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Title: The greatest possible reduction of HE
Post by: ozon on May 19, 2019, 06:16:16 pm
I'm throwing the link.


Just read 2 last posts and you will know what I mean.
I writes here about the greatest possible reduction of HE, which is possible.
I am sure you will need this and I will gladly hear how you can improve it.
Mr. Ore writes about HE reduction by 1.1%, this is really good.
MM is simply the first bet 1 unit on EC, the second bet 1 units on 1 dozen, after lose third bet 3 units on EC.
The assumption was to always earn 1 unit or lose 5 units

This MM is intended for roulette, but I modified it a little which will increase the number of bets and expose us to HE but it will cause something better.
If I would choose, I would choose, for example, a permanent PLAYER selection.
MM would look like this
first bet 1 unit on our EC, if we lose 1 unit on EC, if we lose 3 units on EC, it was like in basic strategy, in case of loss we have -5 units.
The modification I introduced concerns the second bet which was 1 dozen, I just stretched it to 2 bets EC, which gives us the same odds.
It looks like this first bet is 1 unit, and we lose
And now secend bet is 1 unit on EC and we win, then we play one more bet for 1 unit, if we win we have our goal + 1 unit and end this sequence of progression, in the event of losing our second bet on the second level, we are only 1 units on minus and we play the next bet for 2 units.  In this sequenceof  progression  we  lose  only 3 units.

Modification gave us a stretch of progression by one bet, but it saved us 2 units.
Title: Re: The greatest possible reduction of HE
Post by: wannawin on May 22, 2019, 09:58:42 am
very good friend, it is appreciated. the definitive question is whether a house edge reduction would lead us to the winning formula . that is: can it be reduced enough to show progress in the long term?

the profit however minimal by a system that manages to reduce the advantage of the house so much would be an achievement of epic proportions .there is nothing like it until now.  well, if there ever was it would obviously not be published any time soon. it is only common sense yet thank you for pointing us in the right direction
Title: Re: The greatest possible reduction of HE
Post by: Albalaha on July 03, 2019, 08:36:44 am
This strategy/progression doesn't change the house edge in any manner. Rather, nothing can change the same unless you find some physical bias in the wheel that you can exploit in the long run or you have something that can get you an edge over casino.