08 The strongest thing in Bac play the casinos ever did for themselves


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Topic: The strongest thing in Bac play the casinos ever did for themselves  (Read 554 times)

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The number 1 and biggest thing the casinos ever did for themselves in baccarat revenue, was to virtually get rid of the original baccarat tables and change the way the game was played, there are a few left around the USA but not many.  I am referring to the 14 seat original style bac tables, where there were 7 players on each side, 2 seated-table banker/dealers and one dealer that would stand up and call the cards and the 2 floor persons--one on each end of the table.  This was the table where the players would each take the shoe and deal the cards, keeping the shoe as long as the Banker side won the hand.  When a Players side won, the person would pass the shoe counterclockwise to the next person.  Of course, the players were allowed to wager either side, Banker or Player.  The house/casino was the bank, I am not referring to the way California card rooms are not allowed to bank, etc.   

The second greatest thing they did in their favor was to allow back betting the way it started in Asia, with non-seated players, etc.   
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Baccarat, actually a mixture of Watergate, attacking the Gotti Family and the famous ear biting Tyson fight leading to disqualification and a near riot.  Bac has all that more.
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