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Title: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 19, 2014, 01:24:16 am
I have closed all my Blog Posts and Threads on Bet Forum.cc

Instead I will use this Forum as the vehicle to provide worthwhile and specific guidance with roulette when key progress is made. We are in deep research and testing mode now.

I want to say I really admire and appreciate the support from Vic, and I recognize  and acknowledge the work of the Moderators on this Forum. It is a very difficult role.

I look forward to real progress ahead.

Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 20, 2014, 02:08:14 am
It is amusing but sad to see the bigotry and behaviour at all levels on the BF.cc.

I will not add any further to the confusion other than to note Stef has again breached privacy protocols on his Forum and there will be consequences as there were last time.

I want to try to keep my input into this Forum simple and effective and am currently conducting simulations of the WF +LWB theory. I will keep you posted and where possible I will share worthwhile principles to help genuine progress.

All I have ever wanted to do on Roulette Forums is really to talk about Roulette and some practical applications whether mental and/ or physical. It is a mind game as much as a wheel game. Also to share my experiments. Some good, and some bad results. That's life!

If you look at content on some other Forums note the % of energy that goes into negative outlets. There are always consequences to this, and they are always divisive.

Good management comes from the top and I admire Vic for his patience and goodwill. He will succeed. His courtesy and humour and positive direction moves through all levels below and he is supported by excellent and experienced Moderators.

That teamwork is essential for a successful organisation. Respect and celebrate that. Then the results will be unifying and positive, the reverse of division and acrimony.
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: wannawin on May 20, 2014, 03:42:48 am
Stef has again breached privacy protocols on his Forum
how nice! when it is the same manager who decides to publish a member private messages assisted in execution by the new moderator. Opening functions with these canons.

Today we are good so we give you your space and everything is fine. tomorrow is monday and time to publish your personal communication:


In case people do not realize I am being sarcastic. I do not send a private message using the betforum not even as a joke.
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: wannawin on May 20, 2014, 04:30:07 am
Well to be completely honest I think users often sin to expect that everywhere there is a minimum standard and that the website respects the rules to a minimum.

This is not a bad thing in itself because in fact it should be so. but we must always exercise our right mind and not take things for granted. We should always read the rules of the websites we visit. But if you can not even count on the website staff to protect the rules with hard evidence they are also breaking them it is best not to participate.

For example when I see the excuse given by the administrator is that he forgets the rules of the forum, which he wrote:


To be fair the rules page clearly states that the administrator does not want the rules.


This is his personal standard and he has all the right to stand before it after saying in public. No wonder rules are not kept very much in mind. But it is no excuse either.
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 20, 2014, 06:53:43 pm
To my further astonishment in this matter on BetForum.cc, I note that Bayes who until recently was just like everyone else on that 'egalitarian' platform has now taken on a further role by unlocking one of my locked threads so he can post further extraordinary views.

Madness over there where this whole matter started because I attempted to defend Martin Blakey from outrageous personal insults from Xander and prevent further derogatory comments being made about me which were unbelievable such as that I was committing a fraud to scam the Forum through introducing Martin, and that actually I was 'Martin'. You would be probably quite correct if you thought such accusations were madness, but it seems many over there actually believe this judging by recent remarks, and the Administrator for weeks did nothing and only belatedly acted after repeated requests from me until I suggested he ban Xander or I would complain to authorities responsible for internet behaviour such as his Belgian server.

This brought a tsunami of abuse and the Administrator then published my private letter ( with my full name and other detail) and as I say above unlocked one of my threads to gain access and add abusive posts directed at me. Why the hysteria?  The origin of the problem was the ongoing defamatory posts from Xander which were not dealt with by Administration.

My initial act to defend the reputation of a gentleman in his late 70's and to defend myself ( and others in principle of course in due course) has become the mis-representation of me as some sort of arch villain !

It leaves me bewildered and clearly it is best to have nothing further to do with BetForum.cc, and learn from the experience. Beware the divisive influences of troll like behaviour.

Note that the latest statement of delicious irony over there from Xander is that I should apologise to the whole Forum. What? For standing up against thugs and bullies and liars?

A psychologist friend has noted that trolls stand back and derive delight, rather like arsonists, when they observe the chaos and disorder that they have planted as seeds, come to realisation.

I have formally complained to Belgacom Skynet for the lack of Administrative action and for breach of privacy and ongoing defamatory posts in the Forum and will leave it at that, at this stage anyway. The silly nonsense over there is dust in the wind.

As I say in this thread, I will focus on my work here, look forward and encourage real progress in roulette and describe any roulette breakthroughs as they are noted and proven. I am currently working to test some of the WF and LWB theories in a variety of simulations to test flat staking performance.

Then if these are suitable bases on which to work we can then apply from time to time short progressions and stepping of unit values.

In fact today in a live session at Christchurch Casino of 100 spin duration the WF4 + LWB ( version 2) achieved +121 unit gain.

Running simulations to test this theory on larger samples and assess the ability to overlay tuning steps and progressions. Should have results in a week or so.

Moving on.....

XXVV May 21 2014
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: wannawin on May 20, 2014, 07:32:11 pm
Please check your inbox.

All I want to say in the open is to me there are issues worth more than a nice online game or occasional xls excel file link. Continued participation in betforum is good for those who will value a nice leaderboard much more than the well-being of fellow forum members.

I took the hint the first time and I say I will never participate in a forum that uses these practices.
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: esoito on May 20, 2014, 11:55:07 pm

Much I could say about unprincipled actions elsewhere but it's probably best left in my head! Two wrongs never make a right...

Suffice to say that whilst I'm a GM and Victor owns this forum, members can rest assured their privacy will always be respected and maintained.

For example, members' PMs (Private Messages) are exactly that -- private and will never be revealed or shared in public by forum staff without the author's express permission to do so.
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 21, 2014, 11:43:50 am
No further correspondence will be entered into regarding the issues of BetForumcc . Any such reference in future posts will be deleted as this thread is titled 'Focus on work in this Forum' and my work as described fully already within this thread is indeed moving forward with most encouraging results and a new research team.

I expect more results next week.

Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 22, 2014, 04:51:08 am
With regard to a topic that MBB ( Strawberry Elephant on BFcc) started on this Blog. He is a Global Moderator on BF.cc and should know the rules for posting on Forums. I politely suggested that he remove his two posts because they were offensive and negative in intention. He did not act, so I have removed them for the reasons given.

If you want to post in this Blog look forward not backwards. I do not object to posts that run contrary to my personal views but I do object to intentionally offensive or negative views that are divisive as a result. You have seen the results on BFcc when troll posts were permitted and they have now appointed Moderators to assist the Administrator.

Best wishes
Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 22, 2014, 08:05:22 am
For your information I have fully resigned from BetForum.cc in order to focus my attention and my research here.
Lets move forward after learning from the multiple errors there.  We all have made mistakes remember, or could have done things better but how you handle that 'review' process is so important and such an opportunity to grow in understanding.

I do intend to provide here some helpful summaries of my collective experience in Roulette, perhaps in the form of checklists, and reminders to help practical play and self improvement. I will try to keep the words, the verbiage shorter, so the principles the learning is more accessible. ( Note the 5 essays - lol -)

Never underestimate Roulette - it is a very difficult and slippery game at times, but there are moments, phases, short cycles, cycles where the opaqueness becomes temporarily clearer. Seize those opportunities.

See the detail in the patterns the short cycles as well as the bigger picture.

This year will probably be the end of my writing on Forums as my private business continues to grow in complexity and time demands. Remember all that I have written is foremost to help myself and in so helping myself I can assist others hopefully.

The blog, the notes, the repetition, the lists - these are all my devices to learn and practice and try to improve. Sometimes it really is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, so be realistic. It is a very long journey but one that never ceases to intrigue me for Roulette is a model, a miniature of life experience, a microcosm and thus as tool it can be a great way to learn but beware because it is full of many traps and snares. I know because I have made every mistake it is possible to make  but how else can you learn?

The prime focus here will be the WF +LWB research.

If this succeeds I will provide some assistance in principle.

If it fails it will be new work assembling worthy parts of other techniques into a hybrid bet working from the 'first principles' I am outlining elsewhere on this Forum.

It is some list but is 25 years of my collective research and I will again update a recommended reading list.

More next week.

By the way, if 'repeat theory' is just too 'slippery' in the big picture, then there are other areas we can look at, and I am grateful that in these communities, some do share some valuable insights. Give credit where it is due, these ideas can flow from all sources.

Oh, and by the way I have received a delightful email from Martin Blakey who has been working away in his usual manner and he provided a table of recent results which I will publish in a short summary next week. He spoke proudly of his son Scott Blakey whose career path can be searched on Google. Martin always comes across as very 'calm' to me, and that is a wonderful quality. Martin's book ( and the amendments collated from recent study) will always be in my recommended book list.

I will publish an updated schedule soon of 20 books on roulette with some notes ( and in some cases some cautions).

Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 28, 2014, 09:18:49 pm
It is a fascinating and useful quality keeping the eyes and ears open to some latest research in science, ie more knowledge and understanding of the the world we live in and about us.

In some writing over the past months I have been criticised by some for covering too wide an arc of subject matter. So in order to celebrate my focus on this Forum and this blog, here we go again.

Here are a list of ideas/ recent events/ latest findings which I want to weave over the next weeks into my 'avalanche' / snowball theory of compounding knowledge, and show how this can relate conceptually and practically to our work in roulette.

Hydraulic Engineering - the work on rivers in Christchurch and playing with patterns of  streams and eddies

The Great Beauty ( La Grande Bellezza) - Italian film on Roma - old and new/ seizing of creative opportunities

Market Trades in New York - trend stacking/ option triggers as a leveraged tool for bet efficiency

Accelerated Melting of The Antarctic Ice Sheets - the power of big waves

Confidence and Capability - two measures and the difference in real life application

Five essays will follow to explore these ideas and show how we can apply and adapt to this information.

Title: Re: Focus on work in this Forum
Post by: XXVV on May 29, 2014, 05:53:34 am
Let's be clear - my work, my writing is not just about roulette. Far from it.

I am interested in sharing ideas and growing ideas, creativity, sometimes by serendipity, sometimes by default.

When I design buildings I often when in design mode take inspiration from a book I am reading or a classic writer, poet or artist. I like cross pollination of ideas and images. A principal interest is finding out more about myself and others.

Sometimes I just get obsessed ( in the best way) with a particular musician or painter. This month it is Bryan Ferry.

As a writer, composer, performer, he is exceptional and I really relate to what one of his Record Producers on  Olympia said about his work at this time - a 'third coming' - like another creative leap forward from the band to solo to this composite of invited brilliant musicians. It works on so many levels.

It inspires me on all creative work, and in that roulette is included.