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Topic: 15 Baccarat and Table Games Secrets  (Read 774 times)

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15 Baccarat and Table Games Secrets
« on: June 25, 2018, 01:19:17 pm »
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  • Baccarat and Table Games Secrets

    1) ***There are no secrets***;
    2) Practice makes a better player in countless ways;
    3) Pictures don’t lie (use reasonable judgement, knowing they were taken by the poster);
    4) There are no unintelligent questions; 
    5) Don't believe hype, especially by commercial sales people or affiliates;
    6) Don't believe the "experts" and those that claim to be “Professional & Elite”;
    7) Many paths lead to the same destination, results are unique & different thou;
    8)  Don't be a casino jerk;
    9) There are no best ways to wager or gamble.  Only preferences;
    10) Gambling can produce false positives that usually are disastrous;
    11) When in doubt, listen to your gut and be careful;
    12) Give credit where credit is due;
    13) Measure twice, employ once, do not dwell on the outcome;
    14) Do not engage in bringing and risking a bank roll to the casino, divide it up
           into a series of smaller buy-ins and always replace the deficient amount when a loss is incurred upon you first win;
    15) The absolute most important and foremost.  Reset & Refresh.  Know what it
           means, is and will do for you, every aspect of it.

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