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XXVV Studio / Re: New Work
« on: March 12, 2017, 05:38:48 PM »
Well Hello everyone.

Quick visit at this time because have been in the midst of major commercial work and travel. Have just about completed a quantum step forward and will return to roulette, but on another level, from May onwards.

By the by, was watching a wonderful documentary on Warren Buffett last night on Soho Channel. Both he and Bill gates have 'FOCUS' as their one key word that encompasses their approach to life and success.

That is the key also to entry into and action taken within a live Roulette game.

Warren Buffett showed how his favourite baseball hitter had prepared a squared chart of the field of contact between bat and ball.

Extreme patience, as in cricket, showed how it is essential to wait for the key opportunity presented, and then when observed, to take immediate perfect action.  The metaphor works for commerce/ investment/ football/cricket/sports betting/ roulette.

Best Wishes - will commence writing again soon.

XXVV Studio / Re: New Work
« on: December 22, 2016, 03:31:30 PM »

Thank you for your kind note Tomla.

All is well and am in Sydney today ( after a fabulous ten days here) but back to NZ tomorrow.

The whole of NZ is really on high alert EQ risk and it appears ( as the Geo Scientists agree) we are moving into a cycle of clustering with a current 20% chance of an M8.0 + over the next 3-4 months, anywhere in NZ but more probably east coast south island or even Wellington area. There is huge complacency in human nature as shown by latest research and our ability to measure 'risk' is hopelessly askew -lol.

Nevertheless life goes on, and of course what of probabilities - oddly they relate to the past as a platform and our 'measured' data base for seismic activity is pitifully short time scan, while geologically we can indeed observe past samples that are meaningful and we can see patterns such as the 300 year cycle Alpine Fault in NZ. Currently we are at 360 years on that one -lol.

So happily I will be returning to my east coast near sea level studio in Christchurch full of glee and excitement about the year ahead.

I had to take some time out from the roulette and writing as family matters and property stuff has had to be dealt with, and successfully so.

In 2017 I will resume writing, roulette, and research, the 3 ''R's.

Best Christmas wishes to all readers.

XXVV Studio / Re: New Work
« on: September 30, 2016, 05:32:47 AM »
My current play locations are ...

#1  Dublin Bet- improved choices for 24 hour live play there in roulette and improved banking returns. I use and recommend NEteller.

#2  888live roulette and simple option of wheel and sole dealer in 30 minute shifts.  I play a USD account for currency leverage.

#3  Live boutique casino for Rapid Roulette, Christchurch NZ  and also other South Island Casinos Dunedin and two in Queenstown.

#4  Rapid Roulette in Sydney Star Casino.

XXVV Studio / Re: New Work
« on: September 29, 2016, 09:38:34 PM »
Here is a further key principle and of course it relates to and from the highest level (self) money management.

Always take ( a share of) profit when offered.

To refuse profit opportunities is to make a signal that you want and expect to fail while in the guise of greed.

This same principle applies in sports betting as much as casino table work, especially roulette.

All my current playing style is fast efficient execution and then attempting to further leverage the gain.

For example today Rapid Roulette. 

16 number side of the wheel centred on 2 was noted on 5 prior spins when I came to the table. Thus I continued in this manner by street and wheel section, finales selections for 3 further spins.

200 RB and made further +120 in 3 spins and took profit.

Next spin 26 but never mind the net return was excellent.

XXVV Studio / Re: New Work
« on: September 25, 2016, 07:37:29 PM »
Here are some current observations on live play and I hope these findings may assist / encourage you to win more consistently.

Roulette can be beaten. Know this and live this. Be confident. One day you may then become a confidant. There are many ways to do this and of course any strategy has to be suited to your own unique personality and needs, although there are some principles that may be of universal application.

As a rule of thumb I play with 100 -200 units max for any unit size.

I find $2 or $2.50 units almost too small these days as I know and am confident that win cycle streaks can be harnessed. The capital gains of accruing these smaller sums are useful but  may fall short of tipping point momentum net gains for income allowing for expenses. By this I mean a RB of say 2 x $200 may enable gains of $100 or more per session, but such winnings can easily be eroded.
Yesterday was an exceptional live play day for me and I achieved a gain of +$1200 on a RB of $400 playing $2 units - this was quite an achievement and even the pit boss congratulated me. I had to persist in a longer than usual session to break through corrective short cycles and eventually emerged with several consecutive winning bets, but never outlaying any more than 100 units on the table. This is the key point -leverage. I quit after three consecutive wins, but used a few final chips to test a fourth application ( but low risk) and sure enough the cycle moved on, so was a small final loss. But what I do is convert winning black chips  ( $100)  into winning pink chips ( $500) and never cash those till the cashier. This reinforces the winning mindset.

However my preferred strategy is short and fast using $5 units on rapid roulette.

Buy in at $300 with a second $300 if necessary and the goal is to achieve a winning bet to take the account balance over $900. This can be achieved with a successful picture bet ( +103 units) and street bet loading when the traget zone/ number on the table is in focus.

Recall there are techniques for the wheel and neighbours;  also for the table and neighbours - I use both through cluster analysis methods and also MB16 cycles.

A winning session in $5 units can quickly materialise and last night I did it in one live spin up to about 12 live spins. The risk exposure  I set at $600 but the gains can be fast accrual of $300 to $700 gains or more. In a busy casino I can move from wheel to wheel to find suitable qualifying cycles ( and dealers). I do associate significant wins with some dealers.

Finally, the caveat.

Never become complacent or over-confident.

Limit the cash you carry or to which you have card access to a daily/ session limit.

This amount is subject to your choice. Good choices have good results, while poor choices have consequences which may escalate in order for you to learn lessons that need to be learned. This varies with every individual.

XXVV Studio / New Work
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:16:01 PM »

Through empirical research I am constantly seeking to improve my approach to Roulette.

I play short sessions to max advantage where possible - often several short sessions when in favourable cycles.

Again when possible high value chips in very short bursts 1-2 up to 7 spins.

When adverse corrective cycles dominate the hardest lesson to learn is to stop asap. Of course what is an adverse cycle for one bet may be a winning cycle for another. You must totally know your bet characteristics.

The MB16 platform is a good foundation measurement tool.

Also I play the best casinos live internet. My favourite is 888.

Look at this from 888 this morning on my USD account.

-----  WF hit but observe the symmetries - golden opportunity but I had not joined the game at this stage.

0    0
33  33
17  17
32  32   hit   note 4 consecutive MB 16 hits
33  WF  hit
0           hit
--   change of dealer

15   note 7 consecutive MB16 hits a real win cycle
0     hit and cash up.


I always play with 0  or 00-0 as anchor bet

I use MB 16 as a measure of game cycle mode (for this bet where mid column dominates)

I use cluster analysis methodology above that platform and also WF as a useful method.

XXVV Studio / Re: Life in Sydney (WITH BETTING LESSON)
« on: September 24, 2016, 10:50:00 PM »
Yes thanks for this very constructive and timely input Vic.

I am back home again now in Christchurch, but I must say, along with many others... 'I love Sydney'.

What a fantastic lifestyle.

XXVV Studio / Life in Sydney (WITH BETTING LESSON)
« on: September 20, 2016, 11:04:12 PM »

For several weeks now, when my time permits, I play roulette. This is mainly in live casinos, but also very occasionally at live spin internet casino options like 888live, Dublin Bet, Bet365 and a few others.

On the internet by far the best outcomes and conditions have been from 888, and profits have been drawn down on request without frustration. This does not mean I win all the time, and this is essential to publish as a principle.....

Every setting for a roulette game is unique. Before you can relax and successfully read the game to your advantage, you must invest many trial sessions, and observations of the unique conditions and environmental influences with the casino. If this means a few losing sessions so be it. Live play with real money is light years ahead of tests with play money.

However this past week I have visited The Star casino in Sydney and observed the many changes since I was last available to play live there in that location. Many trips to Sydney but not always able or willing to play roulette. The state of mind, the focus, the resources, the confidence all have to be available to handle the tests which will confront you.

There are live table games,and on Friday/ Saturday live table games from $2.50 upward, but usually only from $5 units to $25 units on the main public floor. There are automated RNG games by the hundreds. There is also a central live wheel Rapid Roulette offering 3 simultaneous displays from three wheels and dealers when at peak operating times after 6pm.

Do you know what is the best?  In my view the latter rapid roulette where you can, from the three wheels, select the short cycle pattern behaviour that can give you success.

I have read the Open Letter from Gizmo to his students.

Of course I respect his work, writing and interpretation of randomness.

My own approach is a little different. However it is the old story, and it is without irony that I state it helps to have 30 years of experience to read the game and its intrinsic short cycles. That helps. It is very hard for me to train several students and give them the best tools in my experience, and then see them flounder or become confused. Over the years I have worked with a handful and it appears this has often been the outcome, although principles can be understood. It is in the specific application with real money under various pressures, that many will fail. We all fail at times but in this slippery game of roulette our endeavour is to mitigate loss ( cycles) and enhance win (cycles).

I have been very open about this on the MB16 threads. It is actually very simple. Find any useful bet ( but not necessarily and inherently winning bet - there are a few) such as the 16 number MB quads, and observe its performance against the house edge.

Outcomes unfold in cycles; win and loss cycles. The loss cycles are corrective and more than make up (on behalf of the house) for the occasional win streaks. With 16/ 37 it is possible to have several sequences where multiple hits can occur sequentially. The bet characteristic has to be understood, as must be the environment of the casino itself.

All this requires patience, and multiple earlier test but real money applications. Losses must be kept small by tight RB limits.

However in order to read a game you do not have to wait long. In my opinion a win cycle bet opportunity emerges about 40% of the total time with MB16. When observing 2 games or more simultaneously as I was doing in Sydney, I arrived saw the target and was out in 7 independent sessions over a 90 minute period while also exploring the massive extent of the casino floor. Sometimes I played as few as 2 spins, and in one case up to 7 spins.

I use MB16, but also but also WF, my private bet, and other wheel section applications, as well as R/B patterns to  hit the table.

I use an RB of 100 units and may outlay 50 units or more per spin attack, but the secret leveraging tool of the Rapid Roulette format is the 'Recall' button where in a moment the previous bet can be shaped and if the reading is accurate the bet can be further amplified up to three more times for max impact.

This is good news for the serious player. It is not hard, and my advice would be to seize +30% return on RB if possible but last night I had an overall night net result of +50% on my total RB ( this included live table losses and slot losses) and in my final session of 7 spins live I turned $200 to $622 through 4 consecutive wins.

I want to emphasise this is not rare or difficult and of the 50 or so people playing this format of the game in that location, I was the only one jumping up with a print out win ticket after 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, and 7 spin sessions. Most of the time was spent looking for one of three cashier windows in the vast complex as I wandered around also testing a few other interests ( no jackpots that night).

I have honed this methodology to my game especially this year as many table games are too slow to read, and thus mistakes can occur through impatience.

The speed of data review available on a screen of 20 prior spins is sufficient to tell you what is working or not.

My final session success was simply that the dealer was stuck temporarily in a section of the wheel featuring 27,30,11,13, 36 and these were earlier WF candidates. It is a matter of waiting for the opportunity but what I do is have the knowledge and experience to read cluster, repeat and MB criteria, and strike quickly in very short attacks. By the way if a 100 RB fails then double it. Of the seven sessions last night I did that once. If 200 failed I would walk.

Coming home on the ferry at 9.30pm from the Pyrmont Wharf looking at the city by night light  was a mystical joy magnified by success. It is not hard or difficult to do. I have published enough material openly on this Forum for a dedicated player to assimilate this.

General Discussion / Re: Just for the sake of argument?
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:46:12 AM »
If it's all about beating online roulette from the comfort of your own home, I would forget that too.

Online casinos are a disaster area. They will pull every trick in the book to ensure you either lose, or can't withdraw your winnings, or disconnect you , or ban you for the slightest reason if they see you winning.

You can't beat them because they don't play fair. They move the goal posts around constantly so you can never kick a goal.

All I can value is my own experience, and the collective experience of those I trust as friends and colleagues. Nevertheless from my own work with Dublin Bet, and 888 live, and a dozen others on a recommended list I have had no trouble in successful deposit, action and withdrawal, with the caveat of constant vigilance and avoidance of the various traps that may lead to disaster.

#1  home connection must have  limitless capacity broadband
#2  never accept any bonus offers
#3  make regular modest withdrawals of accumulated profit and play in 2 week cycles then move on
#4  timing as always is paramount and select your live action time with local action to enable sufficient analysis time
#5  888 casino live has one format which is simple roulette and no punters and 30 min dealer changes like clockwork
#6  enable occasional losses - this is not hard to do but endeavour to have gains outweigh losses
#7  play by the rules and record all transactions and outcomes

My preference is always a live casino and I have the luxury of an excellent casino 10 mins walk from my studio. Nevertheless the internet casinos have their uses. As I have written it is essential to prepare and train ( before going live) for every different casino setting. They are like different universes with unique characteristics.

Further, from listening to casino regulars yesterday in conversation in a live setting, you realize the mental patterns, expectations, and biased viewpoints of many punters is disastrous in its negativity and blaming everyone else for failure other than examining themselves and their poor choices that lead to loss. I heard one woman say to another 'regular' -  'don't you get sick of losing?'- with the implied and anticipated negative reinforcement in such language - - all losers together in the one sad ship.

It does not have to be like this but one essential is to steer clear of such noise, disruption, and work quietly and professionally alone, preferably in a Private Members Room ( not required on the internet) - not for cynicism or superiority - but for sanity, in the sense of 'good health' so you give yourself the best chance for success.

Confidence based on proven application of your specialised knowledge is what follows.

XXVV Studio / Re: Dr Blakey: The Basics
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:59:56 PM »
Many times I have repeated that MB 16 is not a winning bet. It is a tool.  It is a useful tool to read the game. When the bet as I play it is in a win cycle it is a strong signal that 16 numbers are in resonance, and several of these are Zero section on the European Wheel, and also that the middle column is dominant. All the MB 16 bets are connected with the mid column.

I often play live these days, daily when in town, at the boutique casino in Christchurch. It is a very well managed affair and as with all successful business the values come from the top with the MD often seen talking with staff around the casino, at all levels from cleaners to personal assistants. He has a fine track record that MD and has seen this business navigate the tough business conditions 6 years after the earthquakes and provides a safe friendly ( and potentially expensive but opportune) environment for all.

In Christchurch because of proximity to Antarctica we have many US scientific personnel in town who often have short breaks before heading south. Last night I encountered one at the roulette table.

I had been playing alone at the table ( very very much my preference) and had recently scored a multi level picture bet hit on 14, one of the MB16 stars. My payout had been 412 units ( at $2 value) and when the visitor addressed me I had $800 in net profit in cash chips in my pocket.

As I play 4 levels of bets at times and all are at varying steps or stages which I carefully monitor I have quite a spread across the table. Appearances are deceptive.

The opening line from the US scientist to his colleague with him ( both small bettors) were 'oh look 100 chips out on the table'. 'I expect you will get back 92 or so'. I do not suffer fools at the table and I simple stated ' you do not understand' and drew the $800 in cash chips from my pocket. To his credit, he apologised, as my next hit was achieved with another black chip $100 net earned.

He failed to see that the surface of the roulette table to me is like a landscape with peaks and troughs and some mountains.

The picture bets ( single target with four symmetrical splits around like a flower  in bloom) are a powerful tool, and over the past week I have enjoyed many such massive hits. These are good opportunities to really get ahead in a game, or recover, or take sufficient profit to cash up ( but leave the bet in play one more spin) - they can repeat of course - same odds as any other occurrence but also often the splits pay.  I left the table but the comment from the loud American was unfortunate. The locals here know me well and I never hear any such remarks. As my play this year has grown in confidence the win sizes have increased to reach new all time highs. This is good but of course I realize that all professionals will experience cycles of win, and cycles of loss. I try to mitigate the losses and accentuate the wins -lol.

A second example of the useful MB 16 adapted followed an hour later in my last session for the evening.

A young very pretty dealer was spinning the wheel, and she had seen the earlier big win on that adjoining table. The American had long since vanished. My RB ws 200 units and I was slightly ahead with a series of MB 16 hits and as the Zero section was beckoning I added a massive 0-2-3 corner bet - about 12 chips.

3 came in.  Then  0.   There was sufficient return +100% return on RB to cash up and I discussed with the Pit Boss and the dealer whether to cash up the bet also. I said cash up but asked that they play out the next spin for interest and amusement.

I said to them I anticipate 3 or 12 ( red).  3 came in .  It was a wonderful moment when for a brief cycle you can read the game cycle - and not even win, but know you have the ability.

General Discussion / recognize the Trolls + TimeWasters
« on: September 02, 2016, 07:03:05 PM »
I endeavour to use my time and energy increasingly 'efficiently' as I learn to prioritise more in accord with my values. This a bio-feedback loop and I support and encourage that which works and ignore that which fails.

Likewise in dealing with roulette forums I give massive priority to because it is the rolls-royce of content and participants managed by a top professional team. Rarely but occasionally I look at Roulette30 or Roulette Forum. These two latter are blighted by poor moderation and an executive decision to permit trolls and divisive content. Nevertheless I would always want to give credit where it is due and I have frequently congratulated Steve on his table roulette game at where three of my players bach, oasis and kubrick are on the leaderboard. It provided a useful training ground but now because I am a full time professional roulette player I have no further time or need for that device. It had its uses.

I came across a post on that forum written by 'The General' who is of course Caleb, Xander, Real, and a host of other facades. This troll was noting the 'demise' of roulette 30. Of course once again he got it wrong and Steve had stepped in to remind Kav while he was away for a few days that his forum had gone off line. Perhaps it illustrates the fine margin line such entities operate upon - there cannot be much income there, and it is' a nest of vipers' while managed by weak moderation. I wrote a rare piece there to sum my views of Caleb and his actions. Although apparently, I am advised by a colleague he is a specialist in mathematics, his manner and actions are disgusting ( such as his personal attacks on the late Dr Martin Blakey)  and to me represents a sink-hole in internet ethics and communication values. Best to steer well clear.

Control, discipline and order, ie restriction is a fundamental requirement of true freedom and this is a fundamental Life Principle. The nihilists have no idea of these universal principles as they do not recognize  such. Some mathematicians seem to adopt stone wall fixed attitudes which are so restrictive that fresh ways of looking at a problem are denied. Such is the case regarding Cluster Analysis in roulette where individual spin outcomes, although independent, are also inter-connected. Both - this seems hard for some to grasp, yet such is a characteristic of Quantum Mechanics in our real world.

Thus anarchists, nihilists and individuals with no worthwhile tested value systems are as children, as yet ignorant of more adult life.
And yes I am trying to become more adult in my life as I have an increasing framework and matrix order upon which I build. I encourage all my students to do such, and all my friends, and those with whom I have regular contact have their own, all unique and at differing stages of development. But this is actually what Life is all about - growth and development. It is an exciting and passionate life, and what I really love, it has no limits.

By contrast, from time to time in your travels, and in your reading, you will encounter 'entities' that are negative, cynical, and impossible to deal with. The smartest way is to detour and ignore them. Occasionally they interact and it is always really unsatisfactory. They are so unpleasant to deal with. One such is the recent interaction with Jake on this forum - who just does not get it, and with whom, and with a few like him, are real time wasters in that you can put in a vast amount of time and information and it will be like throwing knowledge down a well - pointless. My comment is the attitude that is wrong - not a personal attack on Jake. Curiosity, and openness to new ideas and potential growth is what is required, from me and those with whom I communicate.  Whether university students, friends, colleagues, correspondents, readers - I seek out the inter-action and exchange where we are all respected and can progress and move forward. That is what I try to encourage through this medium and again I give massive thanks to the Moderators and Vic at

R.  September 2016

XXVV Studio / Re: Dr Blakey: The Basics
« on: August 30, 2016, 11:03:18 PM »
But you haven't shown that they're linked at all. Sometimes clusters continue long enough for you to profit, sometimes they don't.

That's great. So because I don't agree with you I'm deemed unintelligent. Go ahead and delete my post because you don't like to be challenged.

Unreal...  :o

Well from time to time, and fortunately quite rarely on this forum we have to deal with time wasters like Jake. I have left his posts in place temporarily for others to form their own opinions. The style of approach, stone wall attitude and ability to not comprehend reminds me of another couple of entities we see 'contribute' occasionally here.

Coming out of this by default however, in spite of the nihilist attitude, has been some contributions by Gizmo much valued, and some comments and shared experience from my recent live play which otherwise would not have been shared. So thanks Jake and farewell.

XXVV Studio / Re: Dr Blakey: The Basics
« on: August 30, 2016, 05:00:14 AM »
Further to the comment on 'independence' in the context of the fixed views of Jake et al from the FMPD. Here is an outcome live from this morning's play at the boutique casino here in Christchurch.

In this situation there was only one roulette table open at midday and this situation continued a further hour. During this time the same dealer was in place, and the casino was very quiet ( a tuesday lunchtime).

I observed 23 spins overall but broke my play into three parts as after profit I use a proportion on nearby slot jackpots on a fishing excursion. This is part of my strategic play live in a casino. Short bursts of profitable activity ( where possible) are undertaken with the fishing for a jackpot ( or part thereof) using 'free money' being about 50% of roulette derived profit. Many times I have leveraged a payout in excess of the usual roulette profits through such strategic play. Of course in cold mathematical odds such activity would  have a probability expectation of loss. However my relatively consistent experience is that I am fortunate and have a feel for when payouts might be accessible, ie the slot may be in 'win mode' as opposed to the prolonged correction mode.

As an aside I played a slot machine two nights ago and loaded $60 and emerged 20 minutes later with $1303 - no jackpot but an astonishing clustering of free games ( over 50 free games activated and all at increasing higher stakes). Why this machine? It felt lucky and co-operated within 2-3 minutes of my start. Yes I was fortunate. But this happens frequently and in some cycles I make more profit on slots than roulette because I seem to be attracted to payout potential machines and avoid or quickly stop play on cold machines.

Others have noted this and this is a 'skill' I have sharpened through practice and is like a phenomenon noted in ' The Psychic Gambling Supersystem' by Sunil Padiyar, to which I referred two years ago.

So today the 23 spins were broken into 12 spins, 5 spins, and 6 spins.

The analogy is that these clusters of spin sequences are 'independent' yet 'inter-connected'.

9    hit WF
27  hit
33  hit
35  hit
0    hit anchor bet
0    hit
15  hit
-----  pause ( no spins while I leave the table)

0    hit WF
1    hit
12  hit
25  hit
----- pause (no spins while I leave the table)

35   hit
18   hit
32   hit
27   hit
33   hit

-----  and cash up for the third time  ( note the 27-33 as earlier)

This sequence made up of three parts are clearly interdependent/ overlapping as the clusters and continuities flow through to enable consistent profits throughout - the same pattern types throughout no doubt helped by the same lovely dealer.

Profit +695 units through WF and private bet on three sets ( wheel set, finales set and street set).

This is shown to illustrate how individual spins and individual sessions are linked and overlap in short cycle behaviour. as well as being of course independent spins. Of course they are linked. It is a time/space and emotional/psychic energy continuity.

Those silly enough to maintain blinkers would not be able to take advantage of the opportunities presented in this remarkable  sequence. I view it as a gift, and I accepted it, with good grace and praise for the dealer, a lovely young Indian lady. Generalisations are dangerous and also inaccurate and flawed. Many times I have heard from some that 'Asian' dealers are much more inscrutable than 'European' dealers. Not so in my experience.

By the way in this session the MB16 platform was in dormant mode and not played.

Most of the hits were from signals presented by the sets for Wheel areas clusters and change, Finales clusters and change, and Streets clusters and change.

I play for both continuity and change at differing times responding to short cycle behaviour.

The FMPD seem to have missed all this inherent fertility/ abundance  in nature.

XXVV Studio / Re: Dr Blakey: The Basics
« on: August 29, 2016, 07:22:30 PM »
XXVV, I don't think you understand what independence means. If you did, you wouldn't say that spins are connected in the next sentence. In what sense are they connected if they are also independent? These terms must have different meanings, otherwise you are simply contradicting yourself.

If your empirical data is telling you that virtual bets make a difference then I suggest that you look more closely at your testing procedures and methodology. Perhaps you should present your findings in a statistics forum where you're more likely to get honest feedback.

Jake - your response demonstrates you have no understanding at all of the full implications of what I have written on this forum over recent years. Further my own private professional bet to which I have referred many times, and from which I have shown many examples and illustrations in part, was itself first developed by a professional Statistician who was my mentor for several years - it was he who used stop loss and virtual betting with triggered re-starts with great success using aggressive short progressions. This approach I tuned to flat staking over a further ten year period.

You were offered an opportunity to intelligently interact and discuss these ideas. You have chosen not to do so. Please do not post on this thread any further.

XXVV Studio / Re: Dr Blakey: The Basics
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:12:49 PM »
Jake- out of courtesy I will  make one further comment to you as you appear to come from that concrete school of fixed limited views in black and white elementary mathematics. All this may be deleted shortly but one detail here as you indicate that every spin in roulette is independent.

If you had done due diligence ( do you know what this means) before writing to me you would have seen in my writing on this roulette forum that of course every spin in roulette is independent. Of course it is. It is also connected to what has gone before and to what will follow. It is a complex matrix of linkages that is not at all understood or appreciated by most players.

The closer to the present the more powerful the interaction, and cluster analysis is one way of interpreting this to your advantage if the player is able to 'read' the game, the flow, the short cycle nature of roulette. There are other ways also.

What is important to me is that this is not theory - it is empirical based study and works to the player's advantage most of the time ( but not always). That is why I refer to win cycles and corrective cycles. My private bet developed over a 30 year time frame  works flat staking with a range of positive edge against the house, and can be operated in as many sets, or frames of reference as you might imagine. I have about 12, although in practical play with WF and MB16 I use 3 sets - this on 60 second time frames for rapid live roulette.

MB 16 is a crude simple fixed bet that has no edge, but it has a use as a reader of the game flow, as to win or loss cycles. So I use it as a low level platform above which I superimpose, when I choose multiple further platforms. I do not use computer technology for this. I do this live at the wheel and after years of paper and card practice I now do it all mentally, ie invisibly to the casino.

This has vast implications as no one can shut me down or pull the plug -lol.

Also I lose sometimes and that keeps everyone happy, but how the scales are managed makes all the difference.

I do not fight with casinos.  I like chatting to dealers and yesterday while playing at table limits toward the end of the session, I chided the dealer to acknowledge ( sometimes) my successful bets ( and not to comment other than constructively). All this was done with good grace and humour.

Interestingly the session ended just as the dealer finished his shift.

My play is not adversarial as it is my view that with such a belief and attitude from the player, this will bring about intensified repercussions sooner or later.

I play with an attitude to the dealer and administration that we are 'all in the same boat'. I respect their needs and functions, and they should ( and do) mine. This works more than not. Just as with my returns. Of course the live casinos have aspects that can interfere with our intention and focus. However we just have to transcend that with good grace and good will. When you are winning the world does appear a happier and more co-operative place/ space.

I have summarised my current attitude to play, and this has developed considerably over the past 2-3 years, and has now come into sharp focus with my current model of play. In my head it is all portable, flexible and adaptable.

Jake, if you have understood 25% of what I have stated and are genuine in your enquiries, and not just another messenger from the Frozen Mathematics Police Department (FMPD), then this conversation can continue on another theme thread I will establish. If however it is just more of your same ( and I have noted your various remarks to Gizmo) in response, then this will be the end of our communication.

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