08 Roulette Key Gold - The Hidden or Secret Dozen


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Topic: Roulette Key Gold - The Hidden or Secret Dozen  (Read 4065 times)

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Roulette Key Gold - The Hidden or Secret Dozen
« on: August 09, 2014, 10:05:33 pm »
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  • We all know that if you spin a roulette wheel 37 times each number has an equal chance of appearing, and we all know it never does, never has and never will!

    One of the automatic alerts in Roulette Key Gold will always show you how many numbers haven't been hit and will alert you when this number reaches 12 usually after 30-50 spins.

    I call this the 'secret' or 'hidden' dozen it usually but not always is hit within 3 spins.
    In the video below it hits on the second spin which gave 12 units profit.
    I try and refrain from using a progression and will give up after several spins. A win on the 3rd spin would break even on the 4th a loss of 48 units.

    After some comments I'd recently been testing the withdrawals at BetVoyager which were ok for me so I've run my demo there.

    As I was at BetVoyager (no Zero table) I had to bet every spin so I used a Safe(ish) beginners method (VII) in Roulette Key Gold until the 12 unhit numbers appeared. I was waiting for 12 neighbours but BetVoyager is a bit slow and it didn't occur.
    Still after 29 spins I was up on the Beginners method and in two spins the dozen came up, which I have to admit is fairly typical.

    So without my program RouletteKeyGold you would  write down all the numbers (0-36) and tick them off till just 12 remain.

    See video at:

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    Re: Roulette Key Gold - The Hidden or Secret Dozen
    « Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 03:19:27 am »
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  • @Mathemagician

    Thank you for visiting the Blog recently. I have enjoyed your fresh approach.

    In casting your eye over some of my threads you may not have noticed the one that looked at the 12/8 ratio - a strategy to attack remaining numbers.

    It is an oldie, and sometimes can assist as what I term an 'overlay' bet that runs parallel with other strategies.

    I can recall years ago, back to the wall, after a long night, the 'get-out' bet was the anchor bet which often tracked remaining sleepers, slippery and dangerous. It saved my bacon several times but I was lucky.

    Sometimes the 12 remaining targets can get stuck, as the process can at any one of the descending steps, but at 12, the most troublesome cases may extend well over 20 spins or even 30, because a single number can sleep 300-400 spins.

    What I tried to suggest in my humble thread was a flat staking strategy extending from 12 to 8 or less but only when you have profit to play with. Never chase it.  In 7-9 times out of 10 it can work well.

    Key is to read the game and take a hint. If one level of sleeper numbers blocks, others may too. At other times it can provide a string of pleasing small wins. Just be alert and aware of downside.