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Topic: Pre internet and now. Go ahead and think so and so is better than Google!  (Read 467 times)

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When I first sat down at the baccarat table, it was shrouded in mystery, unknown and even a different vocabulary from anything I ever experienced.

The stakes were high
The vocabulary was quite different
The rules were unique
The etiquette was there, adhered to, and unwritten, but plainly and clearly there
The comments were totally uncommon to me and strange
Definitely not the ordinary people gathered at the table for a business meeting

We used to have a very well-known intangible culture which entailed, over powering the shoe.  No longer, almost extinct!  Sad, but very true.  Not that we changed the hands or we predicted with certainty anything magical, but we all convinced each other that the shoe was not our enemy and we could win a heck of a lot more wagering with it rather than placing ourselves in direct conflict with it.

Huge difference existed in player lifestyles, backgrounds and educations, but for the most part----they were united, banded together with a simple clear goal, to win.  Really to win, beat the casino, take money away not lose it.  Now at the casinos, it is like me and against the other players and all of us against the shoe and the dealer, all at the same time nonetheless!

There was little animosity or dislike amongst the players back then as compared to now, 30 + years later.  Today there is almost the complete opposite, so thick it can literally be cut with a knife most days or nights.  I can only assume it is the internet, the instant everything, quick assumptions and perceptions that have not been lived or discovered the proper way?  What do I mean?  I mean, the sitting down with the perceived knowledge and believing within themselves that everything is neutral, without meaning and you know---'the others' do not and almost everything is concluded before it ever happens with certainty, correct perception and the adherence to one's belief's based on that hollow perception sealed with total bias and selfishness. 

To be able to have correct outcomes, we'd need to have absolute knowledge, and we are unable to get that because we simply don't have the mental capacity.  I dare say, to have absolute correct outcomes about baccarat, we'd need to know the position and velocity of every single atom, electron, neutron, positron, neutron, quark, photon and whatever new things the physicists discover, and to hold that information we would need a brain large enough, and to have a brain that is that large, it would need to be larger than the universe because we need more than one atom to store a bit of information.  With a brain that size, the 3 Dimensional interconnections would be too slow, so we would ideally need to live in a higher dimension as well.  So, it is completely impossible in everything to know everything period.  I hope that explains the nitty gritty of being unable to figure out what is really coming next from the presentment of the baccarat shoe, hand after hand after hand, even for say 50 out of the 80 hands per shoe. 

My point is, our perception is limited by what we can see, 2 Dimensional images of a narrow range of photons, or, as well, hear---the short range of acoustical signals.  Also, feel, smell and process with our own ambiguous and limited language we each have.  Even more so, some of us (plenty) will do all that using even more limited, 1 Dimensional images and ranges of all the rest.  Because each of us really wants to be inherently correct, never wrong and just plain, 'know it all in and above the next guy'.  Always.

So, in effect we are limited to reasoning about the models, theories and other information, especially systems and the methods so many claim are successful and proven money makers concerning gambling here on the internet.  People these days and for the past 10 years or so, are so hell bent on thinking they can read a sentence here and there, apply it and magically they have the claim of fame, I can beat the casino, in the classical and proverbial sense, each and every time.   People will even offer systems, guarantees, their word, their history, their life dedication to gambling, their tutoring services (for money of course), and numerous other things in "warlike manship" with deep hatred, fighting, arguing, choosing sides and everything else that transpires on the internet message boards, day in and day out.  Lives are effected by them and huge amounts of finances are totally wasted when it did not and should not have happened because of a new kind of greed, con games and scams all disguised in the name of mathematical theories and discoveries by the modern day 'seasoned pro' in so many words.  But what makes it all happen, is the newb or the naive person on these boards that get hooked and believe what they read, because of 'Google' and the culture, if it's on the internet, it is the way it is and it happened, etc., etc., and so on. That is the real sad part of it all, what these slick people are doing is just refining/inventing the way things really happened with mostly fallacy, make it sound believable and they are off into product or self-marketing to the gullible, greedy, desperate and everything except the old fashioned real player of pre-2000ish or so. 

The problem the people entering this world fail to easily see, is the perception of it all.  The picture painted by the seasoned players like Gizmotron and the others that align themselves with him or another person along the avenue of deceit, for whatever monetary or 'fame gain' they are seeking and the way the internet works and carries itself for those entering a world that cannot be defined, figured out and scheduled the way those other people are painting it. 

But, the difference between my first 20 years playing the game of baccarat and my second approximate 20 years of playing the same game is huge.  People are people.  However, introduce the internet, the greatest thing being, everything to everybody that chooses to believe in it.  Right?  No more blood, sweat and tears.  No more school of hard knocks, no longer a long road to success.  No more studying, no more researching, no more been there and done all that.  Just read a little bit here and there and boom!  Instant knowledge, success and all the guts and glory set aside.  Instant fame and fortune, instant short cuts, everyone is telling the truth.  Everyone is going to give away all those fabulously super-secret, highly prized and very fragile casino insider trading secrets, etc., etc., and so on.  What's wrong?  Sounds stupid, huh?  Sounds like I am jealous or overzealous of the real deal people like Gizmotron and the 4 or 5 others that band together in their quest for notoriety and control?  What's wrong, my perception is a bit off?  Come on guys, you know I am half joking and as well, telling the truth in a New York City kind of street sense. 

So in effect we are limited to reasoning when we gamble, simple as that.  No dispute over that one!  And that is why if you fall for the 'Google' and the 'Google' is wrong or not exactly the best thing for you, you will be doomed from the start.  Simple. 

Unfortunately the internet, misused and misunderstood is only a quicker and more certain way to lose money than we did in the pre internet days, IMO.  But, when you sit down and actually think about it, it makes a lot of sense. That is how most science works anyways, and the goal is to expand whatever model or test it is as close to real world as possible, while still allowing us to reason spot on and correct.  We do that through practice, trail, error, real play time, active and energetic discussions, path ways explored, and everything else along the lines of application and realization, not paying $ XYZ to so and so for his sure fire method he miraculously discovered by mistake, etc.  We can only do this thorough our actual real life theoretical and practical knowledge and the way that we develop our playing beliefs, interpretations and protocols of those areas.  In other words, there are no real short cuts to avoid all of the things each of us had to experience, develop, learn, re learn, twist, turn, tweak, refine, redevelop, witness and realize over and over, again and again.

But for those of you hell bent on 'Googling' and mastering playing baccarat with the stroke of your keyboard, cutting corners, giving this one $99.99 and that one $3,000.00, and as well might give that other one $750.00, go right ahead. You should recover all of your tuition and fees and expenses within the first day, no??  Now, more than ever, I understand why people get upset with the mere questioning on another as to their identify, their location, where they play at and everything else along those lines.  God forbid pictures, trip reports and the real nitty gritty of gambling.

And the ultimate punch line here is, that 'Google' can easily lead you right to a dead end, a virus, a blatant made up fallacy, a complete lie or something so far from the truth, it would take you some time to really sort it all out.   That's the real hard core punch line!
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