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Topic: Their heads in their hands. Scared to lose and scared to wager.  (Read 512 times)

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People are so self-egotistic and so, 'brain full'.  And do not see what is actually there in so many ways. Furthermore the same people had a false positive experience and they are hell-bent on replicating that numerous times, in fact it is the only thing that they can see.

In other words they simply get sucked in and they are just under a false impression or a false positive, that what they are thinking, they believe that is all there is to know about playing Baccarat. What they have seen is the whole world to themselves when they sit down and they buy in at the table.

They play and play and play without cause, without the knowledge of what to do with a win and most importantly how to accept a loss. They continue only to dream themselves usually bringing a bankroll and not a portion of one for a buy in.  Coupled with the pressure and the stress of seeing it all there in front of them and wondering what is going to happen if they cannot actually win and win big. Then when they win, it will never be enough for them to stop for the session.  To me that is the reason that they have their heads in their hands and they sit there and apparently study the scoreboard or study their own card that really means nothing.

False positives that they exploit into bad sessions and they compound their own inability to let themselves understand what the best play or strategy actually is.  Sad, but reality.
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