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Topic: 6 Questions, Baccarat and Related. Did You Fall into these ruts?  (Read 512 times)

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6 Questions, Baccarat and Related

There are literally countless examples that support each of our views, at least for those that really get into the message boards, IMO.  And many of those are absolutely spot on and at the same time, countless ones are totally misleading or cannot be applied more than a handful of times without failure.

However, here are facts of baccarat and facts that I have experienced countless times repeatedly in fact, and then again, sporadically--they all take vacation without notice.  Knowing the difference is simply the separation of an experienced baccarat player in reality as compared to a baccarat player that sees baccarat as his easy way to fortunes and being a professional and elite gambler.

Here is my opening example of 'reality' which applies to most everything we do, maybe not reading a text book, participating in a school class and paying attention to a teacher--with the grade you are given at the end, but most certainly for the 'application' of everything that will produce uncontrollable results, whether gambling or starting a business or engaging in a sport.

Two golf players out on the golf course.  Both of equal experience and equal knowledge of the game.  Say a tough and professional 36 hole golf course.  One will win and one will lose.  Whether it was their breakfast, their shoes, their clubs, traffic encountered on the way there for each one, an intense fight with a spouse just prior to leaving their home, a loved one passing away in the previous few days, the last shot the other one felt cheated upon by his friend, the score and how it plays upon one of them at a certain point of the game, politics or something else on one of their minds and absent on the other one's mind.  Whatever it might really be that causes one to excel and the other to fail slightly, will get more intense as each hole goes by.  Their  mental game allows such to occur, the mental aspect of each has impact on each one's game no matter if you or the player, wishes to admit that fact, that reality that will not be void, not in one single baccarat player.

In fact, my positions is that intangibles, 'factors outside of play', such as money management, profit strategies, psychological and emotional status, one's vision as to what he is doing in the way he applies such and numerous other intangibles, all have more to do with each of our games than anything else does. 

Here are 6 questions that come to mind real quick.  Without trying to make this into a manuscript (which I have been accused of numerous times before, sorry I am just not into one or two or three liners, sketchy and hollow statements and thoughts) here they are:

1)    Do you talk about patterns that you bet with or against in the known common way, for example--you see 3 Bankers and you follow or bet against for whatever reasoning you believe is correct?  Is that the way you play baccarat?  Or, basing your bet selection on a series of formations that are found in the 'Big Road', 'Bead Plate' or the 'Derived Road', etc.?

2)    Do you talk about different sequences that you can define as different states of the random streams of Banker and Player bets?  And most likely, your conclusions are justified in your own mind by the widespread myth baccarat is a 50/50, coin flip game at best.  In the extreme long run with the same exact wager and decision making process, it might be, but in the short term, short sections and turning points, it is not. 

If you do fell prey to the numerous 'surface authors and drama message board people' that repeatedly drum into people's minds that everything will equal out in baccarat and there is no advantages to the game except, to continually wager with one thing and eventually you will realize a profit, although a small one.  What they all seem to conveniently leave out is the bank roll as well as the constant emotional, psychological and vision that each person has that effects each of us differently and most cannot control or even have knowledge over their sub-conscious that will ultimately influence their wagering no matter what anyone says, does or proves otherwise. 

Note:  Until you can correct all the wrongs and not ideal clear mind frames in the above sentences, you basically stand only to hurt yourself at the game of baccarat, IMO. 

3)    Do you use Banker and Player, as they come without playing them separately with the belief that either side averages one, two or three repeats with scheduling as reduced down from millions of shoes and hundreds of millions of hands to show you how easy baccarat really is?  Such as following an instruction manual or class put on by some expert and baccarat doctor genius that made claims to earning multi millions and is now on to assisting others? 

If you do, you fell prey to sheer hype, simple salesmanship, desperation and/or fallacy.  You pictured yourself winning all kinds of money with little risk and great rewards by a master of nonsense.  Because independent shoes are random, no guarantee or certainty that shoe or numerous shoes will produce anything according to a schedule drawn up by anyone, period, end of that story.  It cannot happen and will never ever happen on a continuous basis.  Some will produce a larger amount of Bankers, some will produce larger amounts of Players, and others will end up dead equal.  Meanwhile, each will have varying degrees of usable and favorable sections within each of extremely strong or weak clusters of results producing presentments that a gambler can capitalize on easily and quickly.  Others will be seemingly impossible to follow or even wager against.  And the kicker is, almost every single player will give back all the winnings with rapid speed because his desire and sub-conscious has convinced his mind that if he only continues to wager the way he was, he will win even greater amounts of money.  (Casino personnel have a phrase to describe what that is.  It is called, "Player will always give it back and then some, because he is reinforced with continuation, which will not continue").

4)    Do you only talk about and believe in 'Follow the Last' (FTL) Decision, or Follow the Previous to the Last Winning Decision?  Or anything of the likes?  Believing that winning 2 out of 3 possibilities will lead you in the correct direction each time?  So many do and so many win a few, lose a few, get even with a repetitious win, loss, and push wagering.  Simply, you do not want to realize and understand, all small wins will only be fuel that will start the mind in a dangerous decision making agenda.  All small losses will actually do the same thing because the person wants to recoup his losses.  It is just human nature, the way we are born and bred.  It has no real place in gambling but the highest majority of us will not address it or set it aside, we stay conscious of it from the time the loss happens and we attack it and usually just apply negativity and confusion to our decision making process with unnecessary ado. 
(When there is actually a series of pushing the buy in back and forth and the person being even, he will ultimately feel a waste of time he risked his capital for nothing.  Also, extremely dangerous to fueling his desire and need to actually win, his decision making process becomes tainted, relaxed and ultimately pressured).

Once the person engages in the above, he becomes hardened to the system and false belief that he will eventually make a good profit.  It is a grind and he has read so much and listened to so many claiming tens of thousands of dollars profit in most sessions using the grind, it is simply not true.  Some sessions win a small amount, some sessions lose a small amount, yet other sessions will equal out.  At times all of the person's buy in will be lost and that is the reason for money management and using only a portion of your bank roll and strictly classifying your buy in as risk capital 100%.  But so many players have no clue, want no clue and will not go down these avenues to help themselves. 

The bottom line?  The person that will deviate from the scheduling and win or lose additional wagers outside of his realm, will only frustrate himself even greater because he will credit or blame his decisions and himself and the emotional torture will begin upon himself.  He will seek out greater and greater adherence to whatever system or attempt to get away from his deviation of it, either way he is only dooming himself.

5)    Or, are you the other kind of player that will recognize the stronger events in a shoe and wager those based on the decision making profit is easy, easier and faster than anything else in a shoe?  Do you see something happening and convince yourself it will continue?  (So popular, probably the most popular by far, IMO)  Or, do you come to the table each time with pre-set wagering protocols that convince yourself you will be on the correct side or use the correct positive, or a negative progression to either get even or make a sizable win?

The second highest majority of people do just that.  And they convince themselves of the fact over and over and over again, with virtually every session because they 'see' what is happening and they believe what they see.  We all do, it is a fact of life.  But it does not quite pan out in the game of baccarat.  That is, until the presentments change, which they will repeatedly, constantly and at the worst possible times throughout most every shoe.  Even if they do win, they continue with the same thing that allowed them to be on the correct side to use the correct progression or wager.  Reason being, they slip from the conscious that would allow them to be in reality and safely keep most wins and control most losses, to the subconscious and allow their psychological and emotional end to control themselves.  (Kind of like the example with the two golf players, one winning because of applying himself and the other losing because he allowed himself to fail).

6)    Do you, with any kind of bet selection method try to explore the shoes bias sequence with tiny bias waves, middle sized bias waves, larger sized bias waves with your bet selection or sequencing methods?  Or do you continue with wagering on what has won for yourself and avoiding what has lost as well?  Or, at least thinking you are doing just that?

Another section of countless players will find themselves within that group as well.  What they are actually doing is inflicting false-positive reinforcement upon themselves, psychology 101.  They are engaging in and subjecting themselves to every reason the casino has always allowed note talking, score cards, providing pens, even installing expense fancy scoreboards with numerous Asian scoring 'stories' within each.  It is the number one thing a casino loves to portray, "Hey baccarat is beatable and here---we will help you take our money".

Reality, clear vision, complete emotional consciousness, applying your previous experiences and understanding there is no mathematical or statistical results (more than plain common sense provides) that can be deduced down to the 1 or 3 or 6 shoes you will gamble at each time allowing you to win a consistent 10 or 20 units or hands a shoe, etc.

In other words, removing yourself from your average mind-set and placing yourself outside of your body when you are at the baccarat table playing for real money.  The theories, the computer and all that does not translate to much of anything that can really help you win money.  All those will ultimately do, is get you to suspend yourself and watch what is being presented as well as limiting your participation. 

Your mental game allows such winnings and losses to occur, the mental aspect of each has great impact on each one's game, no matter if you or anyone else wishes to admit the reality of such.
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