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My correction. About 15%+ per month. Today the market value of M1 is $160USD. This is a stable and appreciating coin, about $1 + day present. Contrast this with the nightmare volatility of Bitcoin. Think again. Those 'Whales' - their greed will cost/ kill it for everyone. Best Wishes R.

Thank you.  Lovely post. Sorry to be a little slow in response but have been in focus on a great new phase rebuilding my studio office and installing new screens + much establishing order.

During this harsh corrective phase in the crypto markets it is a good time to reverse psychology and acquire bargains. I feel the boom sub cycle will come in weeks- months ahead and well into 2022.

On Bet 365 live I can acquire steady small risk profits based usually on very short sessions ( less than 30 mins) just fishing, awaiting those sub cycles with 3-5 consecutive hits.  2 consecutives are enough to break even, small profit but the third inward is icing on the cake, although again and again I aim for sat +100 units and use that to fund fast bitcoin transfer into Meta Exchange and thus transfer into M1 coins which are at about $157 USD and climb at present at a rate of 15% per week. Not bad for a stable appreciating coin not even fully launched till early 2022. Recall I bought in at $22.22 USD 3 years ago to the day.

So my goal is to steadily add yo my wallet using roulette and bitcoin. Nice mix.

Now this weekend I will list my best latest update crypto advisers. They are very good. Some are patreon, some still free.

Best Wishes

I add to this list of course SHIBA, now it has bounced off its expected base line, and I periodically as a Trader clear my account and switch to SHIB focus for a few hours-days for example, and also in due course will add ETH, once Bitcoin eventually breaks beyond $70,000 USD resistance.

My main goal though is to build the appreciating stable coin, Meta 1. Today it has crept steadily to nearly $152 USD. I anticipate this at $500 USD by 31 March 2022, and $2000 USD by year end 2022, especially when the bear market returns. Really what else do you want?

From mid year 2022 it will have a VISA Debit card and a credit line based on 70% of coin value holdings. Gains will far exceed holding costs monthly.

Regarding my core six coins however - always BUY on dips and use DCA other times. Sell near market top using DCA also. That way you never miss market cycle bottoms or tops.

With Roulette live I finish terminally at my NZ local casino Friday because of the insane NZ  Vax Mandate and a socialist government with a deluded globalist as PM.  I have new priorities and values now, but will still use Bet 365 live a few times weekly overnight. It requires a unique strategy because of fast timing, but once adapted for, the Casino options are good, and the cash is always back in my bank the next morning. Politically and socially NZ must face some harsh new wake up calls in 2022 and I think there will be much confusion in coming years till truth is faced 2023. I may re-locate to Ireland via Australia during 2022-3.

At one stage a month ago I has up to 15 coins but in practical management at with my style I have refined the list to between 5 -8, and at present have 6 coins. I will schedule these below in commercial code for CoinMarketCap so you can research if interested. The figures are % of total.

GALA   24    Gala Coin
CRO    21
BTC     20    Bitcoin
MANA  19    Decentraland
ENJI     8     Enjin
LRC      8     Loopring

Thanks for your question. Please be careful not to misinterpret what I have written, and also I must be clear as what is ideal and what is actual and bankable.

In order to be successful, as with roulette, it is necessary to understand cycles of outcomes.

The crypto market is less than 12 years old and commenced with Bitcoin. The 'halving' of Bitcoin is every 4 years. This is a term which literally determines and slices available fixed number of Bitcoins, and as with economics principle, supply and demand counter balance so that reducing supply forces prices up and the market cycle for Bitcoin thus peaks every 4 years or so, although there are cycles within cycles, subsets, so there are bull boom cycles and corrective bear bust cycles, shakeouts.

Other coins other than Bitcoin are 'altcoins' and after this time with this current boom cycle soon to peak, there are over 14,600 coins and tokens,. all featured on

To invest in a coin it is simply a matter of buying in a dip, and selling at a peak which sounds easy but is actually reverse psychology so many punters lose through wrong timing.
With internet expansion, social media explosions, and high technical access now available easily and quickly Exchanges such as Binance or Gemini or dozens of others offer the ability to buy/ sell trade or convert coins instantly.

In recent weeks many coins have risen x3,x5, x10 or x100 , from prices a few cents ( or fractions of a cent) to others hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So in a few boom cases on some short cycles of a few days or so, such as GALA or Avalanche or CRV or Shiba Inu can rise massively in hours, buy also fall dramatically. It is like surfing - all about timing and balance when to get on or off.

Last night, even though working with a modest Risk Bank I made about 30% overall return on the RB and cashed out, returning coins to Bitcoin and then selling or holding some profit long term. The amazing quality is speed, privacy and international transfer so quickly. This is a good time to look into the markets but I pay for expert commentary advice via Patreon channel on YouTube.

I have studied these markets now for 4 years, parallel to my roulette work.

Hope this helps and take care. Start with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Okay overcoming our weaknesses and playing to our strengths....short  cycle pattern recognition with roulette- sometimes only 5-10 spins, sometimes 20 spins or so.

I am about to resign from my live casino because of the insane vax mandates here ( and some in australia). Most in NZ are sleepwalking into conditioned slavery, and the 10%+ who see through it all will be building a new society next year. It is very very serious.

So my main activity and business is now crypto trading and the market cycle is stunning at present and may continue into 2022. There may be amazing funding news early in 2022.

I tuned my coins to 3-4 highest achievers and use Bitcoin as the stable holding fund.



those top three are achieving + 25% per day, sometimes much more.



once SHIBA bottoms it may pay to hold 10M or so

XRP will dramatically rise again in 2022

and much else so will report again this weekend.

In summary I am transferring profit into the new META1 coin via BTC into the Meta Exchange and the coin is now $147 USD  and will rise to $200 USD by year end.

It is a game of patience and high leverage in 2022.

Best Wishes and Happy ThanksGiving to all Americans.

Tnx 8or9
I am aware of online casino protocols. I only play roulette live, or if online live table, in very short cycles. Thanks for sharing the link. R

Thanks for latest information and security updates. Yes these are real future concerns and we must always think ahead including having multiple and dummy wallets. Best to be VERY private.

So much is happening on Casino and Exchange business fronts.


I play daily (at the moment anyway - there may be banning ahead because I am totally anti -vax and I will be seeking exemptions but it seems in NZ panic has set in and a 'vax passport' may be established by an insane government).

I am a rational and spiritual being. I conduct due diligence and I do receive guidance from my spiritual teachers constantly (on request). I have accessed the work of Dr Chetty in South Africa. This brilliant GP has found the 8th Day cure for the covid virus and more importantly the spike protein insert. Interviews are available on YouTube. This is very recent breakthrough but it sadly illustrates the experimental jabs are all laced with spike protein and do far more damage than the virus in various time frames. If you have already had a shot, upon research, you may choose, to have no further to mitigate the harm. in NZ and Australia we have insane politicians and public health officials who have sinister intent and are fascists. Fight for Freedom !

Please do your own research and make your choices. There is much sinister propaganda out there through public media. Choose Freedom ! This is your sovereign right to make your own choices, and this entails always asking questions!

So although I currently daily play (masked) in NZ, I may have to go internet live for 3-6 months till some sanity returns to NZ - we are in for a VERY tough summer here. It is gigantic fraud ! The cure for the spoke protein attack is a simple and inexpensive remedy found at the Chemist. If you need more detail you will have to contact me on my private email. I will reply on my Swiss encrypted account.

Playing daily I have developed a wonderful style of play. Remember Alan Turing the brilliant English mathematician found roulette can produce unexpected high returns in the short cycle, but by staying too long the player risks loss growth.

Crypto Markets

I have a super account with a US exchange and also in NZ and with Meta Exchange. This latter is still small and new. Starts in 2022.

15 coins and my main choices are

Meta has now risen to $140 USD.

At one stage I had 31M SHIB coins.  I now have 12M.

I also recommend long term ( 6-18 months)

SHIB for massive leverage

and many of the NFT enabling entities - there are fabulous opportunities

I use LARK DAVIS for patreon advice
also Arcane Bear, Crypto Crew, Toby and Heidi, Jsnip4 all for Patreon level advice - top grades.

Meta 1 will grow rapidly in 2022 as a stable appreciating coin.

If you need comment please contact me. I am very friendly. Lol.

Thanks KFB
Today I clarified my November Crypto Strategy for the coming 2-3 months and in preparation for launch of Meta Investment Bank next year 2022.

There is a clear plan for Meta 1 coins to appreciate from current $121.65 stable to an appreciating figure within 3 years of $10,000 USD. The coin is reserve backed by Gold and has a smart contract that prevents sale below valuation price. This will prevent the excessive volatility of Bitcoin which is of course is at present used by swing traders to great advantage, but hampers small investors and users. Meta 1 will start moving early 2022 as adoption by large exchanges expands. Meta Exchange is operational now for coin holders and I use in conjunction with CoinBase in US and EasyCrypto in NZ. I am able to buy and sell Meta 1 and trade several other major coins with Bitcoin as my primary holding, and Ethereum second.

We believe Meta 1 might be very useful as an international exchange coin through its appreciating stability. It literally grows in value quarterly with further value added in reserve.

The new bank will permit use of coin ownership as security to enable a credit line. This will be 60-70% of valuation and thus permits acquisition of further coins as this is an appreciating value, and so allows further credit line extension. This is  very exciting concept.

My comments are purely educational intent and I am a private client of Meta 1.

November 2021   I have structured my business into three parts :
#1   Meta1 coin holdings and banking on a permanent foundation
#2   Bitcoin and Ethereum and Cardano holdings in long swing cycles
#3   Altcoins in short cycles

Parallel with this but also combing pleasure and cashflow - professional roulette play both in live private club setting and also internet live roulette.

Above all my work is investment, seed capital and angel investments, as well as architecture and design application in NZ, Australia and Ireland.

The current global madness I hope will pass within 2-3 years and we can continue to build and re-build a new society. Best Wishes, R.

Latest Update on Crypto Market Investments

#1  META 1 Coin has launched and currently trades at a stable $121.65
#2  Meta Exchange is operational to coin account holders and handles 10 selected coins.
#3  Reading, Selling and Buying of coins is enabled.
#4  I use Meta Exchange and link with a US Exchange and a NZ Exchange with direct banking.

As this is written November 1 2021 we are soon to launch on a final strong wave of this bull cycle, lasting probably through the next 2-3 months. There will be huge opportunities for capital growth.
We anticipate Bitcoin going to $200,000 before a likely 50-60% correction early 2022. Ethereum we see going up to $20,000 in the same cycle. Cardano to $10 and so on.

Biggest leverage 10 x or more will be in selected best altcoins ( there are over 13,000 now).

My recommendations  :


I am a Patreon Member with several international specialists and have a broad network of colleagues and trusted professionals in trading and investment work on the blockchain. It is a rapidly expanding space. I will be trading and investing. Timing is everything. Just like Roulette.

My fundamental long term stable appreciating holding will be in Meta 1 and Meta Investment Bank. My target is to see our coin at $10,000 USD within 3 years.

If you have any questions or seek advice/ comment I will be happy to discuss. You can reach me on the access file data here.

Will update end of November.

We list on Friday, being the new financial year. We anticipate a slow start and a gradual build to greater public awareness in coming months, possibly through challenging commercial times. By the new year we will list in several exchanges and we hope to show on CoinMarketCap in a few months. The new Bank will be a key factor in the wide range of services enabled and a principal goal is to benefit all, not just an elite.

I anticipate we will be leaders in providing a unique stable coin performance, with smart contract enabling full guarantee at responsible level behind market price so as to not permit any sale less than guarantee reserve. This will dampen the insane volatility that stresses Bitcoin long term holders. I anticipate within a year, maybe sooner,  we will be in the top ten at CoinMarketCap. Many of the 7800 will fall away, possibly extinguish after the next cycle.

It was a bit of fun some years ago reflecting my obscure interest in past incarnations, my love of Roman Britain, and in the Cheshire NW region where were based XX Valeria Victrix, a Roman Legion dedicated to Victorious Venus. I still am very fond of Latin Culture and the qualities of Venus. However although delights of 2000 years ago are all very well, it is the NOW which matters most, and that is my focus. Thanks for your question and to all correspondents my deepest kind regards and good will. R.

It is Sept 23 here in NZ (5pm) and this is an update on my crypto news.
The coin in which I have been a seed investor now for 3 years is to be listed October 1 2021.
Coin is   Meta 1.    Website  :
It is  gold and precious metal backed stable and appreciating coin.  Private sale price latest  $121 USD.
We anticipate it will increase in value toward $500 USD by end of year, and achieve $1000 USD mid 2022. Three year target is $10,000 USD and we believe it is more attractive than Bitcoin, ETH or ADA.
Refer website and interviews with founder Robert Paul Dunlap.  Florida and Texas based offices.
More detail soon. Conduct your own due diligence. This is not financial advice but is educational update.

Reply to KFB
Sorry for long delay

RE your Q1 and Q2  cannot comment

My coin investment IPO is soon to be listed
I will name the coin with details on September 21 2021 ( Equinox).

Will resume some roulette posts soon as new level of play now after big disruptions and time for much due diligence.

Will resume some commentaries on the Crypto market very soon.

Very exciting period ahead for crypto markets but major disruptions elsewhere ( everywhere).

Next post Sept 21.

Response to Albalaha June 21 2021

#1  thanks for auspicious date of enquiry

#2  apologies for long delay in response

#3  answer to your question is for all time highs for 2021 and caution as end of year may be
      correction cycle as economy may have severe disruptions till 2022 march-april

BTC   Max Keiser always suggested $220,000 USD suggestion is $180,000 peak and then another massive correction down 40% to $100,000 by end of year

ETH   is my recommendation at $22,000

LTC   $700

Binance $1200

Ripple  $1.20

Doge   $1.40

All just guesses but my focus is my coin ( soon to be stated) + BTC + ETH  + ADA

I will state my coin on 21 September 2021

Best Wishes

Boxing Day 26 December 2020

Further input on Christmas Bet
Market Report - BTC likely to break $28,000 USD Max Keiser
My personal choice altcoin recommendations ( this is not investment advice)
am awaiting confirmation public launch of my choice Private Coin before I publish the name.

Will be away on business for next ten days before next update.

Happy New Year to everyone.

This is updated on June 15 2021 approx 6 months after my recommendation on Dec 26 2020

BTC    today $40,500   peaked at $63,233 on April 14   recommended at $26,249
ETH    today $2550      peaked at $4182    on May 5     recommended at  $ 684
Theta  today $ 9.50     peaked at $13.00   on April 17   recommended at  $ 1.25
DGB    today $ 0.06     peaked at $ 0.18    on May 1     recommended at  $ 0.028
LTC     today $ 179      peaked at $ 384     on May 10    recommended at  $ 127.60

All are still highly recommended and review prices at Dec 26 2021

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