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Topic: Free & Fifty technique (Money management)  (Read 253 times)

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Free & Fifty technique (Money management)
« on: June 03, 2019, 04:29:50 pm »
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  • This is a money management technique aimed at obtaining a free bankroll to play @ the regular 50% compounding rate used by the tools with no stop win.

    It has two stages:

    1) Free bankroll stage.

    From the beginning of the game, you re-invest 100% of your wins back into the main bankroll to increase the betting unit, up to the point of doubling your bank.

    This stage is aimed at cutting the exposure time of your own money needed to double your bankroll.

    Once you have doubled, you set your initial bankroll apart (plus any other won unit) then begin betting worry-free as you won't lose anything.

    From this point onward it's a true free-play session.

    2) Fifty percent stage.

    Once you have your free bankroll to risk made out of casino money, you can play with a 50% compounding rate knowing it's pure profit.

    This stage's aim is obtaining the most units for your profit & lifetime reserve as per:

    (Original MM post)

    50% of all net wins go back to being re-invested to rise the unit, while the other 50% is split between your profits & lifetime reserve.

    There is no stop-win in order to match the objective of making the most out of the tools' positive trams. Your session ends only with your last possible bet. At this point you take your bankrolls' leftover units (adding more when enlarged in value), then it's back to stage #1.
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