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Topic: Win once and stop or lose multiple times and stop as well??  (Read 249 times)

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Win once and stop or lose multiple times and stop as well??
« on: October 31, 2017, 08:28:52 PM »
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  • I take it that the highest majority of the members here--or at least those posting are generally 'theory programmers', 'system annalists' and highly technical and super intelligent people in general (much more than myself cause I am just a low-life pure gambler, becuase I continually read the following or something real close to it:

    "If you win---Stop.  Or, after 3 or 6 or 12 losses/misses---Stop.  To me, 'WTF'!  Seriously , all that does is teach win a tiny bit and tolerate losses until the win eventually comes.  And that to me, only teaches and ingrains into people--you will and can only win, once and then you have to stop.

    Of course in gambling, no matter if you are a super intelligent tech nerd geek or a low life pure hard core go for the gusto gambler, (like myself) losses and wins will always happen.  But I continually read on here, ever single day with every single new system, 'if you win--Stop, if you lose so many--Stop'. 

    IMO and only IMO and not that of any other person, all that does is really teach everyone that you will win a very small amount (if you do) and you will loss more.  However, also, IMO--that is true as that is exactly what the highest majority of all 'real' B&M gamblers do.  But the trick and the direction I love, (one of my pure gambling '1 of 8' directions instead of 1 direction approach, is to smack the casino and smack them hard with huge wagering influences and parlays when you do win, Not Stop!  No one can say if you will win once and loss 12 times, or you can only win 3 units while risking 'XYZ' units. 

    So many at the tables have their protocol wrong and off-track with their wagering units and 'flow' sort to say.  I also think and believe the same analogy occurs in many other non-casino gambling tasks, etc.  When it is there or when the flow is right or when it comes around--it is time to execute the taking of it--without relation to protocol, rules, schedules, etc.  And that my friend, is the hardest part.  Fishing, catch one and go home or stop and move?  Or get that sucker in the boat and get your hook back in the water hoping for the school of fish or the concentration of a great spot you stumbled upon?  Many other things along the same lines.
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