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Topic: wakey wakey !  (Read 1014 times)

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wakey wakey !
« on: March 22, 2015, 06:11:14 am »
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  • Not quite a Dostoyevsky work on a gambler I've woken up again at 5 27 am and am starving! Managed to get a cup you tea and find a biscuit I had left had 3 a female nurse about to start hope she sees me soon I'm stillmh

    They need to br trained like waitresses i.e what can i carry ? Or get? Have i made contact with everyone..

    Too many teams these days its ok for a patient to need help if they are on someone elseenstation!
    I trust device more attentive at the ivy the camellia if is still goes even nandos  l
    Ifsomeone just made eye contact and asked it would help I have a bell somewhere but that doesn't seem very English (whoops I meant while British didn't mean to offend)
    Darent upset anyone they are armed with drugs laxatives and god knows whast will wait till change of shift then break and so on. I wish wait rise trained some nurses they always go the extra mile.
    I'm luck to get WiFi here thanks to one doctor who reallised how bored I was.

    I do not do many forums so this may seem an odd choice but I know I have customers. Just come to take some blood out my neck to check salts seems a bit dried up.bye for now I'll let them poke me