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Topic: Casino Message Boards and Forums Today  (Read 379 times)

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Casino Message Boards and Forums Today
« on: October 09, 2018, 05:23:05 pm »
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    "More than inviting people to play with me FOR FREE and putting my name on it I can't.
    Telling that I'm mentoring $10k or more betting players won't' help, I guess."

    Written by: as.

    "Virtually yes but it will happen.  I've seen this concept and have played it some in the past."
    Written by; Jimske.

    I read those both last night, sat back, thought.  Yes, correct.  Simple but players complicate themselves past understanding, although they convince themselves that they understand 100%.  Some of the members here as well on the other boards, really do have a great deal of experience and valuable details and knowledge from their own blood, sweat and tears.  And, they are here or there attempting to share it and possibly learn as well.  But on the other hand, their seems to be, IMO, an outweighing of people that are using these boards and forums for anything but, what I just mentioned.  Which causes, again IMO, a suppression of the more serious members and people from a productive and engaging conversation and assortment of posting bringing it more personal and non-topic related.

    Today's internet for the masses is viewed as the road to riches.  It is the definitive knowledge power house.  Or, something along those lines.  Which in many ways it is, but in an equal or greater amount, it is not.  Yes, the internet has answers, knowledge and lots of information.  Some of it correct and accurate and some of it false and not accurate at all.  Yet, other things on the internet or unverified and assumptions as well. There is also a great deal of thoughts, ideas and theories which are all interpreted by the reader with varying views and applications. 

    You see, years ago there was basically two things published.  Textbooks and novels of one type or another.  The textbooks were for the most part, double sourced and triple sourced.  The novels were all understood to be some type of story or documentary, etc., as to the subject.  As far as all the hearsay, stories, theories, assumptions and other things of similar nature, that was accomplished by word of mouth, where one had the opportunity to size up, evaluate and weigh the information being given.  Today that same thing exist, but we are so used to Googling and things of a similar nature that usually returns correct results and info at our finger tips.  So, we get spoiled and lazy in our learning process.

    What do I mean?  Well the other day I wanted a kitchen item.  So I Googled it.  Up comes 100 plus options.  The top three.  Sam's Club $140.27, Home Depot $130.99 and Sears $190.99.  All three, well known national retail stores.  No one is lying.  No scams and no phony anything.  Plain and simple.

    Another one.  Watching something on TV.  The show referred to an event I never heard of.  I get on the internet and I Google it.  Up comes the Wiki write up on it.  Quick, informative, and obviously the majority of it is well researched, referenced and factual. 

    So I get on a gambling site, a message board, a casino forum, etc., etc.   Is it going to be the same as Google results, Wiki factual information, other well researched and double and triple sourced newspaper or technical article publications, etc?  Is what someone called Lucky7-Joe Blow, telling us the truth about what he won using his 14 step/rule baccarat method that he tested and tested over the years, where he wagers for the cut after the 4th or 5th repeating hand on either the Banker or Player and he wins XYZ-$$$, etc.?  How about the guy named I-Been-There & Won, how he repeatedly wins at the casino because he follows so and so system or some guy's method he only paid $799.00 for and how he earned that back the first day and now is considered a professional gambler living the life of luxury as well as sleeping until noon and always having a pocket full of cash, etc., etc. 

    How about the guy named Mr. Cool Always 9, how he used to work a 9 to 5 job and now he rides the subway in NYC to Queens Casino and profits and easy $300.00 to $400.00 day in and day out, making a cool $2,000.00 a week for his 3 hour total investment time per day and spends hours upon hours on the message boards creating drama and talking people down.  His response when approached is usually something like, "I kill time because I am now financially set, I mess with the people on these message boards", or something along those lines anyway.

    There are countless examples I can give, but you get the idea I am sure.  But then there are those that put lots of time into explaining their way of play and several others will gang up on those types as well.  Even if the information and experience is accurate and being shared in a camaraderie type of professional way, the jokesters and the drama queens will not allow that.  So information, experience and actual hard-core vital information that could prove really useful to so many is easily pushed by the way side for many reasons. 

    Then you have a whole other set of people that come on these message board, casino forums and websites to defend or retaliate against other members and website owners that have nothing to do with the site they are broadcasting their problems on, but they were banned or moderated on another site so they have to keep their agenda going by coming on and attempting the domination and misuse of the site they are currently on. 

    Most of you know I enjoy cooking, recipes and restaurants, etc.  I have written about it within my own Blog here.  I was on another food related message board a while back.  I posted something non-food related in a food section and BAM, deleted and moderated within hours.  Warned and rules cited and enforced.  Yes, the way it should be.  And if you don't like it, move on.  Nothing wrong.   And there overall persona of the members, thousands of them, is if you don't agree with another members, state why with facts and experiences and supporting details and then move on.  No drama, names, calling out and challenges of childish types.

    So, what do you believe, why do you believe it?  Is the internet a catch all and a free for all?  Can you base everything on something you read and actually interface with each member because they came on and stated a 10 point gambling plan or a 13 rule cancelling system that cannot hold up and will drive almost the highest 90 percentile players attempting it out of 100 to lose their buy in funds to the casino without a doubt? 

    Then when someone writes details with experiences, they are literally attacked by several with short, one liners, that are the members repetitive and usually only contribution to the site, therefore bringing them attention as well as highlighting actual details and experiences being posted within a forum as a comical and hard to believe agenda because of the more seasoned and so called senior members throwing that proverbial monkey wrench into the picture so very often. 

    Like being at a public library, remember those?  Where we used to actually read, study, research and gain knowledge.  But being there with just a few of the senior members and a few of the brand new anonymous ones, that claim they are the real successful ones and as they walk around, contribute nothing, lack personal hygiene, spilling their coffee laced with alcohol, reeking of cigarette smoke, bothering everyone and all the staff in sight, causing the atmosphere to be one of just a miserable place to be for the members that actually have the motivation and the energy to use the place in the correct manner.
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