08 On sleepers being treated as "hot"


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Topic: On sleepers being treated as "hot"  (Read 148 times)

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On sleepers being treated as "hot"
« on: July 23, 2019, 05:09:29 pm »
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  • On sleepers being treated as "hot"

    While sleepers as single numbers may be good to be avoided as a general rule (i.e. bias, AP), numerical groups containing what would be defined as cold/sleeper numbers can and do hit beyond their expectation (i.e. become hot numerical groups).

    When you are monitoring such groups to bet you can extrapolate the "hotness" to include cold numbers inside the group, thus treating sleeper numbers as hot by extension.

    You are not really betting sleepers per se, but events within your framework of reference having their own timelines

    The game is supposed to be only 1-spin long with no memory, hence "sleeper" "warm" and "hot" states can easily be said to be relative (or even flat outright nonexistent!).

    I see it's all about their current state within your very own framework of reference. There's no difference when betting non AP.

    What difference does it make for a dozen or a column being hot when it contains sleepers, you do bet the location as a whole.

    We can actually use sleeper numbers in such a light, under this frame. Why? Because we're not betting on numbers; we're betting on events...
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    Re: On sleepers being treated as "hot"
    « Reply #1 on: July 27, 2019, 04:10:04 am »
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  • What is hot or cold is tough to explain by itself. Further, what is not hitting or least hitting in our historical data could go active to average hitting to hot any moment. Every number has same probability to hit or not hit irrespective of historical data which is only subject to virtual limit.
          For example, I consider 30 spins to be a virtual limit for any EC to hit. If I use a brute force(martingale in that case) of merely upto 5 steps on an EC which did not hit for last 25 spins in a stretch, I m 99.999% likely to win. Other than this, I do not see any use of so called sleepers. One can attack its virtual limits with a sensible brute force technique.
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