them then they don't deserve to have it.
Would you wipe their behinds too? Don't think so!

Topics are created and expanded by some and put out there and yet--ruined by others.

I belong to the first category, all you have to do in order to confirm it is to check my blog in this forum.

How about if you don't enjoy it or learn anything from it, let it stand as a topic, others might??

You are funny guy, you know, I wouldn't popped in your topic if it wasn't about my money management, so you are trying to tell me that I could learn from my creation?!
Is this a joke?

You are absolutely correct.  Basic to some and unknown to others.  I have had several PM's and several public messages regarding this M.M. System.  It does work and it does offer you many advantages with the main one being the chance to literally and physically allow yourself  additional play time to win if you are winning or regroup or realize it is losing time.  Unlike some other ones.

But here is the bottom line, how about you contributing some of your M.M. Systems that have worked for yourself, instead of the criticism and sarcasm?  Please?

I'm really glad we agree.
Talking about contribution, let's say you have 3 betting models, you are splitting your session's BR in 3 parts equally, 33% each.
You start your session and the goal is to double your session's BR, but let's assume that 1 of the betting models loses 33% but the other 2 are going good, in such case you increase the expectancy in profit from 33 to 50% for both of the remaining betting models/methods.

Say that another lost on the way before you double your session's BR, in this case for your remaining betting model you should increase the profit goal from 50 to 100%.

This MM could work with any divisions you like, could be 4 models with 25% each or 5 with 20% each...etc
All we are doing is to reinforce the more productive regarding the results against the least effective ones.

By discarding a betting model it doesn't mean that you are completely rejecting it, the next session/day all of them will start from scratch.

Alrelax's Blog / Re: 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 summation
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:36:56 AM »
I have wrote about this before.  2 people asked me for the explanation.

Do they need also instructions about chewing?! ;D

Here is the summation.

When I win, I take 1/3 of the win money and pocket it, cash it and will not in any way whatsoever use it.  I take another 1/3 of the win money and increase my Bankroll with it.  I take the remaining 1/3rd of the win money and keep it as a reserve if I lose my bankroll I am playing with and still desire to play longer. 

You can do it with any amount of win.  Say you buy in with $600.00 and get up to $1,800.00.  Take $400 and pocket it.  Increase your Bankroll to $1,000.00 and put the other $400 in your pocket as a backup bankroll. 

Say you won another $1,000.00.  Take $350.00 and make your bankroll $1,350.00.  Take another $350.00 and put it with the $400.00 and that makes $750.oo you can't touch.  Take the other $300.00 and put it with the reserve bankroll you have of $400 making it now $700.00.

Ahrmm (clearing throat), maybe you forgot something elementary...(drums roll) you have to win first!
None money management alone could provide you an edge.

For me, I get the piece of mind, that I always have another chance if I lose and still want to keep playing.  I have something from my win money already 'locked up' and cannot be touched.  I have a slightly bigger bankroll.  When I do these things, it stops me from playing the way I used to with win money, and seldom holding on to it when things turned ugly. 

All I know for me and some others, compiling the win money into your bankroll sitting on the table, only makes it subjected to larger bets and being lost easier than it does without some kind of plan. 

Do it with any amount of win money, adjust it for your own psychological well being.  To me and most I speak with, it is easier to walk away after winning, when you know you have really tried to win more and maybe one more shot or another round at a table after a meal or a break, etc.  Maybe you can win money and stack it up in front of you and value it properly, but for most players it makes them play a bit more recklessly and dangerously then when they initially sat down with XYZ bankroll.

For me, I am satisfied with the way it works out when I do some kind of plan as I mentioned here.  When I just throw the winnings into the stack in front of me, I have to attempt calculations at how much for this and how much I should cash out 'later', etc.  If I put all my winning  into my pocket and employ 'attempted' willpower, there is no reward and satisfaction for the instant time, while sitting there playing.  If I divide it up as I go along, I have clearer mind and gives me a psychological advantage.

I'm glad to see that I've helped some people.

I think the best EC bet is: BRB = Be Right Back!
The only combination which kills it is the RBR = aRe Both Right!
Wow, such a discovery!  ;D

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