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We had a GREAT few shoes!  Simply fantastic indeed!  Snagged some pictures and will post later today.

You know, the 3 of us playing felt it in our chests at times, hard to explain the feeling, you would have had to been there to really understand the way we played AND WON! 

Looking back a day now, our whole bodies vibrated, but we totally respected the shoe and our winnings.  Camaraderie was strong and we milked it to the max.
Myself and a couple others decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary today. 

We pulled out before 5a.m., and went to a nice spot down by a lake on a road we can continue down for the casino we eventually desire to wind up at later today.

We brought our breakfast and will discuss our thoughts and ideas as well for the sessions we will be engaging in.  Watch the sunrise and make some 'good time' life observations. 

Here are some pictures from a little bit ago. 

Will post pictures of the score boards if possible after the play.
AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
April 09, 2024, 10:51:33 AM
Because.....................From so called gaming mathematicians to gaming experts of all types running tests and samples on baccarat running through hundreds of thousands or millions of hands, every single flat bet or mechanically triggered bet will fail ITLR!  Period.  End of story. 

As well, the people playing the game that are able to extract any kind of cash profits out of it, they do so playing a trivial amount of hands/shoes as compared to those testing with their statistics.  Period.

There are most certainly numerous ways to pull profits from the game and although none of them are guaranteed triggers which most everyone is searching for, they work very well for those people who understand what they are doing as well as the game and their emotions, while employing a rock solid M.M.M.  Period.
Off-topic / Re: Photo Ops
April 03, 2024, 10:21:55 PM
Had to snap a picture of this RV.  The Jetson's?.
Off-topic / Re: Dinner and discussion of autos
April 03, 2024, 05:02:33 AM
Remaining pictures.  The second to last picture is the Cadillac CIMARRON.  The last picture is a 1st generation white in color, Chevrolet Cavalier.  Come on dude, a CIMARRON is a Cavalier with a Cadillac logo badge!  Lol.
Off-topic / Dinner and discussion of autos
April 03, 2024, 04:45:52 AM
A few of us (that regularly play baccarat together) met for dinner at a steak house tonight and we got talking about weird and strange autos that were produced a while back. 

It was actually a nice change for us, as we didn't talk a word about baccarat or the casinos.  We all had steaks with those huge old school shrimp cocktails.  We all enjoyed a superb glass or two of some great cognac as well.

Here the are with some pictures attached for your reference. 

Ford Pinto
Chevrolet Vega
VW Bus
AMC Pacer
AMC Gremlin
AMC Rambler
AMC Concord
1974 Ford Mustang II
Chevy Citation
Chevy Chevette
Chevy Corvair

And the Baker's Dozen special stupidity award goes to Cadillac for their, "rebadging of a Chevrolet Cavalier" into a CADILLAC CIMARRON!

From Motor Trend: "The compact Caddy was touted as "a new kind of Cadillac for a new kind of Cadillac owner" in its day. Certainly. Cimarron by Cadillac was built on GM's J platform at plants in South Gate, California, Lordstown, Ohio, and Janesville, Wisconsin between 1981 and 1988. Depending on the model year, Cimarrons were powered by 1.8- or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines good for 86-88 horsepower. But if you were really livin' large—as one did in the Eighties—there was a 125-hp 2.8-liter V-6 available. Transmission options included a sad three-speed automatic for the V-6 and a sweet four- or five-speed manual for fours. Not impressed yet? Have you seen the Cimarron's thirteen-inch wheels and seriously classy hubcaps?

The Cimarron, introduced for the 1982 model year, became an instant icon of badge-engineered mediocrity, a mean stew of cynicism and desperation tinged with the sour stench of wheezy four-bangers and cheap velour," is howAutomobilesang its praises, adding, "In the early '80s, Cadillac still stood for a certain large-scale American bombast, but the Cimarron drove an 88-hp, four-cylinder stake straight through the heart of Cadillac's brand identity.

Inside, the front-wheel-drive sedan came standard with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a tachometer, perforated leather bucket seats, hand lever parking brake (sporty!), air conditioning, Trianon deep-pile carpeting, and an AM/FM radio—with four whole speakers! The cabin offered 89 cubic feet of passenger volume, per the EPA, which also pegged the Caddy's mileage at a decent 26 mpg city, 42 mpg highway."

KungFu, When I am playing and the wins come quick and consistent, I admit, I push aside all MMM protocols I have.  I stack it up, hit them hard and keep winning. 

When it slows down and I start losing say, 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4, then I totally forget my win, I play my 'normal' again and employ my MMM which would be 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd. 

Then I lock up my total buy in.  Then I lock up 2/3rds of my win.  I will continue with what is left.  Whatever happens, happens.  If I lose whatever I had on the table in and above my buy-in and the locked up 2/3rds win, end and go home.  If I win again, then my MMM comes into play once again.

But unlike the highest majority of all players, my original buy-in and at least 2/3rds of my win I had, is not going to be given back to the rack!

For myself, there is no other way.
Baccarat Forum / Beautiful Shoe-Great Quick Profit
April 01, 2024, 01:12:43 AM
It was an astonishingly beautiful shoe for those that played the banker and stuck with it. Setting aside that nasty 'cut' and has to go back to '50-50' type of belief. And believe me, there was a tremendous amount of verbal stupidity going on at the shoe by people with that mentality.

Players was only producing a single win each time for eight times.  I snapped the picture at hand 23. After the 4th single player was made.  What happened after this, was almost a replica of what you see here in the picture up to hand 40 something, a bit more than the entire first half of the shoe.

On the 8th hand was the first F7.  Had 2 three card 9-0s in the bankers favor for wins on the dragon bonus as well.  The next section produced more F7s, three card 8-0s and three card 9-0s in the bankers favor as well.  A quick $20k or so, wagering $200-500 most hands and more on others, $50 on Dragons and $25 on F7s.

There are so many emotional factors that are mixed in a Baccarat Players decision making process, most do not understand or know the proper way to deal with them. But when shoes happen the way this one did, it very seldom hurts the casino because most all baccarat players either cannot believe it is happening or they are scared to wager the right way with large bets and capitalize on it.  And the highest majority of all winning patrons, unfortunately give it back to the casino in pursuit of larger and greater wins. 

When it is there and you are on it, you have to set aside all the variations, strategies and allow yourself to win and win handsomely.

Yes, not all shoes will produce what you see below in the picture. But, when it is there-it is there. That happens quite often in the game of baccarat, you just have to be open enough to allow yourself to see it.

In order to catch the 'Now Vs. Now', you have to forget about the 'Before Vs. Now' at the table. If you do not, you will always-always-always give back your winnings along with your buy-in and most likely your bank roll if you keep playing that way.  Or, you will not capture an easy and quick 20-30-40 times your buy-in.

As I figured, later in the evening after I left the casino, I got a few phone calls.  Most all that did win stayed and gave it right back in their pursuit of larger and continuous winning. 

Without a solid MMM and knowing how to color up, stop and reset, you will have the fight of your life to hang on to any kind of bankroll let alone profits.

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Don’t Think Just Do It!
March 27, 2024, 01:52:33 PM
Was not preaching or attempting to make strategy out of a, 'Come on give me something move'. 

H-Money has also been there and done it plenty.  He grinds and comes back, he grinds and loses as well.

And he almost always believes he can win more and more, just play longer.  He almost never employs a solid MMM.

But when it's there, you have to be too! If you don't wager, you cannot win.
AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
March 27, 2024, 06:37:15 AM
But.........Here you will win a very handsomely 10 units!  And I did just that exact thing on this particular shoe!
AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
March 27, 2024, 06:33:13 AM
Here, you wager for doubles and you will not be very happy at all!
Baccarat Forum / Be Careful of Presetting
March 25, 2024, 04:10:10 AM
Be very very careful of believing in the preset, I'm going to wait for 'such and such' and I'm only going to wager for 'so-and-so'. Meaning a series of chops, long streaks, doubles, and numerous other events that happen in the game of baccarat.

What is Presetting?  A setting or value automatically assigned to something.  Example:  Wagering for the cut after a tie, or wagering for the same side after a natural, or continuously wagering for the cut after 3iar, etc., etc.

And usually the above is engaged in, because of previous experiences and your desire for those to return so you can wager correctly. Be careful, real careful and conscious of this! Before Vs. Now, is dangerous to your buy-in most of the time. Keep it Now Vs. Now. A concept so simple, yet so difficult to most.

H-Money and myself talked about this after his quick $15k win the other night.  https://betselection.cc/index.php?topic=11712.0 He did discover that the highest majority of what he normally wagers, are preset decisions based upon previous experiences.  He realizes that those experiences have almost nothing to do with what a different shoe is presenting.
Alrelax's Blog / Don’t Think Just Do It!
March 24, 2024, 10:20:21 PM

Last night it was simply beautiful!  Simply amazing, flawless and a touch of stomach wrenching, even thou I wasn't technically playing.

Here's what happened.  I went to the casino to pick up H-Money my buddy. He was dropped off there by a family member and we were going to go out to eat, after I picked up and then give him a ride home. I get to the casino and I'm standing there with H-Money, he is into the place for about $3,400. Asks me how much cash I have on me. I go in my pocket and I have $820 plus a folded up $450 that I had to drop off to somebody on the way home. I tell him $1,270. He asks for it and I give him $1,200 even.

Understand what was going on, as I was standing there watching for about 10 hands. Everybody was losing.  No matter what side they were wagering on the majority of the people were losing. There were hands such as the following ones I will write out.

P=2/face B 10/7 and P pulls a 6. Everyone on bankers.
P=4/9 B face/6 and P pulls a 4.  Everyone on bankers.

Everyone switched to players. 
P=10/8 (of course quick hi-5s) B turns over 10/9.

Most all the serious bettors switched back to bankers.
P=9/8. B=5/A.

Most stayed bankers.  P=9/9. B=9/8.

Then hands such as: P=face/4. B=face/face. P pulls a 6 and bankers pulls a 10.  Most were on bankers and that, "darn can't even beat a zero" was said out loud in frustration.

Everyone on players with large wagers. 
P=5/9. B=2/10. Players turn over a 7.  Bankers turn over a face card.  Another frustrating hand for most.

H-Money says, "let's do this" pretty loud.  Throws in the $1,200 I gave him and he had a few hundred left in chips.  He was attempting to get some camaraderie going, but most were down in their buy-ins and multiple re-buys. You know heads in their hands type of aura going on. 

It is a $2,000 max table. H-Money puts $800 on the bankers side and slaps the table. Most follow with a couple being on the players side.  Players open an 8 and a 2, Bankers open a 9 and a 10 for the win.  H-Money quickly parlays it all and adds the other $400 he had for the table max.  Dealer says table max out loud, the pit person sitting down with her back to the baccarat table turns her head and says OK, because she saw all the regular players.  One other person is near table max and the others on bankers are probably $50 to $200-ish.  Cards dealt, players total of 6 and bankers had a two card total of 7.  H-Money lets out a loud "Sweet Whispering Geronimo" and lots of laughter and happy faces. 

Understand this is an EZ Bac table, no bankers commission and most are regular patrons and friends anyway.  H-Money is staying at table Max and I will make sure he colors up and leaves if his winning streak continues or whatever he is feeling. Lots play for the cut or doubles and then the cut as we all know. 

Well a good 15 minutes later if not 20 minutes or so, seven more winning IAR bankers were made for a total streak of 9.  H-Money stuck at table max on every single one, from the 2nd one on, with lots of fanfare from numerous people playing.  Of course he lost the last one.  By the way, the hand that fell off was, P=N9 and B=N8. 

H-Money got his $3,400 back, gave me my $1,200 and walks with $10K plus a few hundred.  Nice dinner off casino property paid for as well as a gas fill up, both courtesy of H-Money. 

Side Note:  Lots of people playing cannot capitalize handsomely on streaks, extended chop chop, extended doubles or countless other events because of the drummed in belief of, "it can't or shouldn't happen" so they wager continuously for the cut and then when the cut comes, they go for the IAR, etc.  Or, they stop wagering all together. 

But H-Money hit it hard, stuck with it and I made sure he colored up and cashed out.  I can't say what he would have done if I was not there.  But I do know, wins like that give unhealthy beliefs that a continuation of winning has to happen and quick winnings are very quickly given right back and additional buy-ins are attempted to win again.   
General Discussion / Re: Gambling Quotes
March 20, 2024, 02:23:37 PM
"If you want to win big, you have to be okay with losing it all".

"Sometimes you have to lose, just to win again ".

General Quotes
Please make sure you have throughly read #24. 

How You Lose—Why You Lose

With all the beliefs and subscriptions as to easy money—'sure fire winning'—'I can beat the game'—and numerous other ones, there seems to be widespread disagreement amongst the factual raw data of gambling with games that are either fair or extremely low house advantage.  Baccarat falls into that description of being a fairly low house advantage.  However, it is all dependent upon how the player is attempting to wager, mostly with time and length played and actual number of hands.  All the rest of the game beliefs, strategies, illusions, perceptions, influences and player frame-of-minds are subjective and individual to each player.