08 Special Dedication to the Greatest Roulette ESP Predictor in the world!


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Topic: Special Dedication to the Greatest Roulette ESP Predictor in the world!  (Read 478 times)

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A Very Special Dedication

To one of the greatest roulette players, roulette teacher, tutor, physicist, theorist, and ESP Professor extraordinaire galore!  Oh yeah, the absolute greatest rock climber as well. 

Without any further ado, here is my dedication to him:

The only thing left out here in this clip is the greatest posting on the message board with his tablet in his hand while swinging and jumping without any ropes whatsoever from rock ledge to rock ledge.  He really does climb those 50,000 to 100,000 foot cliffs he so often writes about and posts on the boards at the SAME TIME!

Next in my dedication is a glimpse inside of his RV that he travels from casino to casino in, taking them down for millions at their roulette tables while never attracting the attention of the pit bosses and floor supervisors because he always uses red chips, yes it is true.  And here is an exclusive glimpse of his RV that Jorge had online before he sold this unit to our friend:

My dedication now moves on to one of his casino sessions where he got a tad bit upset.  Although he normally plays roulette and once in a while baccarat, I caught him here at the Poker table one night.  I will not pass judgement, but needless to say, he brought attention to himself with the pit bosses and the floor supervisors.  This was on the west coast while he was RV?ing around, after this he took off for Atlantic City is what I was told.  By the way, our friend got upset because they accused him of using a system to win numerous previous hands just before this clip was shot:

Now we move on the Atlantic City, New Jersey.  A few days after his session above, he was discovered in the Tropicana at Atlantic City and he was taking them down for millions.  So, the pit bosses and floor supervisors all got together and made the decision just to get rid of him.  I was there to catch it on my phone cam and here it is:

I also caught him with the ESP thing, here is a glimpse into the great ones insight involving ESP Predictions:

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