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Topic: Auto shuffler fallacy REF casino dictating hand results  (Read 495 times)

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Auto shuffler fallacy REF casino dictating hand results
« on: April 08, 2020, 12:00:55 am »
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  • Time After Time the subject of Auto Shuffler machines being able to take orders from floor personnel casino management, to set up a shoe to outsmart the players is brought up by forum members and I state, that is pure fallacy.

    I've written about it in the past and seems no one really done any tests. I have taken 3 to 4 decks of cards and I've done a real quick sampling many times. I have done one early this morning, while we are all grouped around a table at my closed down business having some snacks and shooting the breeze. Here are some notes and pictures from it and the results.

    What we did was set up a small section with 15 consecutive Naturals for the player side, just to see if they hold true when the deck was cut and as well, a random burn card with a certain amount taken off the front before put into the shoe and into play. Numerous threads on various forums people claim, that the casino can outsmart the larger players by telling the auto shuffler what presentments to present. Sure, bull poo poo and spread of fallacy.

    So like I said, we took 15 Naturals for the players side, to come out in a streak and then we put that section back into the group cards to be cut and we purposely put it in the middle to the back to see if it would be affected by what happens in the front that no one ever has control over when the dealer is setting up the new shoe, it's beyond the scope of the auto shuffler. So we cut the cards, we pulled a five for a total of 6 burn and I wrote the results of the 31 hands that were played.  We used  175 cards in this test and it will show you that would be impossible for the Auto Shuffler to dictate what happens with a random cut and a random amount of cards burned. 

    Bottom line, the Auto Shuffler cannot set up a shoe to present a scheduled planned outcome.

    31 hands, Banker Naturals total of 6 and Player Naturals a total of 4, see the picture with the results.  I posted yellow highlighted B or P will dictate if it was a natural. The rest were either five or six card draws and of course there were a few four card draws like a 6 vs. a 7, etc.

    On the lighter side I made a meatball stromboli to conduct the test with to pass the time.

    Setting up the 15 hands with the 15 Naturals for the players to be presented.

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