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IMO, and please do not take it the wrong way!

Reason for the topic I detailed out.  Progressions and a wagering technique (I feel through experience and years in the casino) will only cause a player to become wiped out repeatedly, every single last time he attempts to play on wagering theory with progressions or not (flat--positive and negative).  There is more to it beside a wagering plan. 

Again, please do not take this as an insult, or anything else. 

I have witnessed huge amounts lost without wins and as well, huge amounts won and the player continued with the exact same progression wagering techniques/plan.  Everyone failed if they stuck to it.

Yes, nothing last forever in a casino, of course.  Said and understood as Basic 101 gambling.

However, a crutch, a belief is a huge and a powerful thing at the table!  That is my point.  A progression (either way) can win or lose, but not control the physical aspect ( I hope that is the correct wording) of the player.  It only controls what is won or lost.  And once again, my point exactly. But, I do really believe the aspect of both the wins and the losses compiled by progressions are one of the strongest and worse 'crutches' that influences a player.

Lots of people get real confused on Bankrolls and Buy ins.

What they are and actually how to use them or, what they mean to each of us.

I believe I defined my thoughts and subscriptions to each of them numerous times. 

What I am driving at is, that to one member/person a bank roll is his total play money and what he buys in for each and every time.  To another person a buy in is totally separate from the bank roll.  A bank roll is never brought to the casino in almost any situation. 

On and on and on.

Baccarat Forum / 15 Things That Are Real in Baccarat
« on: Yesterday at 01:11:27 PM »
15 Things.....

I made some notes and although I don't want to go into each here.  It is not about my thoughts at this time.  What about yours?  Spur some conversation.  Throw something out there.  Just trying to stop the, "Oh yeah, I did that and I made 4 units and then cashed out", or the , "I seen that once and it did not work", thing.  Anyone want to comment and detail out what your path was?

Real gambling is much more than buy in in, grinding a few units and leaving, each and every day.  I have as well as countless others, made 100's of thousands at a baccarat table and everything up to that and more than that.  Straight losses, straight wins, push back and forth like a roller coaster.  Follow others, wager against others, high limit, main floor, players handling the cards, dealer handles cards, big table where the players actual deal the cards as well. 

People really want to talk and get down into the reasoning's and details? 

15 Real Topics:

1)    Actual Thought Processes

2)    Sections/Turning Points describe and identify

3)    Resetting/Refreshing describe and identify

4)    Translating a pattern/trend/presentment section to reality and coupling
Wager-ability/Vulnerability to it

5)    Is there a point or an ultra 'key trigger' that really pushes you to go for it?

6)    1's & 2's, 3's & 4's, 5's & 6's

7)    During a streak, wagering to the 'cut', or 'opposite' side

 8    Amount of hands you successfully or negatively wager as a regular event, define it

9)    Resetting/Refreshing, what amount will you allow yourself to be influenced and guide you?

10)    Do you consciously know when you are being influenced?

11)    The proverbial and no good 'Rut', they are correct, and then they are wrong.  Do you get sucked in and what do you do to get out of it?

12)    What influences you more or greater than anything?

13)    Point values, naturals, reductions on the 3rd cards, what has meaning to you and why?

14)    Does winning change the way you wager, or is it the amount of hands without relation to the $$ factor/value?

15)    Wagering.  Bank roll, Buy in, Plateaus/Levels, Positive Progressions, Money Management System 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd, 1 + 4 Side Parlay Wager.

In order to 'beat' randomness and 'define it' to mathematical and statistical outcome, you would have to be able to compress all the strings of outcomes, that are possible in baccarat.  And, that feat cannot be done and converted to a schedule of definitive presentments that will happen with certainty or even near certainty.

The reason no one can develop a schedule of upcoming winning hands in baccarat is, that the upcoming sequence(s) will not repeat themselves in a 'cyclical order' with definition and preset values that have to happen. 

The reason baccarat goes to only 9 and cancels out, is not dragon trails, luck, certain low numbers divisible, Gods, myths, or anything of the like, especially Asian.  The whole Asian end of it was added once the game began to die off in the USA and elsewhere and the casinos saw the light with the amount of money the Asians were willing to risk, pool together, commit crimes to get, etc.  Then all the Asian myths, twists and turns were integrated into the game. 

Back to the 0-9 values and what the cards represent.  The game cannot be cracked with a system according to mathematical and statistical figuring out, because of 'LOG' and 'pi'.  In short, the Pi will have the first 6+ billion places each developed from 0 to 9, showing up around 600 million times, if I am correct as the basics go. 

Anything that the shoes produce with similarity to what the tester found, is just coincident data, with no real reoccurring lock to discover and place into a schedule of digits that form events, that will repeatedly present themselves, time after time after time within any section, etc.  It is impossible.  It has to do with Binary Logarithm or 'LOG 2s' as they call it I believe.

Where gamblers and system writers, etc., fall prey, is they want the value 'x' = Log2 to convert to their 'wishful dream thinking' of discovering standard mathematical functions that come about on a repetitive basis.  When you mix in 8 decks of cards and limit each card value between 0 and 9, your outcomes jump to 10's of billions of possible results.  I did not invent the game, I am not a mathematician, I am not a computer programmer.  I am a realist and I know the game.  I know the basics about math and stats and a long time ago realized there is no way to continually apply those to the game and when in any type of scheduled plan based upon discovering the future presentments of the cards. 

Then the programmer or casino wizards, whatever they are called, go into their analysis of the algorithms to locate the frequency and use of Log2's, etc., to make-up some kind of structure, which they claim is a system to Beat The Casino, etc.  At least that is how I see it all over these years.

The problem being, the manual cards will not match up to the mathematical reoccurring logarithms.  In other words, those cards have an exposure value and not a programmed value.  Additionally, IMO, the gambling system finders and tester, etc., are claiming they input real numbers, 'x' and the outputs from their computer science they apply, are equaling some type of 'mapping'.  Which will be something like greater than, or equal to (whatever they are working with).  Then they count down or up and justify whatever it is the balance they found.  The result in that balance if it appears several times is their 'key', or their 'holy grail', etc.

But they really found nothing that will repeatedly and with any consecutively repeats itself every time that certain events or values they deduced down, come about.  Why?  Simply because of manual presentments from those cards valued 0 to 9.  And those very same cards not being programmed.  That's why.  Any type of shuffle and cut, kills any thought of a pre-set value that can be determined. 

If you truly understand what a logarithm is, you would understand what I am saying.  When you mix 4-5 and 6 cards of values limited to 0 through 9, to get the outcome of a W or a L, that is not based on the previous W's and L's, or what is left, that is where the different schools of thought surface as to what can be systemically invented or discovered by a mathematician or a statistical professor involving baccarat.

In short, they will never find that 'a' means anything to 'b' equaling 'x'.  Period.  They will find that 'a' and 'b' affect the value of each other, but there are billions of combinations possible and within a round of 80 hands or so, the impossibility will remain. 

That is why I take the stance I do regarding the conversion of math and stats to the value of the cards and attempting to realize a repetitive schedule to play by.  The cards can never present themselves the same way, based on anything to coincide with a planned schedule.

Here is one more way I will attempt to explain it.  If the shoe of baccarat was a pre-programmed event of 76-84 hands and written by a programmer with cards installed to produce sporadic events at any given time, or in fact not produce them, then you got a chance at discovering the presentments and learning the 'how and why' certain events will always present themselves or not. 

But the way the manual cards determine the value of a winning and a losing hand, is solely based upon the order of the cards that a computer did not direct, and therefore those cards are not governed by what you are developing according to math and stats.  And, since a computer program is not directing how the shoe will be presented (at least in a B&M Casino) there would be no way you can reduce any series of tests to become a universal scheduled plan to dictate your wagering, allowing you to win with certainty.  You will never figure out a system to learn how and when the cards will present themselves with an advantage according to mathematical and statistical adherence.

I told you, I'm not a mathematician or a statistician or a computer programmer. So maybe I just stuck my foot so far up my butt, I made myself look like a clown standing on my head. Quite possibly.

       Gambling & Casino Mistruths Spreading Misinformation Online

      Causes and Effects Resulting in Bad Circumstances to the Player

I will give you the punch line first here: That people tend to seek information that aligns with their views.  In some form, fashion or other means, I do wholeheartedly believe that we are all guilty of this at times.  The problem being on message boards, a handful of members will blast the majority of others with a repetitive and usually challenging statement with zero or very little facts, research or experiences, just a statement to cause drama and upset.  No matter the original author's purpose, points or how much time and trouble they put into the original posting to help make a community.  Unlike a real classroom or seminar setting, where an actual challenge will come about and constructive and real pro's and con's are cited and discussed with ample time for questions and answers, etc.  But on message boards, a group of the stronger and self-proclaimed masters usually take hold and attempt domination.  Moderation will generally bring on a citation by those offenders of the Admin and the Moderators stopping free speech, etc.  Then the vicious cycle begins.  Then sides are taken and the personalities overrule the chance to share info, data and really useful research and real life experiences.

And what are the consequences?  Why will the players hurt themselves the highest majority of the times?  Because, they will convince themselves that erroneous and bad information they are tailoring to themselves will successfully assist them to accomplish their goals of winning large sums of money and no matter what or how they attempt to adjust, they are truly fighting a losing battle.  They started with the wrong equipment and tools concerning the gambling war chest IMO, they believe in false agendas, faked info and stories, etc., that add so much weight and burden to their gaming attempts.  Hence, when the player finally uncovers the truth he lost virtually all of his capital, personal and business relationships, along with burning himself out past redemption the highest majority of the times.  Great for the casino, great for your casino host, great for the loan sharks, great for the pawn shops, great for everyone involved in the industry except for yourself.

Why the rise and change since the 70's through the mid 90's?  Even bring that out a bit past 2000.  Because of the internet and making money, that's why.  Coupled with the other non-sense with social media, message boards and other internet forums used for the wrong reasons. 

Truth is no longer dictated by authorities, teachers, professors, and people with a lot of real life experiences and those that really have a good-hearted desire to help others share their own school of hard knocks.  But is networked by peers with lots of other reasons, rather than those I just laid out.  For every fact there is a counterfact and all these counterfacts and facts look identical online, which is confusing to most people. There is your reasoning, pick it apart, agree with it or not.  But, IMO, it is 100% spot on, without one reservation whatsoever!

And misinformation is dangerous, REAL DANGEROUS, especially in gambling because, misinformation is not like a plumbing problem you fix. It is a social condition, like crime, that you must constantly monitor and adjust to not knowing what has actually worked or what has not.  If you do not know, you simply will most likely get hurt, and in gambling that means a real hurt, the loss of your money.

The sad part is, you won't be able to figure it out conclusively, what exactly is real and what exactly is made up or lies or just told with motives not in your best interest.   For someone really trying to learn something within the message boards, it causes a great deal of confusion and needless drama sometimes by mistake and sometimes intentionally.  IMO, there is not much more of an explanation that just that. 

Their reasoning revealed a wide range of opinions about the nature of these threats and the most likely solutions required to resolve them. But the overarching and competing themes were clear: Those who do not think things will improve felt that humans mostly shape technology advances to their own, not-fully-noble purposes and that bad actors with bad motives will thwart the best efforts of technology innovators to remedy today's problems.

And those who are most hopeful believed that technological fixes can be implemented to bring out the better angels guiding human nature.  Yeah right!  Sure thing and the rich and the wealthy will wake up every day at 4 AM and head out to their local restaurant and stay there all day and pay for everyone's food that cannot afford to eat, etc.

The fake news ecosystem preys on some of our deepest human instincts:
  Countless people have said humans' primal quest for success and power--their "survival" instinct--will continue to degrade the online information environment in the next decade. They predicted that manipulative actors will use new digital tools to take advantage of humans' inbred preference for comfort and convenience and their craving for the answers they find in reinforcing echo chambers.  Sorry, but in reality it is like that in all facets of business.  It is a business thing, not out of the goodness of everyone's hearts.  I am a realist but the fake news thing is not at all hard to figure out.  It is about business and money, no matter if politics are involved.  Fact. 

Our brains are not wired to contend with the pace of technological change:  Again in numerous articles and documentaries the industry experts have said the rising speed, reach and efficiencies of the internet and emerging online applications will magnify these human tendencies and that technology-based solutions will not be able to overcome them. They predicted a future information landscape in which fake information crowds out reliable information. Some even foresaw a world in which widespread information scams and mass manipulation cause broad swathes of public to simply give up on being informed participants in civic life.

Technology can help fix these problems:
These more hopeful experts said the rising speed, reach and efficiencies of the internet, apps and platforms can be harnessed to rein in fake news and misinformation campaigns. Some predicted better methods will arise to create and promote trusted, fact-based news sources.

It is also human nature to come together and fix problems:  The hopeful experts in the internet and AI industries, took the view that people have always adapted to change and that this current wave of challenges will also be overcome. They noted that misinformation and bad actors have always existed but have eventually been marginalized by smart people and processes. They expect well-meaning actors will work together to find ways to enhance the information environment. They also believe better information literacy among citizens will enable people to judge the veracity of material content and eventually raise the tone of discourse.

Here, remember Glen said this:
"Misinformation is not like a plumbing problem you fix. It is a social condition, like crime, that you must constantly monitor and adjust to. Since as far back as the era of radio and before, as Winston Churchill said, 'A lie can go around the world before the truth gets its pants on'."

Michael J. Oghia
, an author, editor and journalist based in Europe, said he expects a worsening of the information environment due to five things: "1) The spread of misinformation and hate; 2) Inflammation, sociocultural conflict and violence; 3) The breakdown of socially accepted/agreed-upon knowledge and what constitutes 'fact.' 4) A new digital divide of those subscribed (and ultimately controlled) by misinformation and those who are 'enlightened' by information based on reason, logic, scientific inquiry and critical thinking. 5) Further divides between communities, so that as we are more connected we are farther apart. And many others."   I dug that paragraph out I saved from Michael Oghia, it is spot on and so amazingly correct IMO.

Please take a breath, please read the following carefully:

You need to really sit down and say, who is the author, what is his/her purpose of writing what I am reading?  Why should I believe what is written?  Why would this person say negative, derogatory, hateful, vindictive, humiliating, and chastising or anything of the like against the other person, say those things?

While propaganda and the manipulation of the public via falsehoods is a tactic as old as the human race, many of these experts predicted that the speed, reach and low cost of online communication plus continuously emerging innovations will magnify the threat level significantly.

The internet is the 21st century's threat of a 'nuclear winter', and there's no equivalent international framework for nonproliferation or disarmament. The public can grasp the destructive power of nuclear weapons in a way they will never understand the utterly corrosive power of the internet to civilized society, when there is no reliable mechanism for sorting out what people can believe to be true or false.

What actually works in a casino?  What actually worked on line gaming in 2,000 spins you had to consecutively wager on to profit by a guaranteed 5 units?  Etc., Etc., Etc.  You think AI can provide the answers.  Someday it might.  But without everyone understanding AI and everything along with it, the internet with carrying the messages will still hurt the person reading and interpreting them, with their attempts to apply same within the casino to make money.  That is the absolute sad bottom line. 

Problem being, more and more, history is being written, rewritten and corrected, because more and more people have the ways and means to do so. Therefore there is ever more information that competes for attention, for credibility and for influence.

The other huge problem along the same lines is, the audiences typically are looking for information that fits their belief systems, so it is a really tough problem.

Humans are by nature selfish, tribal, gullible convenience seekers who put the most trust in that which seems familiar.

It comes down to motivation: There is no market for the truth. The public isn't motivated to seek out verified, vetted information. They are happy hearing what confirms their views. And people can gain more creating fake information (both monetary and in notoriety) than they can keeping it from occurring.  I am sorry I am publishing this really, because so many of you will blame me for things that actually happen, but all I am doing in reality, is pointing out the book, the covers and the dust jacket.  Each of you are filling in the words on the internet, in your own book, on my website BetSelection, etc., etc.  That is where so many of you are confused and stay confused.

As a group, humans are 'stupid'. It is 'group mind' or a 'group phenomenon' or, as George Carlin said, "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." Then, you have Kierkegaard, who said, "People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use". And finally, Euripides said, "Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish".  If you cannot think and reason, gambling and the casino is not for you.  I wholeheartedly promise you that.

People on systems like Facebook are increasingly forming into 'echo chambers' of those who think alike. They will keep unfriending those who don't, and passing on rumors and fake news that agrees with their point of view the exact same as we do on gambling message boards and forums, no different! 

Scott Shamp, a dean at Florida State University, commented, "Too many groups gain power through the proliferation of inaccurate or misleading information. When there is value in misinformation, it will rule."   But with gambling, internet message boards, forums, etc., it will still be burdened upon the receiver to deceiver what is actually right or wrong or what can or cannot apply to his needs and situations.  If he cannot do that, he will only hurt himself and continue the money loss. 

Facts, truths, I will take my cash and wager on that, etc., some things are not black and white; for other situations, facts brought up to come to a conclusion are different that other facts used by others in a situation. Each can have real facts, but it is the facts that are gathered that matter in coming to a conclusion; who will determine what facts will be considered or what is even considered a fact.

It will certainly mean a greater degree of misinformation in the public internet sector and that is exactly what has been happening.  In general, not just in gambling message boards, but across the whole Internet thing.  It is easy to write, no one to check, re check and source everything.  Good and bad.  Good when everything is accurate, truthful and justified for its purpose.  Bad when it is motivated by not so good motives and reasoning's.  Before, it took some kind of money and time as a general rule to get your word out, today all of which is changed.  And that is exactly my point.
In regards to a gambling system published for whatever reason on the internet or a message board on a forum.  It is too easy to create fake facts, too labor-intensive to check and too easy to fool checking algorithms.  Why?  Money and kicks for starters.  Because there are many alternative motives and for the regular consumer that is just using the message board to learn and gain knowledge in an innocent way, he himself better be extra cautious and diligent. 

You better read the following and apply it, because it is the best truth about the internet in a short 3 sentences that I ever read.  "Artificial intelligence that will supplant human judgment is being pursued aggressively by entities in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Algorithmic solutions to replacing human judgment are subject to hidden bias and will ultimately fail to accomplish this goal. They will only continue the centralization of power in a small number of companies that control the flow of information."

The 'wild west' state of the internet will not be permitted to continue by those with power, as we are already seeing with increased national pressure on providers/companies by a range of means from law and regulation to moral and consumer pressures.

The people that really succeed or actually get something out of all this internet movement are,  humans that are adaptive. When faced with novel predatory phenomena, counter-forces emerge to balance or defeat them.  But each one has to decide what are right, correct, lies, mistruths, or just plain does not apply to their purpose.  And that is tough for most everyone or just plain anti productive and time consuming.  We are at the beginning of a large scale negative impact from the undermining of a social sense of reliable fact. Counter-forces are already emerging. The presence of large scale 'landlords' controlling significant sections of the ecosystem (e.g., Google, Facebook) aids in this counter-response.
In reality and subjective view, IMO, I would have to say, this whole internet thing with all its content, direction and influence never entirely be eliminated, but it can be managed.

The biggest risk, as with many things, is that narrow self-interest stops people from effectively collaborating.  And that will happen across the entire internet, whether it is a gambling message board forum or a news outlet.
As we understand more about digital misinformation we will design better tools, policies and opportunities for collective action.  But IMO, there are huge amounts of work to do and that will take some time.  What a portion of society is ready for are the airbags, the safety belts and the many other features an auto of today needs and can support.  However, the largest amount of society is not ready for it or even can sustain it with the knowledge and desire.  Those are the ones that suffer from the results of the lies, the mistruths, the self serving dialogs and everything else on the internet, etc.  At least all IMO anyways.

You cannot and we will never, machine-learn our way out of this disaster, which is actually a perfect storm of poor civic knowledge and poor information literacy, plain and simple.  Not just for the larger picture, the internet but for almost everything filtered down from the internet regarding anything serious that effects learning, research and information gathering type of things.  Why?  Once again, money.  The vast bulk of every start up industry or group of businesses has to base it on money, their ultimatum and what motivated them to get involved with it in the first place.  Nothing really wrong, it is just business.  And that is my whole point here anyways.  But so many countless groups of innocent people think that they will be educated and reap the rewards for free.  Now you see where I am going with it?

You cannot and will never solve your gambling problems or really find your gambling advantages via technology.  Reason being, you have to have the background in order to deceiver the wrong and the right or actually if the right is even possible.  It still and I do believe, will always take Blood, Sweat & Tears with a bunch of Hard Knocks in order to figure it all out.  Machines, the internet, the AI and all those rolled up and taken into consideration, can only assist oneself at best.  A gambler still needs good judgement, no make that, superior judgement!  Otherwise he has nothing to base his decisions on and nothing to measure them against.  And that is where so many argue, internet fight, disagree and get into trouble attempting to do so.

Remember newspapers?  Remember magazines.  I used to read them religiously, why?  Because everything was double and triple sourced, checked and rechecked and written by journalists that went out and wrote what they found, without 90% plus alternative motives what is happening these days.  Reducing 'fake news' requires a profession whose members share a commitment to getting it right. That, in turn, requires a source of money to pay such professional journalists. Advertising used to provide newspapers with money to pay such people. That money is drying up, and it seems unlikely to be replaced within the next decade.  Those are facts, face it or not.  That is what is happening today in 2018.  In newspapers as well as on the internet, because of the internet.
And, what does an industry top professional say in regards to just that?
   The problem with online news is structural: There are too few gatekeepers, and the internet business model does not sustain quality journalism. The reason is simply that advertising revenue has been untethered from news production.  And, IMO once again, it filters right down to and replicates itself with internet message boards.
Many of those experts said the flaws in human nature and still-undeveloped norms in the digital age are the key problems that make users susceptible to false, misleading and manipulative online narratives. One potential remedy those respondents suggested was a massive compulsory crusade to educate all in digital-age information literacy. Such an effort, some said, might prepare more people to be wise in what they view/read/believe and possibly even serve to upgrade the overall social norms of information sharing.  I totally agree.
From Harvard University on Internet & Society, "False information--intentionally or inadvertently so--is neither new nor the result of new technologies. It may now be easier to spread to more people more quickly, but the responsibility for sifting facts from fiction has always sat with the person receiving that information and always will."

What is actually happening?  "Human beings are losing their capability to question and to refuse. Young people are growing into a world where those skills are not being taught."

The bottom line is, or at least mine is, relying on algorithms and automated measures will result in various unwanted consequences.  You can refute that, but you seriously have no leg to stand on because you cannot prove otherwise, only say it in words. 

Not just in the internet thing we now have as a way of life and communications, but most things in general, Ignorance breeds frustration and 'a growing fraction of the population has neither the skills nor the native intelligence to master deceiving what is factual, reality, historical or correct but been replaced by technological AI that has been proven'.  And, therein lies so much of the problem that it is scary, at least to me it is.

Jim Warren, an internet pioneer and open-government/open-records/open-meetings advocate, said, "False and misleading information has always been part of all cultures (gossip, tabloids, etc.). Teaching judgment has always been the solution, and it always will be. I (still) trust the longstanding principle of free speech: The best cure for 'offensive' speech is MORE speech. The only major fear I have is of massive communications conglomerates imposing pervasive censorship."  And, therefore there has to be limits as to what can be, should be, has to be, what should not be and what has to prevail in print.  Whether we are talking about a message board, a magazine, a newspaper, the TV News or anything else.  IMO, the problem with a media such as BetSelction Message Forum, is that we are all in the one room together.  The 21 year old with limited knowledge and experience as well as that hard core 60 year old person that has a ton of information, experience and knowledge that others could very well learn from.  However, there are also those others, that have the desire to entice, bump, shake and only cause problems to hamper a community from actually all rallying together.  While those latter types are the minority in almost all cases, they certainly cause the majority to pull back, reserve themselves as well as limiting their participation due to the infliction of chastising, humiliation and other verbal abuse that the majority rather not have to be dealing with.

And as always, one thing that has never really changed is, the responsibility is with the person who is seeking the results, stories, data and trying to get information on what is going on.  And that is going to hold down the successful use of the message boards for quite some time.  The other thing on the message boards that makes it so difficult, IMO, is the declassification of the member's knowledge, experience, and ability.  Everyone is within one room.  While that is fine for many, many really do not desire to teach gambling 101, every time they sign on to check for content, etc.  And those that are just coming on board, they have a ton of questions and little answers.  Fitting in is tough to do, in so many situations.  Couple that, with the bothersome 5 or 7 or 10 members almost all boards have, that are only present to stir the pot, cause trouble, show off, contribute nothing, challenge most everything with their expression of free speech, etc., and it brings down the overall good purpose and great melting pot that most of us really do desire.

The question that I will close with is: In the next few years, will trusted methods emerge to block false narratives and allow the most accurate information to prevail in the overall information on message boards? Or will the quality and veracity of information online deteriorate due to the spread of unreliable, sometimes even dangerous, socially bias and outright lies because of those peddling their commercial endeavors as well as those that have no other purpose except to cause disruption?

In classrooms, seminars and workshops of the conventional and classical kinds, we do not have to endure the anonymity of at least half refusing to divulge who they are or where they live or why they are present.  As well, the class does not have to tolerate the aggressive class clown, the 2 or 3 with their disruptive and annoying behavior, as they will be dealt with immediately in most all cases.  Finally, the class as a whole or at least the majority of it, will be able to actually apply themselves and gain back what they generally put forth. 

We are talking, but I was able to put into writing what I did after reading your end of it.

I am oblivious to on-line in every way. 

But in live, there are edges that IMO, are not mechanical in nature, Gizmo touches upon it as well.

Thanks, Glen.

Roulette Forum / Re: The best players.
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:07:27 PM »
 Do you remember what I went into detail about numerous years ago, recalling what a bunch of people sat down playing baccarat at the old Bally's Grand in Atlantic City, visiting from NYC setting up stuff with on-line gaming said?  Anyone remember?  They were from Russia, Bosnia,Kazakhstan, etc. 

"An Edge Without A Physical Bias" (??)  Quoted from: Nickmsi

That is what wins the game for me, when I concentrate and truly adhere to all the things I spend time to detail and write about on the board.  Some will go into dialog about my posts are too wordy, too long, too hard to understand, etc.  But, I am very sorry, there is no other way for me to explain as there are just numerous variables I have found that play parts together to make up each session's outcome.  And yes, I do throw in analogies and a few other things as well, you can always skip my threads, no problem.  Thanks, Glen.

Physics?  You just cannot grasp anything to do with it?  Mathematical and statistical adherence to what the pros (the real ones [LOL] you know, they are the bonafide and certified ones) say the test results produced and yet you still lose?  Complete failure to understand anything to do with those?  Perhaps you understand it is sheer greed and if you can only control yourself with a tiny bit of profit you can multiply that by 30 and make a heck of a great living sipping drinks all day and lounging at the casino table without a boss, the way certain members of many gambling forums claim that they do, especially the ones that post repetitively the same short concise statements saying that they do.  You know you actually over-stay every session you play and yet, you still stay when losing no matter how much you already won and when winning, you can never leave---so you are totally convinced that you have it all figured out and will literally beat the casino but somehow you just can't pull it off.  Those are just a few of the scenarios that exist in everyday real life at the casino but there are so many more. 

I have spent decades gambling in Brick & Mortar casinos, never on-line.  I have numerous family members in all 3 of the largest gaming jurisdictions of the USA in some type of upper management positions, mostly in marketing or in table game operations.  I know about gaming and I know about players as well, I know about casinos.  IMO, it is no different than a retail store or a service business that has specialties they offer to the industry.  Marketing, salesmanship, industry press releases, perception, what the market will bear, and so on will set the prices, the need, the willingness to support one or more businesses of the same type, the poor quality business and the high quality class act ones as well. 

Stores selling merchandise at below inventory wholesale costs, to attract customers that will usually wind up spending far in excess of what the business would lose if people failure to act on impulse, desire, greed, desire, eye-candy and many other factors of the same nature.   Value has a lot to do with gambling and something few of us actually think about.  Basically, I say when you don't have it or never did, there really is not much value when you actually get it.  Meaning, you don't have the slightest clue what you have because you already have it.  Sounds contradictory, but I plead with you, that it is probably 99% spot on in most every case. It's just the way our desires, emotions, greed and everything else mixed up inside of us, works and governs each of us at the casino table!  Especially with money and hard assets.

An attempt to understand the casino system and what their largest ammunition really is, would be the understanding of the following: "People are under the illusion that they can outsmart the system".  That sentence holds true to the hundredth power in any casino, police/detective work, retail offering, and employment background screening investigation, liquor licensing applications and thousands of other things as well!  Once you really understand that sentence and how you look at things you learn, research, attempt to apply and will wager with, then you are starting your journey down the correct path. 

But it all boils down to the human brain, with desires, greed, lust and a host of other things along those very same lines.  Fortunately, for the casinos and unfortunately for the players, almost every single one of us has those things instilled in us from a very early age.  It all started with your mom and dad and their "rewards", for yourself when you were good and those same things taken away when you were bad.  Then you learned how to milk the system and then manipulation you taught yourself without even knowing it.  You found the sweetness of self-rewarding yourself with the "fruits of your desires", sort of saying.  Each of us has it and each of us deals with that in many different ways, some good and others not so good. 

'Gamblers have a stronger misperception of randomness and are so willingly to bet on it'.  Please understand the words, Misperception, Understanding, Interpretation, Inaccurate and Inadequate) they are specifically different and very relative to gamble, but in the attempt to keep this from being way too long, I am saying, Misperception. ("A wrong or incorrect understanding or interpretation"). I have termed it, probability matching, and that is a side effect all humans are subjected to at the gaming table.  Especially when they are winning large or losing large.  It was instilled in our pre-human ancestors when they were out hunting and searching for food.

Evolution has primed us to have a low threshold for detecting patterns.  That is the physiological bottom line.  You would learn that in Psych 101.  That is medical science, nothing I made up.  So that very same thing will affect your gambling decision making thought process.  And that is exactly my point in all this.  It is not reality sitting at that table and almost all of you think it is.  It is different, virtually the opposite and then once you have it all figured out, it reverts back the other way.  And those my friends are all the parts that throw the mathematical and statistical data right into the garbage can every time.   

The down sides and why there are actually down sides you can detect.  Because it is that we get a lot of false alarms.  In the casino, that equates to losses.  In almost everything else, we chalk them up to and use them as rejections, mistakes, learning, improving, necessary happenings, etc.  But in the casino, they equate to devastating losses and missed wins/profits.  That is the key element to the entanglement of your mind and its ability to continue to play, figure out and stick to whatever can win and get away from what cost you not to wager on correct presentments, etc. 

Generally, those false alarms are harmless to most, but that is not always the case.  In so many player's agendas, they will convince themselves what is correct to wager upon, as to what is coming out or what has not came out, or what is supposed to happen according to the numbers, etc.  That is the key triggers that so many, most all will fall prey to.  Gamblers place money on those, no matter if they admit or not that was their reasoning.  Some will wager large amounts of money and other will grind it slowly with smaller amounts.  And no matter the value of their wagers, it does not matter.  They will do it repetitively and consistently.  Then they win some or lose some and that does not even matter.  They will wager against whatever they were wagering on that won, then they continue to lose.  Or they lose when they actually convinced themselves, that they were supposed to have won, but they did not follow doctor or wizard, 'so and so' math and stats that proved rightfully correct.  So then they lose their intelligence per-se and they become controlled by their desires, their emotions, and other factors that cannot and will never be able to match with certainty, their wager with each upcoming presentment.  The more the play, the more they lose.  Even when they win, they only fueled themselves with false fuel to keep going. 

Then what happens?  Well I have observed, that right about the time the people will point to whatever allowed them to feel that they choose the right side by matter of intelligent choice, nothing really existed that will allow them to repeatedly use just that in upcoming presentments that will be a solid 51% or greater positive experience on a consistent basis from thereon out.  Please re-read that and understand that, because that right there is a major key in understanding yourself and the reason for control in the game of baccarat.  And there is a double whammy to this as well.  That is, the strongest patterns and trends are always the worst for most players these days.  Because they challenge the strongest parts and have either convinced themselves or had themselves convinced, that baccarat is a true 50-50 game, a game that always equals itself out and you can prevail if you only wager against anything that is repeating itself or dominants. 

Then the losses start, their impulsiveness starts as well.  Reducing or increasing pattern recognition becomes the key to success which will not ever come about the conventional way.  Meaning, by reading the books by the doctors, the wizards, the self-proclaimed professional gamblers, the X dealers and casino personnel, etc.  Buying systems guides or being exclusively mentored and tutored or joining a $50.00 a month elite club of wanna-be millionaire gamblers, etc.  It will not happen no matter how much you believe that it just might.  Sorry, but that is the cold hard truth of the day. 

And if you can even begin to really understand what I just said, then you might be one of the few, the very few that might survive the "Flip of the Switch".  We all seem to unknowingly inflict ourselves with false fuel, continued torture and just plain, guaranteed losing when we found ourselves with that last, "all in" wager, or the other one, "all or nothing", types of wagers.  Winning and losing without letting yourself get beat down, by using a buy in which is only a smaller percentage of a bank roll and a bank roll that is administered properly is the start.  The rest of it will depend on your ability to remove yourself from everything I mentioned, desires, emotions, the mindset that allows yourself to think you have an edge to beat the casino, etc.  We continually let ourselves literally lose our money, the casino does not take it, you give it to them with the decisions you made.  The blame only adds more false fuel and further bad intelligence to your game.  I promise you that.

We give them our money because of our blatantly wrong information, data and beliefs we choose to believe.  Almost all gamblers will do the proper research, engage in training, obtain the proper information for almost all their non-gambling activities such as, seeding and fertilize their lawns, sports, hobbies, crafts, etc.  But when it comes to gambling, once again, almost everyone believes in that, "I can outsmart the system" type of intelligence that will only repeatedly hurt them until they are broke. 

What is the, "Flip of the Switch"?

"Flip of the Switch", is complicated, but for sake of keeping it to a couple of sentences, it is the player's thought process that will govern him with the recognition of patterns, trends, and whatever else he is convinced will be the next presentment from the shoe.  His wagering on that without regards to reality and then being sucked into gambling fallacy, LOCK, STOCK & BARREL.  The gambler has no idea that he actually wagered on his impulse and not on a tangible pattern, trend, or other defined presentment as he was really thinking he was doing.

Hence, "Flip of the Switch".  In other words, the lights were turned out on the player.  He lost once again.  Simple.  As well, once the action starts, say 4 Bankers appear, half the gamblers next to him just know and say out loud, how it has to cut back to the Players side and begin to wager for such.  The other of the people there, just know it has to continue and streak with the Banker.  So a switch gets flipped in the person's brain somewhere, changing the way we each define the game. 

And when you don't have the experience, the knowledge, the insight and much more, the compelling biases are truly overwhelming, "Flipping of your Switch", when you're in the game playing, actual play with actual money.  And if you lose and are losing more than you are winning, it is not the auto shuffler, it is not the unlucky dealer, it is not you lost count of the VIN/SAP Counts, it is no the failure of the Banker to continually excel the way it is supposed to, it is not the failure of the shoe to produce an exact replication of those 1,000,000 shoes broken down to the 3 or 5 or 10 you sat down to gamble at, etc., etc., and so on.  It was the fault of your wagering in direct conflict with what legitimately came out of the shoe, no matter if you wagered or not. You were just convinced to wager on the losing side because of the numerous factors I wrote about earlier and those factors turn very quickly into strong compelling biases that almost everyone has no idea what they are or how to figure them out.

And therefore, with yourself deep into biases, you play and play and play and believe compelling biases that cannot and will not hold up on a regular and a consistent basis totaling the majority of your play. Unless and only unless, you can twist, turn and manipulate the same system that legally, with precision and a well-planned entire scenario, relies on human nature to wager with their desires coupled with greed, that governs the player based on their beliefs that wreak havoc on their emotional and financial life.

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Sections and turning points in my opinion are related to bias identification.

Naturally some of my sections and turning points, how I described them are related to baccarat and not what you specifically are seeking. But I do believe you can use the general basis of what I refer to with different directions etc.

 How frequent are the changes, that is the answer no one knows but to define or see a section, will put you way ahead of the players that cannot. That's the point I was trying to bring forward to you when I mentioned sections and turning points. Thanks.

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You know, we went to the casino the other night.  Before we went, we ate at my buddy's house.

Eggs, Salmon, Blueberries, Bananas, Greens w/Spinach in the eggs also.  We also sliced up red peppers.  Bottom line, we did our home work.  We ate that!  We try.  Sure we love pasta and sauce and garlic breads and sausages, all that too!  But we eat all that after we are done gambling, when we are back home.

We just are tired of the days of Red Bull, coffee and greasy burgers and breads, etc.  It does make a difference. 

When you are at the baccarat table and you are rubbing your eyes, your brain is pounding, you can't even remember what you bought in for or what your M.M.S. is, etc.  When you can't focus and you miss the no ties, hand 45, no F-7's, only 1 Panda out there, no 3 card 8/9's yet, and numerous other things, something is wrong! 

As in anything else, learn, research, invent something that might just help you, instead of hurt  you or hamper yourself accomplish something.

I mentioned red peppers.  Here is something about those.  We have other foods, but I am just trying to show you to get on the right path, learn the curves, the junctions and the dead ends.  Doesn't really cost anything.  IMO!

"Red bell peppers boost your immune system due to high vitamin A, C and antioxidant properties, including beta carotene, which helps maintain healthy skin and vision. In fact, these mighty red vegetables contain 1.5 times more vitamin C, 8 times more vitamin A and 11 times more beta carotene than green bell peppers.Jun 7, 2012" 

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Hello Alrelax, what does it mean and how to use "section/turning points" to your efforts?
If you have time can you explain more in detail?

Many Thanks's-blog/sections-and-turning-points/

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Suggestion:  Try adding 'sections/turning points' to your efforts. 

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Counter Measures?

If you are looking for a quick magical sure-fire fix to win quick money, keep looking.  However, if you are a true bank-roll holder with a couple of weekly play sessions with earmarked 'buy-ins' and attempting to win some money, read on.  But foremost I have to say, even though I almost did not, Mark/Gizmotron made me sit down and put into some kind of definition, 'what it takes to win' and 'what my outlook is on gambling'.  That is, "Calculated Deduction", plain and simple.  When I start to compile the wins at the casino table, with my dedicated buy-in wagers, it is nice and great--all at the same time.  I am risking, without a few unit stop-loss which I am dead-set against, to win and get into the double to triple the buy-in status and then employ my money management system and my side-parlay wagering attempts.  If I don't get to that point, I get wiped out of my buy-in amount.  I refuse to grind, I have other ways to make more cash with a career and a business, rather than driving and risking money each day to the casinos in the hope to sustain.   I don't have to win to go on, while others do.  Meaning, I also make money each and every week for the basics and the long term matters from outside casino sources.  Equally, while at the table, each wager is not based on hitting the 'lottery' as I call it, to continue wagering and actually having a chance to win the session.  That is the huge difference in the frame-of-mind and my focus/vision for what is happening and about to happen.

First of all, let me define hitting the lottery and actually having a chance to win the session.  For me, those are two very different things.  Hitting the lottery is a far-flung chance that might happen, but chances are, will not.  And when it does it fuels the wrong paths for yourself to continue play or worse yet, reinforces your play style with no advantage to really win and keep winning.  I am not talking about a life changing amount that the player will receive, I am talking about giving much larger amounts to the casino than you ever take away, at least on a consistent basis.  Here let me explain.

Enter a female named Amy.  She entered the world of baccarat about a year ago.  She quickly won some cash.  She was convinced that baccarat was the pot-of-gold at the proverbial end of the rainbow.  No doubt.  When she sat down at the table, she was sheer energy.  Nothing but. 

Amy eventually reduced herself to wagering on numerous or all of the side wagers at baccarat with numerous ones from 25 to 1, 40 to 1, 50 to 1, 80 to 1 and 200 to 1 payouts.  And she did it repetitively and consistently, 30 to 40 hands out of 50 or so a shoe, most every shoe she would play.  Hitting several at once is larger amounts of money, not life changing, but tens of thousands for only hundreds out there.  It happens and it happened often.  Not consistently.  But, when you lay $50.00 out there on a 40 to 1 on 4 spots and win $8,000.00 for the $200.00 you had placed on it, 2 or 3 times in shoe, it is another level of play.  Same thing with $10.00 on a 200 to 1 with $40.00 laid out on it and $8,000.00 is thrown at you for that one. Having no plan, no realization, no recognition of how or when or what happened, will lead the player to disaster every time.  When the player can figure out the things I wrote about here and realize where the path is and what the curves and junctions mean, within those paths, the player is taking the knowledge and the experience and using it in a 100% pro-active and informational source that will benefit the player if he can only truly understand "Fooled by Reality" and "Fooled by His Own Desire".

Amy did very well many sessions and other session, disaster and then the chasing started.  When you have 3 to 5 Fortune 7's within a few shoes and then you go 7 shoes with maybe 1 or 2 Fortune 7's collectively, it hurts and hurts big.  When you hit 3 three card 8/9's within a shoe and then cannot hit one in 5 or 6 shoes, same thing.  The story goes on, but one day I was talking with Amy and she told me, with a tear in her eye, what she was into the casino for, attempting to get a few good wins where she could recoup her money.  It was not pretty, not pretty at all. 

Amy had no M.M.S. and no system to allow her to wager those kinds of bets with previous win money and her "non-buy in" risk capital, etc.  That was really her downfall, not so much the type of wagering she was doing.  She was governed by nothing and all the wins did was transport her to a false reality and she could not remove herself from being there, once she was there.

Read this, please!
It is so spot-on and applies here as well as many other things.
(When you understand the following, you are truly on the right path, I promise you).

The parable (If you don't read this, you will never understand what you are up against attempting to gain knowledge-insight-wisdom-or tips from others):

"The earliest versions of the parable of blind men and elephant are found in Buddhist, Hindu and Jain texts, as they discuss the limits of perception and the importance of complete context. The parable has several Indian variations, but broadly goes as follows:

A group of blind men heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the town, but none of them were aware of its shape and form. Out of curiosity, they said: "We must inspect and know it by touch, of which we are capable". So, they sought it out, and when they found it they groped about it. In the case of the first person, whose hand landed on the trunk, said "This being is like a thick snake". For another one whose hand reached its ear, it seemed like a kind of fan. As for another person, whose hand was upon its leg, said, the elephant is a pillar like a tree-trunk. The blind man who placed his hand upon its side said, "Elephant is a wall". Another who felt its tail, described it as a rope. The last felt its tusk, stating the elephant is that which is hard, smooth and like a spear.

In some versions, the blind men then discover their disagreements, suspect the others to be not telling the truth and come to blows. The stories also differ primarily in how the elephant's body parts are described, how violent the conflict becomes and how (or if) the conflict among the men and their perspectives is resolved. In some versions, they stop talking, start listening and collaborate to "see" the full elephant. In another, a sighted man enters the parable and describes the entire elephant from various perspectives; the blind men then learn that they were all partially correct and partially wrong. While one's subjective experience is true, it may not be the totality of truth.
The parable has been used to illustrate a range of truths and fallacies; broadly, the parable implies that one's subjective experience can be true, but that such experience is inherently limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of truth. At various times the parable has provided insight into the relativism, opaqueness or inexpressible nature of truth, the behavior of experts in fields where there is a deficit or inaccessibility of information, the need for communication, and respect for different perspectives."

For those of you, that want to read more about this, here is the Wiki link:

Pressure.  All under the realm of recognition. 

Be a player that does not beat himself.

Be careful and you must avoid the "TILT".   By far the worst thing that you face at the baccarat table: 

Patience, Discipline, Maintain complete control inside of yourself.

Don't get to the point, where you "have to" bet and "hurry up" to win or go all in for a final determination of your sessions wagering.  If you do either, you are out of control and you will wind up beating yourself each and every session.  I know many will not agree and those that do not, IMO--will have very limited experience.  Most likely less than a good solid 10-15 years of play. 

The number one cause for bringing pressure to a player during gambling is, negative events repeatedly happening.  The usual reaction is to wager bigger and quickly recover.  Getting whole and starting fresh again.  Over betting will also become your worst enemy and real quick.  Actually if you engage in any of those, you commit baccarat suicide, plain and simple. 

One more real prevalent event happens at baccarat.  The "Should Be", but it is the "Should Be" that will help save you or make you money, all in your thoughts that will always distract you or throw you off your guard.  When the "Should Be's" come about, IMO, you need to govern yourself into the no-bet-option mode.  At least until the shoe and  yourself, are in-tune with each other. 

Wagering for the "Might Occur Sooner or Later".  Disaster!  If you reduce your goal or attempted hits to that one, you will always give it all back chasing additional ones to get even or win the session.  Always.  You can't control it to start with, but when it sets in, you can take care of it and recognize it has surfaced.  Then you have to back off. 

When it comes, your bet side/wagers, does not matter.  You can't bully the casino into changing the decisions coming out of the shoe and into the flow.  Stop thinking you can, because in sheer reality, you cannot. 

Wait for the point that coincides with your confidence plays.  The path that you can jump on and play the game in a near 100% positive manner, without the feeling in the pit of your stomach.  You know exactly what I am talking about, stop denying it.  If you can't do that, you can't win with a frame-of-mind, which will allow you to recognize what just happened or more importantly, what will happen or what possibly  will happen.  This is a key deciding factor of yourself wagering on a series of wagers that will allow yourself to win, "Sections of Opportunity" that will present themselves if you are able to identify them.  They do frequently come, the reason you can't see them, is because you are looking to base your wagers on math and statistical data that has not been decided yet, for the game you are involved in.

You can't "Wish It" away, you can't "Big Bet" it away and you certainly can't "Bully It" away.   Those players that do those things and believe in them, fall into the first posting on this thread about, "Fooled by Reality--Fooled by Desires, What is so sad, is that we really just fool ourselves."  

Be extra careful of the personal conflicts at this point.  With all the above and maybe more in your own personal findings that you need to stay conscious of, betting against and betting with other people is a real dangerous subconscious practice.   We have all done it, no need to deny it.  Betting against and they will most times, win.  Betting with and they will at most times, lose.  It works once in a while and that is the problem, but not many every truly figure it out.

Camaraderie is one thing and difficult to understand.  Revenge and/or "I will show you" or using it as a tactic that "should work", are entirely different things that should not be used.  It is a baccarat syndrome and I call it, "Congrats, you just f**ked yourself syndrome", it will send you down the wrong road, almost every time.

Concentration.   Ultimately to maintain your vision, plans and focus.  Not easy at all while gambling at baccarat.  I have written a bit about all this.  But here it is in a nutshell.   Most of the players do not even know what they are concentrating on if you were to ask them, and you got an honest answer.  Find what you need to concentrate on and then do just that.  Here is what I concentrate on and how I do it, or at least attempt to.

Money Management System:  Mine is normally implemented after I double or triple the buy-in amount.  If I can't do that, I continue to risk the capital I bought to the session and then begin to weigh other factors as to how long I should attempt to accomplish something.  Let's say it was positive.  I then move to my M.M.S. 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd.    Alongside of that, I set aside certain flat bet wins to be converted into my, 1 + 4 Side Parlay Wagers.   I want to say once again, I do not believe in a subscription to flat betting, positive or negative recovery progressions on any type of a mechanical pre-planned scheduled whatsoever.  Never ever.  I simply attempt to win more when I am winning without being scared, come back when I am down, and after so many attempts to win, without being successful past pushing back-and-forth, that is it.  The thing that actually allowed myself to get the largest handle on, the best recognition of playing while I am playing, and the ability to wager non-scared or continue to win without buy-in risk, is the use of the 1/3rd M.M.S. and my 1 + 4 Side Parlay Wagering set-aside, by far and large!

Here is my (1 + 4 Side Parlay Wager) and what it does for me.  Say I won a $300.00 wager for example.  I will earmark that for 4 attempts to win $2,400.00.  It is pure win money.  It does not affect my buy-in.  I would consider that a great win for the risked capital.  Out of the $300.00, I would attempt four times my (1 + 4's).  First bet, $75.  If successful 1st parlay, $150.  If successful, 2nd parlay $300.  If successful 3rd parlay, $600.  If successful, 4th parlay, $1,200.00.  Possible end pull down would have been, $2,400.00.  Say I won a Fortune 7 with a quarter out there on it.  I might earmark $500.00 for this and put $500.00 in my pocket from the pay-off, never to be seen again on the table for the session, etc.  Then instead of the $75, it would read like this:  4 attempts of $125.00.  As follows:  $250.00/$500.00/$1000.00/$2,000.00.   Possible end pull down, $4,000.00.

Think-----Develop-----Plan-----Implement-----Sustain-----Recognize & Control....

But, the bottom line is, without concentration, vision, focus, and all the other intangible and factors that influence (and generally will control you), it is nearly impossible to sit down and fall oblivious to everything I write about, wager a whole lots of hands and continually win.  At least, win more than you lose on a consistent basis. 

And stop the energy drinks, the diet of greasy and junk food all day before the casino, coffee and soda only, etc.  All you are doing is compounding your failure to concentrate.   I really do believe that.  Although there is no quick fix for what I just said, you better realize that playing baccarat and attempting to stay whole and win nice payouts, is no different than being able to physically stay in shape if say you are a concrete worker or a construction laborer.  Eating the wrong diet will only cause or increase your "jitters", heart racing, fatigue and your ability to really focus the way you need to. 

Your Craft & the 2 other most important things to recognize.

YOUR CRAFT: Knowledge and experience that only guides you partially at the instant time.  (BTW--The rest is derived from and will come from, your psyche, your emotions, your gut, and many other intangibles that I have written about, that you better recognize and control somehow).

EXTERNAL:  On stage or within the crowd.  The influential that will influence you and become actual reasons your wagering was decided outside Your Craft's knowledge and experience. 

INTERNAL:   Systems, body, mind thinking process and what they lead to.

Your goal and path needs to be the conscious recognition of reality that will benefit you at the baccarat table.  It is the most confusing and hard to find intangible that there is, IMO.

Suspension of Reality As It Appears and to Actually Stay in Your Own Reality That Matters At The Baccarat Table.  That is your goal or should I say, the goal of a successful player?

What am I talking about?  If you can quickly understand "Suspension of Disbelief", then you can understand what I term, "Suspension of Reality", as I mention in the sentence above.  Please read along.  This is what has really helped me in the game of baccarat, and I seriously mean that!  If you walk into a book store and purchase a book by Stephen King, bring it home, set up a table on the patio and prepare to read the book over several days, but you have the belief you are about to embark on some multi day worthless effort to understand what a fictional writer spend years to perfect while he was only after a pay-day and for the ultimate con of selling a totally worthless manuscript to a publishing house.  Furthermore, that publishing house actually committed the second con, by hyping a worthless work of fiction that only ripped off your $30.00 along with several days of your valuable time, and so on and so forth.  Versus, I am going to embark on a few day journey through the eyes of a master of thrilling stories that could have possibly happened somewhere, sometime to some people and I am going to completely be non-combative to the presentments the author paints and describes, because I naturally have never encountered those but I will transport myself to the premises which might also lend to my own personal engagement and perhaps, the placement of my very own thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and feeling I am actually experiencing living within Derry, Maine.  Or, perhaps I can apply all of what I just said, when I go to the movies with my little boy and I will be able to picture myself just north of Tanzania, which would be in Wakanda, looking around for the Black Panther.  In reality, but actually in a suspended state of belief that might just transport me to a place I would never see or experience for the price I paid for the book or the movie ticket, etc. 

With that said, I actually use the "Suspension of Disbelief" when I am at the baccarat table.  It allows me or at least, helps to allow myself to believe what is not supposed to happen or should I say, the casino does not want to happen when you feel it or are just wagering for it to happen or continue to happen.  But, in order to do that, I find myself with two distinct and confusing agendas, the real/reality and what is happening, as well as the textbook, what everyone says or is supposed to happen. 

(I hope this supplements the original post I started this thread with.  These notes are from my actual positive and negative experiences along with what I realized is my proper and more profitable way to play when I am at the baccarat table.  What has led me to very nice wins and disastrous losses of all types.)

Baccarat Forum / Re: 1-2-4-8 and others Vs. 1-3-2-6
« on: July 14, 2018, 01:41:31 AM »
To clarify just remember, you don't have to do it in a mechanical way, you can use positive progressions and things like 1-3-2-6 sporadically. You could flat bet 4, 5 or 6 times and then throw out your 3 and then you can flatbed for a certain amount of other times and then through out your 2, and then when you're feeling it you could throw out your 6, it works it works a lot better than doing it in a consecutive mechanical order because that's a setup for failure of your progression before your order is over, only  to mess everything up more often than not.

General Discussion / Re: Fooled by Reality--Fooled by Desires
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:46:50 PM »
"I just don't see how people can avoid making the mistakes. It's like they have to go thru that first."

I really do think so as well.  People truly cannot avoid making the mistakes and if they do make the mistakes and they don't recognize it they getting deeper and deeper. Just like my buddy H Money did and he's well over $100,000 of Blood Sweat and Tears retirement money or put aside emergency money gone, that he could have controlled.  He was in over his head and did not recognize it and he wouldn't listen to anybody. That's the problem especially when it's easy come easy go and it's the desire and it has nothing to do with what you know or your knowledge or your experience, I hope you understand what I'm saying.

The problem almost all of us have in gambling, is that those 'problems' we have, we fail to recognize and maintain them in the forefront 100% of the time, even when we do/have recognized them and discovered them.  Compounding the matter, is that desire, greed, need to recoup, etc., whatever you want to label it.  That will usually overpower the textbook, the knowledge, the experience, etc., etc., at least in gaming.  In other things, such as engineering, science and basic business without a crowd-hype-etc., yes.  But not gambling.  That is what I discovered, found and am attempting to convey here.

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