08 Who is accountable at the Bac table?


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Topic: Who is accountable at the Bac table?  (Read 600 times)

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Who is accountable at the Bac table?
« on: February 26, 2020, 06:25:52 pm »
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  • Who is fully accountable at the Bac table with your wagering? 

    You are, no one else.  What so many will never admit or even realize!  Read the writings by the likes of most of those that write on the internet gambling forums and you will witness claims of all types where the auto shuffler, the dealer, the floor people, the other players and everything else under the roof is at fault, except yourself.

    It is not--it is merely the unconsciousness and wrong frame-of-mind by yourself, no one else. Period.

    1)  It is your actions;
    2)  Lack of consciousness and correct frame-of-mind and realizations as to what is happening with the presentments;
    3)  Direct refusal to grasp the information that is available;
    4)  Failure to recognize the game is not a 50-50% game as it is reported to be;
    5)  Belief that there are hidden holy-grails that are not made available to you.

    So all of that above (possibly more) you transfer to 'plausible deniability'. Read that again, look it up and really find out what legal 'plausible deniability' really is.  Because that is what your label actually is and no one gave it to you, you awarded that to yourself to continue the justification for years and years of upcoming losses.

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