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Topic: BECOMING A MOVING TARGET  (Read 94 times)

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« on: July 12, 2019, 07:47:09 pm »
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  • This is the last piece of the puzzle to many fellows: Every session a different one.

    Betting using "meta systems" so to speak. Built out of "meta patterns" unfolding across spins.

    This means betting N amount of timelines for you to choose according to how the game flows in the current state of affairs you are witnessing.

    Not one of them is better than the other according to math, but empirical observation places weight to certain configurations vs the others when considering the extra dimension of "time" (as a slice of sequential history in the data).

    Yes, they all may go south as you enter betting. Nonetheless, why not choose among the better possible ones? Stiff betting systems are doomed to fail.

    We have the technological means to handle massive simultaneous data streams when compared to manual betting. Players from the past didn't have this option. Every little thing that may add to improvements in our game is good to be embraced!

    Becoming a moving target in such a way can prove to be one of the very few possible advantages while surfing the data stream, along with proper money management for maximizing wins & minimizing losses to beat the averages.

    In the end, as there is no beginning or end to the numerical stream in infinity, we are forced to create our very own frames of reference in order to imprint the characteristics we get to "see" to act upon over time.

    Going dynamic vs stiff may be the final key to keep yourself "current" when trying to hold your ground in the overall never-ending goal of beating infinity.

    It may be the piece of the puzzle giving your personal betting stream the proper direction while asymptotically going toward the best current configuration, even as we know the best one changes dynamically, hence you should re-calibrate or re-evaluate your current scenario to change with the flow of the numerical stream too.

    Our personal struggle is an "averages game".

    Chances are we'd never possibly beat infinity but we may beat our own played numerical stream during a satisfactory-enough length to become "winners".
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