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Topic: To Ex-VRTech pilots. Teaser > upcoming Fulcrum Ultra Q - Jan 2019  (Read 1088 times)

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Here is a teaser of the long awaited Fulcrum Ultra Q to be introduced to all VRTech test pilots Jan 2019.


Here are some data;

810 parallel linked sector analyzing & predicting algorithms, calculating the most probable sector for the upcoming spin.

Average win-loss rate per session 65-75%  (Max WL of 85% has been achieved). Blind 14 number sector selection has the probability of 37.83%, so you understand the immense edge a VR pilot has on any given session with this fighter. Both Graph-based and Color based Short-term and long-term warning indicators keeps the Pilot alert on ST Intermittent negative Variance turbulence and probable LT Intermittent negative Variance Turbulence during the game.

Advanced On-board computer software suggests best bet selection on any given spin, should the pilot decide to switch from manual game analysis and bet selection to full autopilot play. Optimum Situation awareness design allows the pilot to have a Max performance view over a session for a prolonged time thus allowing increased profit-potentiality.

Goethe based color theory composition in the platform design enables prolonged concentration and faster decision making at crucial bet points. As you see the VRTech platforms have evolved considerably since their first introduction 4 years ago.

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Re: To Ex-VRTech pilots. Teaser > upcoming Fulcrum Ultra Q - Jan 2019
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  • Too bad you can't use this in a brick and mortar Vegas, if are caught using a computing device, it's 5 years in jail and a big $ fine.