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AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« on: June 23, 2020, 01:03:07 pm »
Must be your screen, I don't see any empty columns, it's an exact copy of a Big Road.

Poker Forum / Genting permanently closes down poker
« on: June 23, 2020, 12:49:17 pm »
LOL!  Run it online it's easier to manipulate that way!  The casino can do whatever they desire and be in collusion with whomever they want.  As far as the players they can do the collusion thing themselves, why not?


AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« on: June 23, 2020, 12:39:47 pm »
Asym, I fixed the card, it should be correct now, let me know if it is not.

As far as the blank spaces between the events, a lot of people score the shoe on a horizontal going to the right. If it makes banker, it's one spot and if it cuts to the player the next spot would be to the right, it would be player.  If it makes player three more times, players would be under that second player going down 3 spots, so it will be a total of four players. If it doesn't make a repeat it would be blank and it would move to the next spot to the right.

Same way the Big Road does on the scoreboard, the same way. A lot of people do not do or vertical, they do the actual Big Road on the scorecard and make their own notes on it. So the bottom line is the blank spaces just means that it did not make a repeat Banker or Player underneath the first Banker/Player.

Took some time to put it in words, but a bit more informative than the industry standard 'one-liner'.


This shows opportunity waiting to be capitalized on!

Like i have said in the past low ties 0-1-2-3. Watch it, be conscious of it, because  it causes certain things to happen.

Player in the beginning, here is your classic example of what could happen and it was a beautiful beginning, but most people at the table do not like players but that's what happens the majority of the times, it's drilled in everyone's head about the banker, bet the bank or stay on the bank or the banker will prevail. Absolutely not.

Players clumping and streaks. Take a look at the last shoe 33 bankers. 40 players. 5 Panda 8s. 3 Fortune 7s.

(CNN) Dozens of scantily dressed Filipina croupiers stand in booths shuffling cards in front of a webcam, their faces softly illuminated by professional lighting.

Nearby, rows of Chinese nationals sit at desks chatting on cellphones with potential clients back in China


AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« on: June 14, 2020, 11:44:05 pm »
And look at that board, that I put a picture up of the players.  I believe this is what Asym is  talking about and I've seen more of this than a banker's equivalent. Yes I see runs and streaks and clumps for Banker over the Decades of playing, but as an overall majority there's more of something like this and more clumps for players and easier to follow for player because of that third card than anything else IMO.


And I've said it many times, I love the players in the first section or first two sections of the shoe and this is very easy to clean house if you're not teaming up or listening to other people on their Banker drive and how they only wager for banker. Or how they only want a banker streak and few believe players coming out. Enough said, take a look at this picture, I believe this supports what Asym says? 


Would be enticing to play on someone else's cash if there was a firm agreement like I keep an XYZ amonut (50%) and he keeps an XYZ amount.  He pays all expenses and if I happen to lose, there's no problem on my part and he absorbs all the loss.  I don't think anyone would really want to do that??

Prelude added to the original post in the beginning, June 9th, 2020.

After what MGM Resorts is calling a strong opening weekend in Las Vegas, the company says that its ready to ramp things up with another round of hotels and casinos reopening.


I highly doubt Vegas will go totally smoke-free, might have a couple here and there that do it at their own property.

Some more in the midwest has implemented no smoking now, we have a state or two that's been totally no smoking except on tribal lands prior to C19, which tribal can do whatever they want but they have posted that they are no smoking in 90% of their casino floor space since they've reopened. As long as there's no casino next door smokers won't go anywhere else, it's been proven at other casinos and other properties. They'll just go outside, they'll get their smoke on and then they'll come back in and then continue playing.

As of yesterday June 7th, the official count on opened casinos are:

Across 26 states, 519 casinos are currently open for business, representing more than 50% of casinos nationwide, according to the AGA. Nevada reopened casinos on Thursday, including in Las Vegas.

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