08 $162,000.00 to synchronize some Atlantic City traffic lights


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Topic: $162,000.00 to synchronize some Atlantic City traffic lights  (Read 139 times)

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My beloved Atlantic City, paying $162,000.00 to sync about 35 traffic lights or so, from the far north to the southern ends of the city strip, ROMAFL! 

Almost everybody travels down Atlantic Avenue which runs parallel to Pacific Avenue anyway, to cut over east to the parking garages and the casino entrances rather than riding down Pacific Avenue, because Pacific Avenue is tiny.

So they pay an out-of-county engineering firm for something that the city Traffic Engineering Department, if not somebody in Atlantic County Traffic Engineering would certainly be able to handle.  And if by some remote chance, the city or the county couldn't do it which I highly doubt, at least keep the same job and pay somebody within your same city or county private business world the funds to do it.  Camden County what a joke, if your not familiar with it read about it.   

Yeah, right.   
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