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Topic: Bankroll/Buy-In & Psych Equals Your Decision  (Read 282 times)

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Bankroll/Buy-In & Psych Equals Your Decision
« on: November 06, 2017, 10:24:12 PM »
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  • Yes it does, more than you would ever imagine.  It governs what you basically think and look for at the baccarat table.

    I finally got my 2 bankrolls to be virtually all 'casino win money' over the past year!!  I was taking away from my bank roll for my personal expenses and non-casino financial needs.  Which I used to just grab money the majority of the times and go to the casino.  Of course that was my buy-in from my bank roll.  However, I never really divided up and substantiated my casino win money--personal money and adding or subtracting from the bank roll for casino use or 'other use'. 

    But now I do.  My Vegas/Atlantic City/Connecticut bankroll is 100% casino win money (yes, it is mine and yes most will argue that I think stupid as I will be careless with the bankroll because  I actually don't consider it mine) however, I do and I am well past that immature statement if you really care to make it.  But, the way I view it is--my psych is much more in tuned with 'clear vision' and gambling to put money in my pocket and for the things I would be buying anyways with non-earned casino money.  So the 'value' I place on the win when it comes across the table is much greater than it was before I started this from last year 2016 and back.

    Kind of the same as I have done for my businesses I have owned over the years.  Budgets.  'XYZ' cash set aside for this section of items, 'XYZ' cash set aside for this inventory replacement while I wait on accounts receivables to come in to reimburse us, etc., etc.  Business is run on credit in many areas.  I used to own a tractor trailer shop--heavy wreckers and other related businesses.  Everyone does not pay cash or credit card.  There are purchase orders and open invoicing for well over 50% of my previous clients, Ryder, Penske, Swift Truck Lines, all the big guys, etc., etc.  They take anywhere from a week to a few months to pay.  Their money was gold, just takes a while and I had to immediately replace the tires sold, the parts installed and gone from my inventory and make payroll, etc.  So, no different in bankrolls and buy-ins with the casino gambling.  That is the way I look it.  So, I finally separated it like I said.  But the best part is, my two bank rolls are totally all casino 'win money'.  I guess you can say I took what I wanted out of all my wins for the last year or better and put the rest towards my 2 bank rolls.  I am about $5,000.00 shy of the local bank roll being all casino funded, maybe $4,500.00 actually. 

    I continually replace the buy-ins that do get lost to the casino when it does happen.  Using my adherence to my steadfast rock-solid never to be broken rule--I can only play with what my buy-in is and never buy-in a second time, it will be extremely hard to burn through all my bank roll in the numerous attempts it will allow myself to have at the table each time.  But if I did not do that, that bankroll would be repeatedly depleted in my attempt to chase, wager larger and continually win when that hot streak or win streak falls off during the session. 

    To sit there at the table and stack up winnings without direction, accountability and what you are gambling for is bad, IMO.  I did it before and I had no value on it all.  Of course you can shrug your shoulders and say, yeah--that's you Glen--not me', but is it really??  Do you sweat your bank roll, do you sweat that buy-in and say, 'I can't lose this because  I need it to pay for 'such and such' later in the week, etc.??  What are you gambling with, your money from your job, savings or other means?  Or, is it all partial win money from the casino?  If I look back at the way I used to do my bankroll and buy-ins, I used to fall continually into that 'rut' of 'out of touch' and start to have no value of my buy-in and what a player can actually win without running into the variances and the casino 'advantages', they do have--like it or not.  And, that is a bad road--no matter if you are playing with $1,000.00 or $10,000.00 or $50,000.00.  If you play this game for a period of time--you will win and lose.  You have to do both.   Question is--how long and how much?  There are various schools  thought about this. 

    Play a short period, win--leave and repeat the next time you play  The other one is--continue until you win or lose a certain amount and then leave, no matter what. It is very easy to win a few wagers in the beginning as so many people cite.  That is true most times and they preach about their negative progression wagers to make up the times they lose, but that is a whole separate argument and I am not going into that again.  I do know, 100% from experience how it is only a matter of time for the player to lose his entire bank roll (repeatedly) doing that insane taught misnomer. 

    However, IMO--there is another way.  And, that is to have an absolute clear mind--do not bring anything in your play book to govern yourself with what you win or lose, except your buy-in.  You have to have extreme 'value' and focus on that buy-in, no matter if you are winning or losing.  The highest majority of all players will fall to the stress and the pressure that the variance of the game brings to them.  When they are losing of course, and that is where the misnomers and fallacies are totally believed, adhered to and tried by the players.  Foolish, unintelligent, insane and ludicrous.  But reality to the hundredth degree!

    When you try to convince yourself that you can stay and continue playing based on your budget, bankroll or remaining buy-in, you put yourself at extreme risk of going, 'unconscious while awake' of everything you know--previously experienced and want to do, that you promised yourself you would do while gambling that session.  You will most likely attempt to win unattainable amounts and lose whatever you did win and your buy-in and whatever subsequent buy-ins in that attempt as well.  It happen the majority of the times.  The players are blindsided as to what can and will happen.  They justify themselves with countless answers to continue playing in order to win, win more, keep winning or win back what they lost.  All complete disaster and the wrong way to play in so many ways. 

    If you think you can stack win money--increase your wagers and repeatedly move up the wagering ladder while playing continually--you can not.  I tried and tried. I was under the impression I could and every single player I know, also was.  As I said, I gamble and wager with 2 distinct styles dependent upon what locale I am in.  The local one or Vegas/Atlantic City/Connecticut, etc. 

    But whatever locale I am in--I play the same way which has served me just fine the clear upper majority of the times.  If I took that $4,600.00 I won on Friday and added it to my buy-in thinking, I have won 'XYZ' additional and deserve the chance to really increase my wagers larger and keep playing so I can double and triple and quadruple the $4,600.00, etc.  I have been there countless times and it is a huge added pressure burden that throws off your vision, clear thinking and 'value' of the win money that comes across the table.  If you never been there and lost win money that led you to an all out war with the casino to win it back, then you have no idea and no experience to relate to what actually happens. And that my friends is the most definable happenings between the computer theory world and actual casino play. 

    This goes back with me to what I have written about, detailed out and experienced.  I have defined 'Plateaus'.  That is huge guidance tool of mine and I love it!  Find it on the board and read about it.  "Players Plateaus".

    We each have our own plateaus and although we think about them--most all of us do not use them as a guide or factor them into our play--and that is a huge mistake by yourself. 

    Reflection and thought as to how things happened while I gamble is my approach of response and actions after the event.  We all armchair quarterback while we play, but you must do more and not confuse reflection and thought with say mediation in the attempt to actually figure out how and why the cards will be dealt.  You cannot do it.  That is why I always say, play the shoes as the shoe is presenting itself and do not attempt to change the shoe to meet your scheduled pre-selected wagering believes.

    Theoretical believes and rhetorical wagering has no place whatsoever baccarat.  None, zero, zip, zilch and nadda.
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