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Baccarat Forum / Re: After too many years
« on: July 21, 2019, 05:48:12 pm »
"Beating" the game of bac or "Beating" any other game within the casino is a term extremely subjective to each of us. 

Many will use the term "Beating" as the holy-grail or convincing themselves or anyone else, that whatever it is they are preaching or describing will definitively allow them to win each and every time or nearly something similar to that. 

Of course, others use the term "Beating" to describe control and a method that allows themselves to profit within the realm of their findings, etc. 

Then what happens is the internet mathematicians, scientists, engineers and drama queens will twist and turn most if not all of the explanations into fuel for their daily fire boasting their own circle for degradation and banter among their like internet family of friends, etc., etc. 

Back to the Barnes & Noble theory I have detailed out many times.  Not one bit of difference. 


Related But Not Related / Re: Doughnuts anyone???
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:12:19 am »
The ultimate pic and dedicated to the one that hangs at Bicycle, Commerce and H.G. bro, ROMAFL!  AKA: The card rooms.

Related But Not Related / Re: Doughnuts anyone???
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:09:21 am »

Related But Not Related / Re: Doughnuts anyone???
« on: July 17, 2019, 04:01:41 am »

Related But Not Related / Re: Doughnuts anyone???
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:24:07 pm »

Related But Not Related / Re: Doughnuts anyone???
« on: July 15, 2019, 08:57:59 pm »

Related But Not Related / Doughnuts anyone???
« on: July 15, 2019, 08:52:13 pm »
 :-[ :P O0

AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« on: July 15, 2019, 05:50:58 pm »
Any of the table games can have a tiny profit more often than a larger one.  Of course, 'tiny' and 'larger' or both subjective to whatever amount each player is dealing with.  But for comparison, say buying in with $1,000.00 playing with $25.00/$50.00 wagers would be relatively easier to walk away quickly with a $50.00 or even a $100.00 win than it would be to walk away with a $2,500.00 or a $3,000.00 win wagering the same amounts. 

Of course as you mentioned, problems arise when the players repeatably wager for additional wins consistently using whatever method of wagering they are subscribing to, etc.

The larger the wins, the larger the wagering units---usually lead most players to attempting the continued win or additional wins within a relatively short period of time after the initial session wins.  Easy to talk about here, harder to realize when you are table side and engaged in wagering as Lungyeh pointed out previously.


Initially, your assumption that I just don't get it, has you all wrong, and shows you do not understand what is charming, a pun or a factual statement.  What you wrote about is tedious, made up and derived from your pure assumptions.  After a while it gets tragic. Why you would go off on a tangent about drug cartels and bankers is beyond me, but a fine example of what hasn't worked for you here.

Since you consistently like tangents I'll mention this: recently two representatives were involved in a fracas in the US Congress. One, a "typical" white guy congressman, was telling the black congresswoman that he knew more about prejudice than she ever would. Do you get the absurdity? Do you see how offensive that is?

That congressman and you have something in common - you don't really listen, it's all output. Didn't I refer to a movie line recently with something along the lines of; "You need to set your motherfucker to receive!"  I'd have to find the movie to get the context, but in my head, it sounds appropriate.

Do you understand the phrase; "The meaning is the message"?  It means whatever your audience understands is the message, even if it differs wildly from what you think you meant. Speaking up in public (a lost career of mine) carries the reality that people will hear what they hear and it is rarely the same as what you say. When you avoid listening and show up telling us about our lives and what we should do to make it better, you already lost your audience, just like the congressman. It's where they got the term "mansplaining."  Even here, while you acknowledge my intellect, you explain the most blatantly obvious things as if I'm an unintelligent.  Of course you do not spell it out that same way, but you do in a roundabout way because you have exposed your absolute overwhelming ignorance, totally consumption of your ultra-obvious hatred of myself, that proves your jealously and admiration of my accomplishments that you will never realize. It is what it is bro.  Always has been and always will be.
The thing is, simply, that you haven't listened to the people you are dictating to. That's not a misunderstanding; the actual events that keep repeating are evidence and proof. It's also not a "conviction" or any other overwrought thing. It's incredibly common and we put up with it  ALL THE TIME.

So you show up and tell us things that we live every damn day. Good for you for knowing that we are marginalized in casino gambling, business, employment, and many other things, but telling us that as if you know more than we do (Such as; Glen, we live this way every day!) is insulting and got you the reputation you now love to complain about.

Your "I'm sorry BUT I'm right and you're wrong" doesn't do a lot for me. Taking out the tangents from your note, that's almost all you said, with the only additional thing being, "And Glen is crazy or a retard."  Actually if you look it up in any psych 101 book or research material, you will find that repeatedly dwelling on calling someone crazy and spending countless hours detailing out why that person is crazy or retarded, is only the true reflection of yourself and what you are actually about. That is actually the best part of all those hundreds and hundreds of posts and comments made by roughly 5 or 6 X-members here on various other boards.

Those banned members of our message board here actually proffered themselves while exposing what they are truly about and how they are consumed by myself.  Such a shame but by their own admission they exposed themselves, their jealousy and their worthless gambling endeavors. 

Care to step up your game?

To clarify for some that need to understand my pictures I post, I play at 4 casinos in the region most of the time, with favoring two of them.  First is the one with the 'Bad Beat Baccarat' layout, where the table limits are currently $25.00 to $5,000.00 and anyone can wager on up to 3 empty spots if they are empty as well.  You can also wager on other players spots if they are under the table limits, even if you are at table limit.  Table limits are PER SPOT only.  Please read the table board, it has the info clearly on it.  The Bad Beat and Side Wagers are generally max'ed out at $4,000.00 payout.  Example, $20.00 on 3 card 8-9 would pay out $4,000.00 and that $20.00 is the max wager on the 3 card 8-9 or $100.00 on the Fortune 7 wager, etc.

The other one I frequent is currently at a $10.00 to $2,000.00 limit.  You can, depending on amount of players sitting at the table, wager on their spots as well, but not empty spots.  If it is crowded, depending on the floor people, they might or might not allow you to wager on other spots you are not sitting at to get over the $2,000.00 limit if you so desire.  Or of course you can have another wager for you without the floor knowing, if you so desire. 

P.F. from the U.K., simply no better!!!!

But you cannot talk about 21 or his close and life long friend over in the gloomy UK, in fact they are blood brothers in every aspect of it.  But George, if you joke about them you will have your name inscribed on granite and waiting for you at the park, be careful bro. :cheer: :nod: C:-) O0 >:D

The Ultimate Baccarat Song & Music Group has to go to the amazing United Kingdom's Pink Floyd and their song MONEY!

Of course the band has been titled with Disillusionment, absence, and non-being, of course they are from the UK!  But seriously, just like the game of Bac, "I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look, but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone".  And just like the game of Bac, Pink admits,  Their sonic universe is expansive, intense, and challenging ...


Here is an Email I received this morning.

"The perfect movie for everyone to watch is "WHAT ABOUT BOB?".  The movie portrays you Alrelax being played by Bill Murry as the movie character "Bob Wiley".  While 21 Aces is played by Richard Dreyfuss as the character Dr. Leo Marvin" the movie is you two without a doubt.  Stay well, XXXXXXX   XXXXXXXX.

Here is the take from each of the stars:

It's entertaining----everybody knows somebody like that Bob guy. (Richard Dreyfuss and I) didn't get along on the movie particularly, but it worked for the movie. I mean, I drove him nuts, and he encouraged me to drive him nuts.

----Bill Murray, March 19, 1993 interview with Entertainment Weekly

How about it----Funny movie. Terribly unpleasant experience. We didn't get along, me and Bill Murray. But I've got to give it to him: I don't like him, but he makes me laugh even now. I'm also jealous that he's a better golfer than I am. It's a funny movie. No one ever comes up to you and says, "I identify with the patient." They always say, "I have patients like that. I identify with your character." No one ever says that they're willing to identify with the other character.

----Richard Dreyfuss, October 8, 2009 interview with The A.V. Club

Note From Alrelax:  Replace the word golfer with baccarat player.

Really 21A, I am human crazy glue???  Sounds like you to the 'T'!!!! ROMAFL!

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