08 Shoe Equaled Out Strong Begin and Strong End


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Topic: Shoe Equaled Out Strong Begin and Strong End  (Read 599 times)

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Shoe Equaled Out Strong Begin and Strong End
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:21:30 pm »
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  • So classic. Yet few of the newer players would follow anything.  They all always desire the 'Cut' or the Banker only.  Then they all expect it to never stop or come back. Sorry, Bac is not that way and never will be. 

    But here is one shoe that did the classic and all familiar equaling out, that few will ever capitalize on.  I love to use the equaling out as a trigger when it begins to work.

    There were about 12 more hands in the shoe but all chops and doubles.  Equaled out and stayed there.  Also, NOTE the low ties as I have repeatedly said!

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