08 Does Perception Alter Reality At The Baccarat Table?


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Topic: Does Perception Alter Reality At The Baccarat Table?  (Read 277 times)

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Does Perception Alter Reality At The Baccarat Table?
« on: July 08, 2019, 09:40:54 pm »
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  • Does Perception Alter Reality At The Baccarat Table?

    Our thoughts can alter our perception. Our perception can clearly alter our thoughts.  This can have a great impact on our own reality and even affect every decision we are making in anything and everything we are doing at the baccarat table. Perception and thoughts are our vital links to virtually everything in our arsenal as a player.  Money management, betting strategies, triggers, conscious timing of how long we want to be there, wins, losses, our plateaus, even our own experiences that can assist us in winning or harm us when we are losing.  Everything is effected with our perception and thought process.   

    What is Reality?

    Reality, in the sense we are using it, is both the physical world around us and our perception of that world. Reality can also be used to mean, 'what really is' rather than perception, what is real. In this case, we are including it to mean 'perceived reality' as well.  Which is so vital at the casino table, it is beyond me---why anyone would choose willing to alter it.  Unlike sports and other competitive hobbies-events-outings and competitions, I do believe for gambling it is hugely adverse to change the reality as to the physical world around you.  Some say they remove themselves from the physical setting of the casino and such, allows them to concentrate and tune out the bothersome and annoying people around them.  To me, it is vital to stay within that world of reality with 100% consciousness and vision.  Not so much to stay awake or something of the like, but to allow yourself to take advantage of something that could benefit you with great profits and strides to win.  Baccarat's great player advantage, is its short bursts and patterns or trends as we call them.  If you cannot recognize what is actually taking place or allow yourself to ride another?s coat tails that already identified such player advantages, then you will most likely find yourself facing frustration and aggravation setting in.

    So in all essence, reality is the actual picture what is happening at the baccarat table.  Not the, 'what if', or the 'probably will', or the 'it has to be', so and so-with all the other remembrances and hopeful dreams concerning the shoe production of prevailing or the losing hands and what may or may not happen.   

    How Can My Thoughts Keep Me In Reality Without Altering It?

    Maintaining a clear mind, non-clouded and completely open.  Non-aggravated and non-frustrated.  Conscious in every aspect of money management, my 1/3rd win hold guarantee, my 1 + 4 side parlay wager, progressions and all the other betting triggers and strategies I employ.  In other words, the correct 'frame-of-mind'.
    I discount all the other drama and second guessing nursery rhymes at the table from the other players.  I don't (try my best) criticize, while staying friendly with the people I normally associate with.  I continually remind myself about staying conscious and within reality, versus altering reality and slipping into the non-controllable and unconscious state of mind.  I think to myself at varying times, how that state of mind whacks the side of my head when I lose with a baseball bat right after it allowed me to lose all the accumulated win and buy-ins I had.

    Bottom line:

    Thoughts are very powerful on their own, but when you put in physical and mental effort throughout the shoe, then add in the effects of other people and the entire scene, you greatly increase your intake level to huge gullibility threats.

    I wish it was so easy that I could write a punch list of 10 or 12 items with how to avoid gullibility threat at the baccarat table.  But I cannot.  Seasoned players with extensive experience should have no problem in understanding what I am saying.  The newer player, although intelligent and full of common sense, will fall prey to the common threats that will change your state of reality along with your thought process, all too easy.

    Last week I observed a player at the baccarat table win many times his buy-in with perfect, well thought out, precision play.  Then the next chain of events was extremely sad.  That same player got sucked up in everything that could have went wrong that was solely generated by other players winning with no idea or clue as to why they were actually winning.  The power and the overwhelming 'reality' of the additional wins and the situation, ingrained itself as reality into the player I was first referring to.  His aura, his stance and his perfect play became tarnished.  He wound up losing all of his win monies and repeatedly bought in numerous additional times during the next couple of hours.  He depleted all of those funds also.  I talked with him shortly after that point.  He admitted to me as to being caught up and falsely led into a belief by the other player's good luck.  Then how everything combined overwhelmed him into a false sense of security, thinking he could increase his wagering by two and three fold and extend his time gambling those subsequent and large wagering amounts.  He knew better and I know that he actually did.  I never saw him play that long or hard after such a great win. 

    I am not placing the blame on any technical reason or tangible betting methods.  This is strictly an intangible problem faced by the highest majority of baccarat players worldwide. The reason that player lost everything is because he lost sight of reality and his own great thought process along with his perception on reality.  He slipped away and failed to adhere to staying conscious, alert and in 100% unaltered reality.  If he did, and knowing him the way I do, he would have cashed out, left the casino and reset on the subsequent visit while holding those large wins he unconsciously gave back by putting himself in an altered state of reality. 
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    Re: Does Perception Alter Reality At The Baccarat Table?
    « Reply #1 on: July 09, 2019, 09:51:00 pm »
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  • Yep.
    I wish to add that after only one hand played (no matter the result) our brain works in a totally different way than if we would have just observed that hand.
    And the process goes on and on logarithmically.



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