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Topic: Testing shoes to find profit  (Read 1105 times)

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Testing shoes to find profit
« on: March 10, 2020, 08:38:52 pm »
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    Love the forums.  People come on strong with convincing dedication.  Talk goes something like this: "I like what you just wrote, but every time I test it out, like over 200/500/2000 shoes---it under-performs/falls off or at best just breaks even?but seldom does break even mostly losses".

    Then they go on to say something like, "So I will not put it into play at the casino because I already lost large amounts of money with similar style of wagering in the past". 

    Then additional sayings go something like this.  "I might try that wagering hoping for the best or to make a few units", etc., etc., etc.

    My friends, all of those ways will never ever work consistently what almost everyone is looking for.  NEVER.  What you are sitting down to play at the casino is either 20 Chop-Chops, 14 Bankers in a row versus 4 Players, 17 Players in a row versus 5 Bankers, a cut to the opposite side after every single Natural win or a Tie. Or perhaps 10 doubles repeatedly in a row.  Then the same shoe, the second half will do exactly the opposite of everything above or in a rare occasion, and you might just be there, do the exact same thing! 

    And the presentments is what you must capitalize on.  The presentments of that very shoe at that very table you are playing at, must present the hand that you think it will.  And those presentments from that very shoe will not, WILL NOT follow what you tested in those 200/500/2000 shoes on your computer or someone back tested on a gambling forum site. 

    Exactly what that shoe, directly in front of you is producing is for the Section within the Turning Points of that shoe.  And nothing else!  Simple, Real & Factual---No Fallacy!

    Why in the F***ing wild west would you wager on something that shows possibilities or profits within 200/500/2000/10000 shoes on the internet?  Even if it made a profit in those tests?  Those results are NOT going to be presented to you, when you are sitting down and gambling.

    Even if the test proved profitable, does that mean it will hold true 50 times out of 100 or better, when you go to the real casino?  In that exact tested ordered, time after time after time?  Seriously?  How come they do not test the results of 500 or 2000 or 10,000 shoes say 10,000 or 100,000 times?  Even if they did, the downswings will never hold the same.  You cannot judge something that there is no way to measure. And you CANNNOT measure what will and what will not come out of the shoe in series of shoes without knowing the order that the cards or in.   

    And they talk about losses in a row, what will, will not or may or may not happen. 

    Wagering on what is happening within a Section that is within Turning Points, rather than wagering for your desire, will always prove more in your advantage than anything else. 
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    Re: Testing shoes to find profit
    « Reply #1 on: March 10, 2020, 11:52:05 pm »
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  • alrelax, your last line there,"Wagering on what is happening within a Section that is within Turning Points, rather than wagering for your desire, will always prove more in your advantage than anything else".
    Ooohhhh how desire has has enriched the house with my $$$$$ and others.
    I have done those "systems"  they work until they don't. In the trash they go.
    I have done others, counting the frequency of events and how long they last, keeps my head spinning mostly.
    However I have only experienced it a few times. It is when my subconscious has knocked on the door of the reality of the moment and I opened the door. That is the best. I do well in those cases.