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Nearly there!
« on: March 24, 2015, 06:02:08 am »
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  • what are the odds? life is but a game of chance
    when   I had a stent put in my heart about 5 years ago.
    lt was sold as a routine operation and called  a procedure
    on the second look a few weeks ago i was told there was only a 1 in 200 chance of something going wrong on the third procedure a 1 in a hundred. to be honest they didn't say only but that's what i thought
    when i woke up a few days ago i was told i'd had major heart surgery. since then i've been shitting bricks (actually i can't remember when i last stuff anything, but that's another story.

    is there an analogy between life itself and roulette? in roulette he rule is what can go wrong will go wrong this can be avoided to some extent not by following a system but using a variety of techniques.
    i've never made promises about roulettekeygold it is a tool, i profit from it some of you have used aspects of it for years but at the end of the day if you survive or not is up to you

    quite a few people i've met having heart surgery followed their systems some were silly sods who smoked a lot, but the majority were active sports people, they'd been out jogging or something innoouous when heart trouble struck.

    transparently i was fortunate in that Derriford hospital wasn't taking any patients and a leading heart surgeon Robert Casula had an opening at Hammersmith.
    private patients were being treated by the same surgeon, the only thing i envied was their meals ! but thak god we have the NHS it may cost a lot to run but its there when you need it!

    the ambulance journey from exeter was 4 hours of hell, but tomorrow i'm due to be shipped back home in a proper car.
    i expect i'll wrk on my site again soon, i'll try and automate enquiries more and hopefully include new techniques at the bequest of users.
    recent things i've built in from subscribers suggestions include a set of three finals and a short progression on three sixains.
    i know a few of you have further sugestions and i will endeavour to include them.
    i'm still not in favour of clickbank as i only want people on board because they use part f the program and not because they get large commissions from clickbank and various casinos

    tomorrow is Wednesday i don't know when i'll work again, its my birthday next week 2nd April
    you may email me at ppreston1000@gmail.com with queries and suggestions
    i've made a few friends and gained customers from this forum so good luck everyone

    posted with difficulty on a w8 tablet with no mouse or spell chequer (which wood say its all right i expect)