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Alrelax's Blog / Re: Other Websites
« on: Today at 02:48:34 pm »
Once again, it is spring time in the air I guess?

"There currently is another website out there and it appears someone I am in contact with and even played with in Las Vegas and one other venue, is quite the comic and for sake of explanation, a Dennis Miller or Don Rickles type of individual.  Whatever.  So what.  With the links and the quotes sent to myself the past several months, it appears that the same small group of members that were here with all their one-liners and hatred for myself are over there.  They believe that the person that I was just referring to is myself.  Great.  Fantastic.  I am so impressed that they actually have trolled a troll"

 8)  The board here is open to all those that are real people, non commercial sellers or marketers of systems or anything similar, and those that can carry on decent, polite and real conversations without entering into degradation and humiliation of other members.  Period.

AsymBacGuy / Re: Baccarat unbeatable plan #1
« on: Today at 02:42:47 pm »
You said; "Playing by instinct or by experience may be valuable random walks but too much affected by emotional and actual factors. More importantly playing instinctively leads to bet too many hands."

1)  Exactly;

2)  Spot-On;

3)  Absolutely;

4)  No Argument;

5)  100%;

6)  Again, all the above 100 times!

However, if you do not play, you cannot win.  The emotional aspect of the game is huge and countless people playing for years never recognize that, address that or factor it in. 

Baccarat Forum / Re: Real Money Management & More
« on: Today at 02:14:29 pm »
2 People have asked me about this along with MM. 

I have made more larger wins using my 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd and my 1+4 Side Parlay block of wagering, than anything else.

My 1 + 4 Side Parlay wagering thing, is not bets placed on F-7s, P-8s, Ties, or any other side bet, they are all placed on B or P along with a regular wager.  The 1 + 4 Side Parlay block of wagers, derived from win money might take me 20 or 40 or 80 hands to complete?  Varies.  Think of someone betting blacks or purples or stacks of greens, takes $200 and gets 2 stacks of red chips and occasionally throws a red chip or two on a F-7 or a 200 to 1 (3 card 8/9), etc.  Same type of wagering. 

This method allows me to use the casinos money as well as maintain a much clearer mind.  To me it is sideways money I call it.  Not even from my buy-in stack. 

It has worked and worked very nicely for me. 

Last week I won $1,000.00 relatively quick in the beginning.  I put $500.00 away and divided up the other $500.00 into four chances at $125.00 each to perform one successful, $125.00-$250.00-$500.00-$1,000.00-$2,000.00 (1 + 4 Side Parlay) block of bets.  After numerous hands and time, I lost the first 2 attempts.  On the third one, I did complete it.  $4,000.00 win.  So, I put the $4,125.00 in my pocket and that was locked up.

To me, that is a money management method at work.  Not having a $1,000.00 buy in and then forming an allocation of X amount of hands, based upon what is or has come out or worse yet, I will wager X amount of times on every hand following a single or double or a 4 IAR and then put the win money away or something similar to that. 

Baccarat Forum / Bank Rolls Versus Buy Ins
« on: Yesterday at 08:42:39 pm »
Bank Rolls Versus Buy In Amounts

I read and hear both terms all the time.  My buy-in and my bank-roll.  There goes my bank roll, I lost my buy in, I can increase my bank roll, etc., etc., and so on.

To me, Bank Roll and Buy In amounts/items are two entirely separate things with different functions. 

1)    Bank Roll.  Bank Roll is your total funds you have for gambling. 
2)    Buy In.  Buy In is the amount of money you bring to the casino for the session or trip you will engage in.

While we all have varying amounts and guidelines or desires for our gambling, I learned the following is paramount to the longevity of gambling. 

1)    Allocating a certain amount of my Bank Roll to be my Buy In depending on how long and how many sessions I am planning to engage in.  Also, playing local versus a trip out of state to a major gaming destiny, etc. 

2)     Local Play.  Approximately a Buy In amount of 5% to an absolute maximum of 10% of my Bank Roll for the session to be played.

3)    Out of State, Longer trips.  I would probably bring 50% of my Bank Roll, and then divide it up among the amount of session/days I was to play.

4)    I personally keep my Bank Roll at the same amount as I do not believe in a continual upping/increasing of play level according to one's Bank Roll.  Personally, I found that led to my own downfall numerous times as well as everyone I every talked with, that were long time players of baccarat.  (Winning can be handled with the instant win money for higher levels of play within a session).

5)   Replacing Lost Bank Roll Amounts.  I found it paramount above all else to replace any removed Bank Roll funds at the earliest time possible when funds are won during a session. 

Baccarat Forum / Re: Baccarat Flat Betting
« on: Yesterday at 06:24:12 pm »
"It depends on what you consider as controllable."  By:  AsymB

IMO, your decisions and actions are controllable 100%. By: Alrelax. (Problem is, most of us do not even think about that)
But the shoe presentments are not, never will be. By: Alrelax. (Problem is, most of us do not really believe that either)

Alrelax's Blog / Re: YOU FOUND 'THE BLOG'
« on: Yesterday at 02:55:11 pm »
Gotta love the others that post a one liner here and there and specialize in the degradation and attempt to humiliate another that actually takes time to write out, type out and post his thoughts, experiences, events and actions on the board here-or at the other forums as well.

You know the types I am referring to.  They come on and will try their best to twist and turn someone's efforts with no real purpose except to inflict drama and talk wash-woman soap opera style rebuttals to things other members have posted. 

Eventually they get banned, moderated or just go away.   Pretty sorry and sad.  They portray themselves as extremely experienced, successful and wealthy gamblers of one type or another and pro message board people.

No, i am not worried about them, I am not defending myself and I do not lose sleep over them.   It is amusing to say the least.  I finally found a comparison to those I observed at the casino the other night.  A guy rushes into the bathroom and bumps into several people walking in or out of the busy entrance/exit way to the restrooms.  One of the people he bumped into says, hey buddy there are two words called excuse me.     

H-Money, some know who this is and others do not.  I will bring you up to date.  I stopped posting about my friend I call H-Money due to a previous banned member here that was just too outspoken, lied and manipulated his way into things that he had no business or need to be into.  With that said, H-Money has gambled his family savings away in a short order of time.  I wrote about him previously and added many details and trip reports we both incurred as well as H-Money without myself present at the casino. 

With that said, if you know whom I am referring to, read on, if not?you will have to read some of the background on the board here and then you will understand.  Anyway, the past  month H-Money has been hitting the casino hard.  Most weeks he goes at least 3 times a week.  He has won several times but refuses to adhere to any of the money management methods I have showed him and we have both used together at the casinos.  He just plays and plays and plays.  If we are together and we win, he will leave with me.  He has no problem most of the times to stop play and cash out. 

The problem with H-Money comes when he removes himself from the casino and he is not with someone or not working at his business.  Then it sets in.  He needs the action, at least he tells himself that in such a way he convinces himself he can win additional money.  Even when he is at the casino, he continually tells himself this while he is playing, losing or winning, does not matter.  He continually reinforces himself with positive statements and believes, no matter what.

He pretty much risks $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 a week.  I will say, when he wins at least double what he has on him or bought in for, he will leave.  Sometimes, a bit better than in the past he will pay his bills and set aside a bit of cash for later in the week.  But if he does not hit that double mark or greater with a win, he will continue to play and eventually lose everything he brought to the casino.  Every time.  He just has that average Asian gambling mentality, that he can absolutely beat the game. When he is not in the casino, he is a different and much more rationale person about it all.  But put him in a casino, everything changes that quick, to this day. 

His new line to me is, man I am dying Glen, I am dying.  Help me get out of this.  That is what he says, and he says it repeatedly.  I tell him, plead with hi, to cut down on his play and concentrate.  He is a good player in theory, style and wagering, but he just has the mentality that he can change everything with the upcoming hands of each shoe. 

Last week he called me up early on Saturday morning, around 7 AM or so.  Told me how he lost $4,600.00 at the casino during the night and how he seen it coming but could not control himself.  I asked him if he was still going to gamble, he said of course and had no plans to stop.  He even told me he was borrowing money and collecting some that people owed him later that night and wanted to go to the casino on Sunday. 

He even admits to me now about how the Asian mentality and the Asians are typically thinking when they play the game.  Yet, he falls right into the trap he is knowledgeable about and exploiting for sake of conversation.  The more he plays and the more he loses, the more he convinces himself he is excluded from everything he learned.  LOL!  I laugh at him and he tries to justify everything he does with his knowledge and experience and he keeps telling me how everything will change. 

And by the way for those of you that think H-Money has had his privacy violated by me, you are assuming the furthest thing from the truth.  He is very knowledgeable of my message board and forum activities as well as reading the board.  He has no problem with it and there is zero issue.  Just thought I would throw that in since another likes to read what I write, turn it around and make accusations that are completely false, fraudulent and just plain unintelligent. 

I have nothing against Asians, the mother of my children is Asian and she is my wife.  Accusing me of being racist and anti-Asian is the most ridiculous and ludicrous thing one can say.  But the truth is, numerous Asians at every where I have played are among the hardest core, worst and most degenerate gamblers I have seen.  I put some whites and a few other races of players right there also, but the magnitude of the mentality of the Asian gambler, is shown exactly by my buddy whom is extremely smart and successful in many of his walks of life, except his baccarat play.  Plain and simple.  He takes a beating and he continues and thieves for additional beatings without saying the word, mercy.   

Baccarat Forum / Re: A Maths approach to Baccarat
« on: Yesterday at 01:05:43 pm »
Absolutely, happens.  And generally when it happens most players do not follow it or even believe it, they turn to a state of awe.  What I witness is heavier wagering on the opposite side to equal out or at least start its catch up path.  However, that does not always come about and the frustration and emotional levels increase 10 fold easily. 

I saw a 50 something Banker to a 20 something Player shoe a few weeks ago.  I could not take a picture of the board due to the big shots of the casino management there but I did write down most of the hand values and the order they came out in.  Once I found it, I will post it. 

Everyone started to win pretty well on the Banker and then most everyone was hell-bent on wagering the Player and went heavier and heavier on it.  There was an abundant number of naturals on both sides as well as an unusually high count of naturals on both sides at the same time.  Usually only a few in each shoe, but this one had maybe 15 of them, at least a dozen plus. 


Alrelax's Blog / Re: Other Websites
« on: April 22, 2019, 06:46:51 pm »
I have been using Alrelax/Glen on the board here for years.  On other boards I never hid my name or locations, unlike most or the great mass do.  Never.

It does not bother me, I am actually starting to get amused by it and when nothing is on TV, the business is quite, kids not on face time or in person, friends not around, not at the casino, all house chores accomplished and nothing pending, and a few other things finished or not pending, etc., I have something to dwell and tinker with.

After all, they started it. 

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Other Websites
« on: April 22, 2019, 06:04:41 pm »
Frankly, Glen, if you're going to bother being worried and defending yourself here about other websites thinking you are trolling them you  should at least delve into it and name names.  Get into all the dirt.

Otherwise just maybe practice what you preach.  Ignore what you don't like.  Why bring it here?

1)  I am not worried about it, you are saying that and possibly spreading that very thing, I am not;

2)  Name the names, nope sorry still have the Bronx, the Italian and the Northeast into me, I never did approve of what Sammy the Bull did which changed a lot for a lot of people;

3)  Why bring it here?  This is my Blog and my Blog only, not the public forum section.  Again, the Barnes & Noble theory.  If you do not enjoy, like, learn, etc., no need to come on.  Not trying to sound obnoxious or be a jerk, but like the strip bar I used to own in Jersey.  If you don't like our girls, no need to visit us because our drinks and food is of no real value whatsoever.  Kind of the same, correction---exactly the same.  However, if you like our girls, there is plenty of parking around the back where your wife will not happen to see your car if she passes by. 

And lastly; 4) It Is What It Is.

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Losing or Winning by 1 or 9 points, No Difference
« on: April 22, 2019, 05:59:44 pm »
Betting the history of the shoe.  Hmmmmm?

Not entirely by any means.  But I do belief in Sections and Turning Points as I detailed out a few times.  There is definitely Sections within shoes, period.  No room for debate with me.  Tell yourself nothing repeats the same or opposite within 3, 4 or 5 Sections of about 15-20 hands each or so, within a shoe. 

I have explained it several times, I will not again here for you, that is being redundant and repetitive. 

There is also a + or a - 10 and a + or a -20 with almost every shoe unless it is a sheer even chop chop or two or an equal amount of anything and everything the entire way through it.  Which is few and far in-between.

IMO and experience using a + - 10 and/or a +  - 20 as a guideline along with Sections and Turning Points is to my advantage.  Maybe not yours, but it has served me well more so than not.   

There is one link, there are additional ones I wrote, but here is one of them:'s-blog/sections-and-turning-points/

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Losing or Winning by 1 or 9 points, No Difference
« on: April 22, 2019, 04:25:24 pm »
You are absolutely correct.  I mention the same thing elsewhere reference the emotional part you just brought up.  But the numbers in reality mean nothing, a win is a win and a lose is a lose.  Things lead to tilt and frustration and exactly as you said.  But once again, the numbers mean zero, each and every one on the Banker or the Player (without side wagers) are just wins and losses.

Yes, same here.  Last week at the casino, Wagered Player side.  Player returns nat 8 and Banker returns nat 9.  Second wager, Player side again.  Player returns 2 face cards and banker returns a 2, Player flops an 8 and Banker flops a 7.  Next wager was Banker.  Banker returns a 6 and Player returns a 7.  Next wager was Player, figuring the Player would come back strong, especially since it was the beginning of the shoe.  I can not recall the next 3 or so hands but there was at least two naturals that tied and one hand got beat again by being reduced to a zero and the other side having a weak hand, like a total of 2 or 3. 

So yes, if you let it get to you and almost all players do because it is our real cash, no matter what financial position we are in, it is frustrating and turns the highest amount of players emotional.

Alrelax's Blog / Losing or Winning by 1 or 9 points, No Difference
« on: April 22, 2019, 03:32:35 pm »
People are in awe at the tables as well as talking about weird, crazy, rare and superstitious type of hands where a player will lose by one or a reduction to zero or a total of 1 point and the other side has 1 or 2 points to beat the side you wagered on.

Unless you are winning a Dragon point bonus of 4 or more points, a Fortune or a Panda, makes no difference in what you win by or lose by.  Yet, others in person or on the internet make a big deal over it.  LOL, makes not one bit of difference if I won a Player hand with a natural 9 over the Bankers side natural 8.  Or, if Player had a 5 and Banker had a 1 and then Player pulls a 5 and Banker flops a 10 card.  Makes no difference at all.  Nothing to do with luck or bad luck in the classical sense.  Maybe if you get 10 plus hands like those in a row, but not ones that commonly appear all throughout the shoe. All that believing it was reduced to zero or less than the other side, when you had a good looking hand and probably would win to start with, will do to you is cause you frustration, confusion and mental stress to mess up your thinking.  At least, in my opinion anyway. 

In fact in the new Bad Beat Bac you can actually profit off of those win by 1 point hands!  LOL, those playing regular commission bac tables are at a disadvantage, especially with EZ Bac and Bad Beat EZ Bac, both with zero commission these days.

Most cases to myself, numbers mean nothing, unless there is a clear and precise trend/pattern happening with a weaker side that is becoming subservient to the more dominant side, especially with the numbering count of (+ - 10) to (+ - 20) that proves itself more times than not. A separate issue I consider when choosing my betselection side.  But the occasional reduction to zero with the third card and the opposite side wins with 1 or a 2 over a 1, means absolutely nothing.  It is the exact same as a Natural over 2 face cards or a nat 9 over a nat 8 or a 7 over a 6, etc. 

Nothing carries over from shoe to shoe to shoe.  Although it repeats itself within a Section several times, the next Section will be absent or the exact reversal of what just repetitiously produced winning hands, more often than it will with the repetitious reproduction of what just recently occurred. 

A loss is a loss and a win in a win.  Does not matter why they happened.  Same as in racing, you won because the other competitor next to you broke down and could not finish.  You won because you out drove him.  You won because he crashed for whatever reason.  You won because you finished first, not---you won because the next competitor crashed and you were able to finish ahead of him.   


Baccarat Forum / Re: Parlay Money Management
« on: April 22, 2019, 02:10:55 pm »
From Lugi:  "This places more pressure on the number of wins required", and also, "It takes a lot of composure to play this way."

IMO, people that play bac tend to concentrate and rely on scoreboards, past, current, stats, math, their losses, their wins, and every other tangible or almost tangible thing they can grasp onto in the game while they are actually playing.  All of this fuels their motivation and excitement and they tend to forget about or are oblivious to the mental side, the pressure, the stress, the false positives, the theory they convince themselves of that will make up for all their losses and begin to prosper, and on and on and on.  The list is long. 

Maybe best said, we tend to doom ourselves.  Think about it.  There is more to wagering, any type of bets, winning, cashing out and walking away with it, then a plan according to a theory. 

Alrelax's Blog / Re: Other Websites
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:49:50 pm »
Had a great laugh over the weekend!  I have an internet contact that is obviously pushing some buttons here and there on other forums/message boards.  They are thoroughly convinced it is me posting on their site(s).  Some of it involves one of our X-members here and he has obviously taken his ban quite personal.  I never realized that until just the other day. 

The person that keeps me up date every few weeks with his, shall I say, rubbing the animal the wrong way, is actually quite funny, IMO.  Might be deserved and might not be, but regardless it is going on. I only see the highlights through some emails and I have been on the sites as a guest.  The person doing the posting is actually one of two, one is on one site and the other is on another site, a large consumer site as I call it with like 20,000 members or so--at least they claim.  Their people there are self proclaimed professional wealthy gamblers, most of them, and they are on their sites all day, every day and have every answer to everything.  Amazing, simply amazing. Both sites mimic each other, kinda.  Just one site is a lot older and obviously has more members.  The other one is much newer and has mostly infrequent posters and the continual attempted new scam or system seller on a very frequent basis.  Of course the newer one and smaller one has our past trouble makers that, for sake of a long explanation, hate my guts and detest me like the neighbor banging their wives while they are at work but cannot ever catch the neighbor.  LOL, but true.  Nonetheless, comical. 

Back to what I started.  I will say, as I have in the past, if you do not like someone, enjoy what they say, find it interesting, useful, knowledgeable, learn something from it or get some kind of entertainment value worthwhile from it, ignore it.  Why engage with someone or something you do not find value in?  Would you go to a Barnes & Noble book store, pick up a book, breeze through it and admit to yourself that you dislike it and then purchase it?  I highly doubt it. 


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