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Played 3 nights this past week.  One night I had 2 shoes, first with a Players 9 Streak and 3 Ties and the next shoe had an opposite Bankers 9 Streak along with a 3 Tie as well.  Fortune 7s are circled.

And after the steak of 9 Bankers I started my F7 wagering.  Here is a quick snapshot of the 7 flop.  After this the Bankers side just inundated the game for the next 25 hands with only about 4 or so Players winning.  2 more fortune 7s also came out.

Seat 5 was mine.  Base unit of $300 or so with $25 Fortune 7s.
Off-topic / Photo Ops
February 06, 2024, 01:10:57 AM
ADulay gave me the idea for this thread.

I do like sunrises, sunsets, rainbows and unique sky colors.  Here are a few.  Could not resist to capture them.

First one was about 20-25 minutes earlier than the second one.  It was a fantastic coloring of the sky with a gradual relief of the dark black cluster of clouds.

KungFuBac's pick is the 49'ers.

My pick is the Chiefs.

I have to go with Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes to get it done.

Any thoughts?

Baccarat Forum / 6 Fortune 7s and 39 B-30 P
January 13, 2024, 02:13:29 PM
My 0-1-2-3 0/Low Tie applies here 100%! 

Clumping and Chop in first half.

End of shoe everyone is at $500-$1,000 a hand (1k max table) losing most every hand, literally calling for their believed upon chop-chop that had to appear, etc., etc.  Most people made $2,000 to $5,000 but gave it all back with wagering against those side-by-side B-5iar and P-3iar and the final B-4iar (there was 3 additional Bankers making a 4iar but I snapped the pic at hand 77 instead of hand 80). 

Interestingly, the last 4iar Bankers were, P natural 8 Bankers natural 9, P-6 and B-7, P natural 8 Bankers natural 9, and the final hand was Players 4 and Bankers 2 then the Players pull a 9 and the Bankers pulling a 2. 

Fortune 7s at hands: 3-4-5-21-35-50. 

Again, anything and everything happens at the table.  I have never witnessed a 3 back-to-back Fortune 7.  I have seen 2 back-to-back with a 3rd in the same Banker streak, but never 3iar.

No matter what you use to guide you through playing Baccarat, will ever repeatedly work and allow you to win with consistency. Nothing at all!

Your wins will be the result of a proper Money Management Method, that gives you advantages with concrete buffers (which include buffers to cut down, increase safely as well as stop), if you have the wherewithal to follow it-without thinking it will turn around losses or allow you to continue Wagering shoe after shoe after shoe.

Even when you are winning and you have multiplied your buy-in numerous times, mistakes are unavoidable. Do not blame yourself, if you do you will allow disadvantages to enter your play very quickly. Then you will be off track and you are certain to lose, or give back large portions of your win money.

I will tell you something, from years of baccarat play reference mistakes. It is not a problem to make them. The only problem is, if you never learn from them. And learning from them is not figuring out the placement of a wager after a trigger occurred. It is a bit more complex than that. It is actually reading randomness, capturing what is being presented and being guided by a real Money Management Method. Call me out on that, but I don't really see any other way one can make money at the game Baccarat. At least on a continuous basis.

I witness players actually fear failure at the tables all the time. I know if you are afraid of failure, you cannot win at the game Baccarat and do what needs to be done with wagering.

It took me a while to figure out the difference between a successful master and a beginner at the game of baccarat. And that is not always measured by the years of play. But I do know for sure, that a Baccarat Master has failed more times than the Beginner has even tried.

If you are a beginner, drum it into yourself you will fail. If you can recognize that and use that, you will add valuable pieces to the puzzle of baccarat most all people can never ever recognize, let alone use.

There is no rock-solid way, trigger system, or scheduling of wagering to continuously win, or even win small hit and run sessions with 51% +, as so many seem to believe. The same goes with triggers and scheduling that wins a few hands, but every person playing that way will lose far in excess of what he has won attempting to re-capture the wins with the beliefs subconsciously adopted for all the wrong reasons.

But, just because it is not happening at a certain time, one shoe, three shoes, eight shoes, a few weeks here or there, in no way means it never will. You have to learn the way while you are playing. Some things will be wrong at varying and unknown times, mistakes and losses must occur before you will have the confidence and be able to tackle the shoe challenges, doing it all with sheer passion and purpose along with a way to consciously understand randomness, employ a good GREAT M.M.M., and leave your emotions/frustrations at the door. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  1) To myself, success is being able to win greater amounts monthly than I lose.  2) Being able to maintain my true passion and purpose when I play. 3) Maintaining my bankroll with occasional increases from wins.  4) Using my win money (cashed out win) for other things than gambling.  5) And most importantly, accepting both mistakes and losses with a Baccarat Masters frame-of-mind and attempt to learn from those.

(Taking advantage of presentments you understand, with a M.M.M., you follow results in the attachment I posted here).
What so many people do not, or will never recognize is the minimum and maximum numbers versus real numbers.

For the math freaks there is something called 'Set Theory'.  But, that can only apply if there are no 'real/reality numbers'. 

In mathematical analysis, the maximum and minimums of a function are, respectively, the largest and smallest value taken by the function. Known generically as extremum, they may be defined either within a given range (the local or relative extrema) or on the entire domain (the global or absolute extrema) of a function. >>>But not how each hand, or the order of each hand will be presented from any shoe.<<<

As defined in set theory, the maximum and minimum of a set are the greatest and least elements in the set, respectively. Unbounded infinite sets, such as the set of real numbers, have no minimum or maximum.

In statistics, the corresponding concept is the sample maximum and minimum.  Please Note:  Statistics are a theoretical sampling of 80 hands of Baccarat, played out approximately 1,000,000 times. 80,000,000 hands and then each minimum and maximum result figured out for whatever valued defined, etc. 

So in reality and more importantly, in relationship to wagering at the game, you can have maximum and minimum in statistical analysis.  However............But............in the game of baccarat and how each and every shoe will present its presentments, 80 + - times a shoe, will be 'real numbers'. 

And 'Real Numbers' have zero corresponding adherence to statistical results the highest of the highest amount of times.  And more likely, IMO the relationships, if any, can safely be classified as coincidental rather than statistical presentment.
Wagering & Intricacies / Empowering Yourself 2024
January 01, 2024, 04:45:48 PM
Get rid of your False Hopes-False Confidence and Blindness within your baccarat play.

Put the time and trouble into improving yourself/your play.  I read it takes an average of 60-90 days for self improvement change to begin.  As far as application of change to gaming, I am not sure, but it's worth a try IMO.

1) Begin with a ritual of REFLECTION on your play. Please see my thread:  https://betselection.cc/index.php?topic=11679.msg71756;topicseen#msg71756.

2) Push the fallacy out!  Misleading and deceptive data, stats, methods and beliefs are super dangerous to your play. Be careful whom you listen to and trust.

3) Do not get hung up on certain triggers as a wagering point. You must learn and deeply understand randomness and how it is presented with or without any clue from a shoe.

4) Dedicate time each and every day to learn about the game.

5) Engage in a real Money Management Method (MMM) that benefits yourself, your play and control with the  sessions you engage in. But engaging in it with a solemn adherence.

6) When Frustration, Emotions and Stress sets in at the table note it and write about it later on. Find the reason so you can ultimately reverse it. It is more than a lost wager, I promise you.

7) Concentrate on yourself, as in You-Vs-You at the table. It is all about you and only you. Do not let yourself be distracted with all the verbal and physical doings at a table.

-8- Allow your Money Management Method to have the last words at a session. Win, Lose or Draw. This is different than engaging in the MMM, (#5 above), this is the faith, grace and priority of applying a session closure, which is vital and the most important.

9) Do not have expectations when you sit down. Learn how to center yourself with extreme and dedicated focus.

10) Engage yourself in the reversing of negative actions you learned you have in regards to playing Baccarat.

Recognize and Practice.  Learn what real consciousness, focus and neutrality mean and how you can possess them and apply them at the table with your decision making ability.

Do not hold yourself down with anything you cannot control. But you MUST be totally conscious of the fact every wager and  decision you make, you can control.
Baccarat Forum / Reflecting
December 31, 2023, 07:50:38 PM
Stop burying your head in the sand and looking the other way!!  We have all done it; myself, you and all others playing the game of baccarat. We all have said/say, "get it back tomorrow", "next time", or "later today", etc.  Each and every single one of us.

You should award yourself time to reflect your play, your decisions, your results, your experiences  playing, and more. There is NO COST to do this and all it can ultimately do, is add a bit of advantage to your play. 

If you do, you will add important and hopefully "mindful holding" experiences to your play. Remember False Hopes-False Confidence and Blindness are added to your decision making process because, lack of factual experience and consciousness (you literally drum into yourself) related to experience is causing you confusion—while falling prey to the downfall of the game. 

*  IDENTIFY what you have done with your session.  Example:  Win, Lose, Drawdowns, Buy-in, Cashout, Number of hands/shoes played, etc.

*  INDENTFY why you took the course of action you did.  Example:  Decisions because of patterns/trends, guessing, following others, dealer enticements,  statistic belief, etc. 

*  INDENTIFY what events were conscious with pre-thought and which ones were not.  At least the larger wins and loss events.  Simply, if you consciously thought about it or not and the reasons why.

*  INDENTIFY what you should have done to reverse the negativity that you engaged in.  Take a step outside of yourself and your play to accurately be able to identify those plays you lost at.  Specifically write out the emotions, frustrations and stress you had as well. 

Writing It Out.  Sit down and write a report or a  series of notes, identifying your answers to the above four areas. You cannot reverse or resolve unless you are able to reflect the proper way.

If you do, you will be adding advantage to your play, IMO.
General Discussion / New YEAR 2024
December 29, 2023, 01:03:44 PM
Well guys, it's almost here! Hope to meet with a few forum members, once and for all.  Although we are not a heavily trafficked forum, mostly because I refuse to have/allow the drama, spam, systems solicitation and posting all types of nefarious links, etc., we do have some great members here and lots of readership.

Wishing everyone a fantastic year filled with love, laughter, along with all your favorite things and lots of $$$ from gambling! May this year be your best one yet, full of amazing surprises and great moments of all types.

For all of you to have a wonderful year filled with good health and success!

Administrator & Forum Owner
General Discussion / Answer to Question
December 27, 2023, 08:20:15 PM

"Say you target streaks of 3s and 4s (or 2s and 3s or anything like that): when a superior streak happens (that is a 5+ streak) you have to reset the plan then waiting for new streak classes in the hope they'll come clustered (obviously singles and streaks of inferior lenght do not count).

Long streaks are relatively rare to happen, so it's likely that inferior streaks will come out clustered; sometimes (often) an entire shoe is formed by streaks not surpassing the 4 value.

Now we'll play with a 'sky's the limit' approach because the number of shoe rich of low value streaks overcome those rich of long streaks.

It's a plan derived from what you've written in your posts."


You say target. I do not 'generally' target in anything-except what the shoe is doing when presentments are forming with something I can detect and/or just plain feel good about placing a wager on. 

Streaks.  Yes-5/6 iar begins the streak, 1s, 2s, singles-chop, doubles, triples, quadruples are absolutely the most common with/within every shoe. Anyway, with that said......

I have a written about it before. I like to reiterate-as reiterating, reinforces!

Here Goes:

Long streaks 9-10-12-14, and more.  Certainly do happen. Posted many of them when I can snap a picture.  True not every session. But they certainly do. 7-8-9 iar, is almost common, not every shoe, but again not rare by any means at all.

I have adopted the, "It Is What It Is", play persona-protocol. Might not mean much to most, but helps on the frustration and emotions end with myself.

'Skys the limit'.  That has to be based/applied around your MMM and wagering win/risk chips already in your possession, or a small piece of your buy-in, etc.  But..........and However, when it happens you do want to be right there, on it, with a few positive progressive wins prior to the take off and then just pull down each win, only losing the last one when it does cut to the other side. 

Here is an example just below.  (I have attached 8 B&M score board pictures to reinforce what I am trying to get across).



When it's like that or anything similar and you see one more two more iar forming, I sure want to be on it!  So many will risk wagering on/for the 'cut' again and again and get sucked into-the 'cut' has to come, etc. But......shoes do not operate that way. Shoes do everything  and anything, at anytime. Shoes are weak, clump strong, stay strong, weak and strong in distinct patterns, as well as spread out although-out the entire shoe, etc. Take that into consideration and being conscious of that, onward.

I have caught so many great longer streaks 7/8-10/15 + iar because of being on it when it went one more and then just continued iar repetitiously.  Then after a few positive progressions, I just enjoy pulling down each win and gladly surrendering the last one in the streak.

Ref 'One More' Mentioned In The Above Paragraph:

One More, as what I described above are 1s, 2s and 3s, and then a 4th was made. Or 1s and 2s, 3s and 4s and then a 5th was made, etc.  Just throwing a written explained picture out there.

You have to remember, you cannot control what the shoe is producing, but you can control the way you respond to what is happening, if you are conscious of it. So many players fail to practice what I just said the the previous sentence.  Why do I say that?  Because everything comes and goes in the game of baccarat and thus, confuses the highest of the highest amount of players.  What the shoe is producing, what the shoe has not produced, what the player desires, what they player believes in, what the reaction is by others present, etc., etc., etc., and many more. 

And you truly want to know something? When I have two really good options to choose from, I challenge myself to wager with the one that scares me the most.  (And I am not just referring to a B or P wager, might be a small or large wager, a flat Vs a pos progressive, a series of wagers, etc.  Because seriously, that is likely the one(s) that is/are going to help me grow. Re-read the paragraph I just wrote, think about it in detail!

I do not know, probably our methods of play are different, but I generally 'look for/wager with' whatever is happening.  Doesn't matter chop-chop, doubles, streaks, triples, 1s and 2s, etc. But I do look for those traditional streaks which are long repetitious iar Bankers followed by repetitious iar Players.

With all that said/laid out, let's go back to the above example:


Now let's say one of those 9 iar Bankers came along.  It would look something like this:


(For example purposes, I was wagering $250.00 as a base risk wager)

Banker bet 1) $250 win $250. ($250 back to buy-in)

Banker bet 2) $250 From win. 

Banker bet 3) $500 Full parlay press from #2.

Banker bet 4) $1,000 Full parlay press from #3.
              $1k win pulled down.

Banker bet 5) $1,000 Pull down the $1k win.
Banker bet 6) $1,000 Win pressed to bet #7.         
Banker bet 7) $2,000 Pull down the $2k win.

Banker bet -8- $2,000 Pull down the $2k win.

Banker bet 9) $2,000 Pull down the $2k win.

Banker bet 10) $2,000 Lose as Cut to Players.

$8,000 won.  Initial $250 recouped after first wager. 

My reasoning is, if I was at least ahead the win of $250 after hand 1, hands 2 and 3 are on the casino, not affecting my buy-in at all. 

My reasoning regarding hand 4, pulling down the $1,000 all win money, I would have a complimentary 4 additional attempts on the casino to build out 4 wagers of $250 each.  That is playing a bit conservatively, we all agree it's tough after hand 4.  But a lot of the times, not all, I would stick with that wager amount. 

If that happened, I would set my buy-in sideways for hold. The $8,000 won, I would dedicate $2,000 to 8 additional $250 attempts. I would put $1,000 additional into my original buy-in (of $1,800-$2,500)and lock up, no double thoughts whatsoever, the $5,000 remaining from the win money.

Once again my 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd (about) with win money. That is what I call a M.M.M.  It has to govern you. Not maybe, not possibly, but has to 100%.


Adjust. Be totally conscious. Be super careful of desires, but don't forgo a trend-pattern-happening, etc., that is flowing and you see it or are capturing it easily. Most will say those are intangible events to be involved with, but they are not. To myself, they are tangible, but we just do not know when they will begin and end while we are in play at the table in front of a live shoe.

Eight attachments posted below from previous brick and mortar live shoes.

4th one down.  Note the 5B and the 5P next to each other in the beginning.  Then the 7 iar B, 6 iar B, the 5 iar B, the 4 iar B.  No one basically believed, most saying, "no way, players coming out next strong", over and over.  I did extra handsomely on all those  bankers!  Then the 4 players right next to the last 4 iar Bankers to match their 5 iar side-by-side in the beginning.  Note the extreme weakness for the rest of the shoe, all 1s and 2s. 

6th one down.  Classic and exactly what I was attempting to convey to you above.  WOW-O-WOW!  Beautiful!!!  Bang it on the 3rd winning one down with a nice parlay to the 4th hand. Then just pull down each winning payout. Stack one more time at least around the 7th or 8th hand and 'happily' lose the last one, when it cuts to the players. What's the problem?

7th one down.  The 9 iar Bankers, I gave in the example above, I have regularly experienced 8-12 iar, not rare at all IMO.  Yes, said countless times, not every shoe, but not in the rare department at all.  Anyways, here is a 9 iar with 3 5-iar Bs as well.  One players with 7 iar, but otherwise players 3 or less.
Wagering & Intricacies / Triplets Determining Your Play
December 26, 2023, 05:55:31 PM
Insights From My Experience:


Now, IMO, comes the hardest things to become habitual doing.

You have to break the habit of allowing yourself to automatically interpret every experience by believing, what happened-happened for a reason, (because within the game of baccarat, it simply does not). That is what turns off so many so quick and so ruthfully off. Period. Plain and Simple!

Interpret every experience by practicing anchoring your attention, your attention solidly within the instant experience.  Notice any physical sensations and emotions that are rising from yourself and observe the state of your mind. Is it racing, agitated, fuzzy, becoming emotional, or is it perfectly clear?

Become conscious of what you are feeling, because your feelings will not keep you consistent solid and profitable play.


Your conduct produces the result of your decisions. Those decisions will either generate losses or wins, simple. You have to remember you are the one that makes the decision if you win or lose.

Majority of baccarat players fall prey to what the game represents and how it is presented by most all casinos. Players become senseless, callous and outright stupid. There are no rhymes or reasons that could make sense for doing things that seemingly could never work.

Realize you cannot change what is going to happen with any shoe. When you genuinely do, then you accomplished what the highest majority of players take a very long time, as well as cost to realize. 

Look at the scoreboard and see what has happened, do not believe it will reappear or continue.  Dive much deeper into the possibilities of presentments happening for continued and upcoming hands. 

The bottom line is, being able to clearly see and focus using the game presentments and your recognition of the flow and outcomes that are being formed.


Every single brick that you place on the wall in front of you-makes it harder to penetrate-makes it harder to profit-makes it harder to stay with the shoe presentments.

Information that is worthless and absolutely false in many senses, will be a brick YOU ALLOW to be inset into a wall in front of you-directly between you and every hand, every group of hands and every shoe you play itself.

When those bricks are there-they are there. No matter what, no matter how strange, weird, not ordinary, against all odds or how much you believe in them and how great they seem; They are bricks and will be there as well as remaining there.

Bricks are intangible. Same as systems, counts, data, mechanical wagering based on anything, charting, etc., etc.  Because none of it will allow guaranteed hand after hand wins. None.  In fact, none of it can even guarantee one for sure win. 

You know, but you really do not know. That's what you have to remember and be totally conscious of.
Baccarat Forum / 2023-2024 Be All You Can Be
December 25, 2023, 06:49:33 PM
I see it all the time, most every session when I pay attention to others playing falling into the various traps of the game.  Like to share some things I believe in now.  Many changed my play and thinking for the better, clearly held winnings because of and improved some of my deficiencies and negatives without a doubt!

The 22 Things I Believe Will Help Us:

1)  It's not what you say or think to others outside of the casino that determines your game. It's what you tell yourself with your chips in your hand at the table, that has the greatest power upon yourself and your decision making process;

2)  Your goal should not be to get rid of all of your negative thoughts and beliefs-that is impossible! Your goal is to change your response to them and be conscious of them while you are at the table playing;

3)  Be absolutely conscious that you alone get to choose what to wager, not wager and how to progress with positive or negative wagering. Attempt not to follow the crowd with camaraderie, unless you are far into a win status;

4)  The five words that so many decline to believe. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Accept that, learn from it and grow into greater and better beliefs and play with what you do. What truly matters is, that you do (accept it) from the instant time on; 

5)  Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress. That means you will get there a little bit at a time, not all at once. Simple. Factual. And that will never ever change;

6)  Do your best, adopt a 'Whatever Happens, Happens' mindset. Do not attempt to force large wins, make up wins, etc. etc.;

7)  Your most powerful weapon against emotions, frustrations and stress, is your ability to choose. Train your mind to see the good you have done or the good that is waiting for you to capture. Put all of the bad, sad and evil aside, as you cannot think about those at the table. What I said here is extremely important IMO;

-8-  Your most rewarding and important moment in your game is, when you finally find the consciousness to let go of what you cannot change or capture within the shoe and the session;

9)    You have to let go of all the senseless drama, time wasting events and purposeless clutter that keeps getting up in your way. You realize it is time to focus on what truly matters and governs your bank roll, buy-ins, losses and wins;

10)  You must notice and appreciate the present moment at the table, all the time, with true consciousness and clear interpretation of what is in front of you;

11)  Show yourself you can grow and get better. You have to think and process decisions without competing with others or because of what someone else said or does. In the end it's just You Vs. You;

12)  Remember, believe and be conscious of not hearing only what you want to hear. LISTEN to what you DO NOT want to hear also;

13)  Learn how to gracefully walk away from situations that threaten your 'peace of play', your self-respect, your values, your morals and your buy-in and/or win amount.  (IF YOU CANNOT-YOUR DONE!);

14)  You have to be conscious of what you cannot control within a game, within a shoe or within a session. When you realize that, you will realize that you have the consciousness to change the things you cannot control within your play. And, that changes everything for the better;

15)  Realize you cannot start each shoe with broken pieces of another. So many people do and that throws off the highest majority with their decision making process in my opinion. Begin again and allow the pace to set itself with you being conscious of it. Do not apply fake hopes to the game in front of you. If you do, you set yourself up for disaster the highest majority of the times;

16)  If you are winning and winning handsomely, look around. Be totally conscious and realize nothing last forever.  (SO SIMPLE, YET THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGHEST MAJORITY BELIEVES THEY CAN CONTINUE THEIR WINNING EVERY-TIME!);

17)  Remember you cannot hold on to any form of wagering while playing the game of baccarat. Nothing is permanent. When you truly understand this, you can do almost anything you desire because you are not holding on to anything any longer;

18)  You have to realize and ingrain in yourself, that everything in the game gets a bit uncomfortable especially when it's time to change. Things will get better, be patient;

19)  Be totally mindful without frustration and other emotions, that you are not in control of the way a shoe presents its hands;

20)  You will become a true master of the game of baccarat, when you learn how to master your focus, as well as where your attention goes (meaning, actually applying it). When you master what you give your energy to and why, you change your game for a huge advantaged play;

21)  Realize patience is a genuine expression of confidence, experience, knowledge, positiveness and faith in your own abilities with the game of baccarat. It is a true sign of strength. Practice it and be conscious of it;

22)  Do not wait too long to take meaningful action. Take responsibility and control. Do not sit around looking for Holy Grails that will magically give you a triggered mechanical wager to always win in Baccarat. There are no such things existing, never has been and never will be.

CONCLUSION:  Understand what a Bankroll (BR) is, what a Buy-In (BI) is and develop a Money Management Method (MMM) that gives you advantages. Be conscious of what is truly important in the game with beliefs, presentments, statistics, decision making, understanding consciousness, sections, equalization  and other factors. Learn what focus really is and how to apply focus with your decision making process while leaving say-so and falsities aside.

Most of all, find your Level and Plateau of play, while applying yourself on and in those two with complete consciousness while playing. 

Alrelax's Blog / Here’s One For You
December 18, 2023, 02:05:09 PM
Think about it. 

If you do not play, you cannot win.

If you play, you will not always win.

If you play, you also have to lose. 

If you claim you do not lose and/or you always recover and walk even or with a little win, I say you are lying. 

Simple and Period. 
Alrelax's Blog / It’s 2AM and We’re On The Way
December 15, 2023, 01:20:53 PM
Thought I would go ahead and post what pump number I got gas at this morning on the way to the casino in Kansas City. Is there any other pump number but this one that's appropriate?

My buddy is with me and he's got all the songs programmed in for the ride and it starts something like this; Twilight Zone, Radar Love, Funkytown, I want a new drug, The Pusher, Cocaine, Another one bites the dust, Dude looks like a lady, Money, Walk this way, and lots more should get us over to the casino.

You know it's just after 2 AM and he's got the Twilight Zone song playing, how appropriate. If you know the words to the song, you would understand what that means.

Alrelax's Blog / Incredible in Kansas City!
November 26, 2023, 02:49:08 PM
I was Kansas City the other night and I must say, I had been involved in a couple of shoes, that were absolutely incredible! The vibe was way north of infectious, 100% bad a*ss show of passion for the game by several of the players. The back-and-forth was ridiculous in every way, every shape and every form!

The table was Macau/Midi style. The limits were $50-$10,000. It was a 5 Treasures bac game, so there was a Panda 8, the Fortune 7, the Blazing 777s (three card seven ties both sides 200:1 or two card 7 ties both sides 50:1, and the Heavenly 9s (three card nine ties 75:1 or three card one side build out 10:1, as well as a 6:1 coverall wager which covers all for the side bets.  Also the standard tie bet 8:1. 

Sat down at one of the numerous active bac tables.  It was probably around hand 70 with about 10 hands to go. Won a few, lost a few, upped my bet to about 10 times what I was wagering. I think it was like 35P, 30B and 5 ties.  I placed my wager on player because it was 1s in 2s and there were 2 Bs showing. I turned over and 8 and then an Ace and B responded with a face card and a friggin 9.  I said out loud, "Fu*k can't even win with a Natural 9"!  I increased my wager again and kept it on the P. I turned over a pair of fives and the B responded with a total of 6. I got the Ps third card and upon looking at it, said out loud it was a 3 line card. 

There were two other very large wagering players that were also on the P side. They didn't desire to handle the cards because they were losing, as they so stated to me. So I did. I turned the card and saw there was not a dot in the middle and said, we either got a 6 or 7. I turned the card to the opposite side and those two guys are now standing up and calling for a 7.  I saw it was a 6 and threw it down. Banker drew and returned a face card. Tie hand again.

Both of those guys increased their wagers to table max. I increased my wager again considerably. Once again I got the cards. First one was an Ace and the second one was another Ace. Banker returned a 7. I got the third card and saw it was another 3 line card. I tell everyone, 6, 7 or 8. Of course they were saying no snowman-no snowman then started yelling, no snowman. I peek at one end of it. There is a dot. I see now I either have a 7 or an 8.  I say I have a 7 or an 8, they are both repeatedly saying 7 extremely loud. It was a 7 for a beautiful total of 9, high-fives happened! 

They asked me join them down a few tables and not play the last few hands where we were at. I did and we all moved, sat down and got the other table opened. 

We start the shoe. The camaraderie is starting to be in the air which I absolutely love.

I am trying to lineup in my mind everything I write about on the forum, not easy. With my win I am nicely  ahead.  And I've just taken 1/3rd of my win and locked it up.  Put 2/3rds of my win in a separate stack for my play money and my buy-in, off in separate stacks as well.  So I employed my 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd MMM. 

Staying conscious of too much time playing is what I was trying to really focus on. I even wrote on my scorecard off on the side, TIME-TIME-TIME, three times and kept outlining it with my pen.  The other things I was focusing on was not going overboard with negative  progressions if losing started, hand after hand. As well, several other things were bouncing around in my mind-frame. However, I am also conscious of the powerful win possibilities and hitting it hard and fast if it is being presented.

It was late at night and the casino floor had a large amount of people on it.  This was in Kansas City and it was one of three largest casinos there out of all the gaming properties in the metro area. 

We were all wagering heavy on the P, as we were all in agreement that P frequently dominates the beginning of the shoes.  At the table there are the 3 of us plus one other person that walked up and sat down.  The 'outsider' places a small wager on the B side.  The other guy opens the cards and a beautiful Natural 9 is slammed down.  All 3 of us high five.  The other guy on B had a face card and a 2 or a 3. 

Both of the guys increase their wagers to table max.  I am not there yet for some reason I can't define.  Mine is increased, although not anywhere near table max, still heavy though.  We return a 4 and an 8 for the Players side.  B returns a 7.  Our third card after much peeking and peeling, was a 7.  Once again we are all high-fiving and standing up now.  Interestingly to note the music overhead was by The Talking Heads, Burning Down The House.  So appropriate in every sense!  The aura was building in a real physical manner. 

Now, we all agreed just to leave our wagers on the P and pull down the wins.  We kinda prayed for one of those 8-10-12-14 P streaks in the beginning.  Next hand was a Face and a 6 for our P side.  The B side had a 10 and a 5.  All of us and the outsider were on the P side.  The dealer flips an 8 for the B side.  Again beautiful!  Feeling good.  Floor supervisor joins the pit manager close to our table behind the dealer.  Watching without doubt. 

Once again,  we all agreed to leave on the P in hopes of a streak.  Visions of really stacking it up and with no real risk of my buy-in was flashing in neon lights in front of me! 

All of us are on the P side.  We get the cards and a 4 and a 7 is flipped over.  The B side got a Face and a 4.  We got our third card and it was a 6.  Of course a total hand of 7 against a 4 was in our favor.  The Dealer flips a friggin 4 for the B!!!!!  WTF! 

Now the board is looking like this:


So we discuss and all agree on the Player to continue. One of us mentions the B to even out or streak, but we decided to stay with P mostly because of the stigma following the board and following the shoe, as well as changing up on initial decisions, etc. We all stick on P. We return a 7 and a 10 for the P.  B returns a pair of 9s and we lose once again! 2 out of 3 of our wins now go right back to the rack!!! Damn! Slipping a little bit and we could physically feel it.

We all look at each other. Once again we agree on the P side. Not heavy wagers, but considerable amounts nonetheless.  We turn over a face card and a 5. The B side has a 9 and a 10. We lose a third time. We look at each other all quiet, just shaking our heads.  Won 3 in a row, lost 3 in a row, gave it all back. Embarrassing!

We all agreed once again, 3P and 3B. Once again we stick on the P. We all increased our wagers with a negative progression Martingale.  We turn over an 8 and a 7. The B turns over a face and a 4. We are all saying monkey out loud of course. We turn over a 5.  We are saying, "WTF", "Really" and "Oh Come On", etc.  The B turns over a 7 for that 100% insulting nasty 1 to Zero win. Now I lost like the others, four in a row. Keep giving it back. 

Almost all the win money except for a very small amount from the other table, and the previous three hands as well, was given back to the house.  Those wins totaled up to be sizable!  Gone back!  I was seriously considering leaving with a small amount of my win money. Both of the other guys were just about wiped out. Their wives or girlfriends were standing behind them. They held her hands out and moved their fingers, as if saying give me more cash. One did and the other one said no.  An outlandish verbal confrontation happened right there at the table, when the player stood up and demanded more money to play. It wasn't pretty. I was really going to pack it in and leave with my little win and get the hell out of there.

Seriously again, I was just about ready to pack it in because the aura turned totally against the game. I started to get up and the guy next to me says, stay—it is coming I promise. I've been around this well known block way too many times and it was nothing new. But for some reason undefinable to me I stayed. Call it getting sucked in, call it being a fool, but I stayed right there.

The guy's wife or girlfriend eventually gave in after a few minutes and slammed down a stack of cash in his hand.

The board looked like this now.


The lyrics from Golden Earrings song, 'The Twilight Zone', are repeating themselves in my head over and over, "I'm falling down a spiral, destination unknown.  Can't get no connection, can't get through".  At times it is wrong to play every hand, but without thinking I was and there was no turning back.  I was hell bent on some kind of sizable win.  The emotions, frustrations and those well known 'I Want It'(s) were building up inside of me.

NOTE:  Bear in mind while all this is going on, I am a heavier Bankers side person then Players side. And I also love that equalization and the last four hands that drained my win money, really messed with me. Bear that in mind so you understand where I'm coming from at this point.  The win was taken away from me just as fast as I won it. 

So the buy-ins were completed for the other two gentleman and I am back using the last of my win money and some of my original buy-in is back at risk.  We quickly discussed P or B wagers. We all agreed on P once again. At this point if we lost, I highly doubt we would have jumped on the B that was forming. We all been there and done that way too many times!  Playing for something to happen and changing up and jumping on something different after losing numerous hands, such as we just did almost always is the path to greater loss almost every time. 

The other guy that bet on B three times with a small wager, pushes out a large wager greater than 5K on the B now. We are all wagering between 2K and 5K on P once again. We return a natural and win. Smiles and high-fives start once again. The three of us are now once again on the P and the other guy is at table max and throws it on the P instead of the B.  So now all four of us are in concert and on the P. 

Another few people quickly come over from the other tables and wagers are placed on both P and B by them.  We get the cards and we have two face cards and the banker turns over a black jack. Our third card is a 10 and we're sitting with a total of a miserable zero. The banker gets its third card and the guy is turning it and turning and turning it and finally peels it back and flops over a 9 and we got our first tie hand. LOL! 

So now after the tie, I dedicated myself to $225 a hand on some side bets which was going to be $100 on the Fortune 7 and $100 on the Golden 8 which is also known as the Panda 8 and $25 on the Blazing 7s which is either a three card seven tie for both sides for 200:1 or a two card seven tie for both sides for 50:1.

NOTE:  I want to stress how I was feeling for the experienced players that read these threads. What was running through my mind, extremely consciously was hit and run and I was kind of passed that point, but also was this one of those elusive great shoes that I can really rack up six figures plus?  I've done it in the past although not common, but can happen especially with the $10,000 table max limits. There was good camaraderie and that is a key point for myself to really stack up the wagers.  What happened earlier before things turned around, whereas I gave back everything I won plus I was using my original buy-in a second time, was really haunting me. 



Now, we all stacked it up with the win and had a total positive progression on the P side.  We got the cards and had a total of 6. The B returns less than a 6 (my notes are messed up I can't read what they had) and gets its third card. The guy peaks at it who's wagering on B and quickly turned over face card after seeing the black line I guess. Again we all high five and are verbally boasting ourselves and the P side.

We all have extremely heavy bets on the P side. Two people had small bets on the B side I think one had $75 and the other one had $100. The guy next to me, that had table max was asking the two people to pull their bets down and he placed a black chip at each one on the rail side to cover them, if the banker won and we lost. He didn't want their money up on the banker for them to handle the cards and they both agreed. Pure superstition but it is all good. 

We noticed the music once again overhead and it is Rod Stewart with that song, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy begins.  We got our cards and the guy flipped over two 10s after much ado thinking one was a 9 or they both were. The dealer flips over an ace and a 5 for the B.  We get the third card for the P and the guy is working it and says it's a three line card when he looks at it horizontally. We all have money on the Fortune 7 and the Golden 8.  Although if it was a 6, it would've cost us all our side bets probably but the bank would have had to draw to see if it was a tie or possibly a bank win with another Ace, 2 or 3.  Anyway he turns it vertically and says, it's a 7 or an 8 and of course we want that snowman for the P side to win plus a Golden 8 win.  This is no exaggeration; I'm telling you the guy starts singing, come on sugar let me know, come on honey tell me so, just let me know, just reach out and touch me and his wife is behind him hugging him and singing along with the music. The guy still has the card face down, but we all know it's a snowman. The guy  reaches over and grabs the $75 and $100 the other were going to bet on B, along with his two black chips and throws it up to the dealer and says that's for you. Guy slams down the snowman and says, "do you think that snowman is sexy"?  We're all happier than a pig in poo!  $2.500.00 plus the P base wager won.  The game is getting real! 


Baccarat Forum / Add Advantage To Your Play
November 24, 2023, 07:44:50 PM
In the end, more than anything else, you will regret the chances or choices you did not take. Stop allowing 'pop-up' regrets and info to control yourself, it is a huge disadvantage and will wreck your decision making process.


1) Stop letting others tell you what to do. (In an above an occasional or few camaraderie plays when you are on a win streak with others at the table);

2) Do not forget the real factual priorities of decision making and applying experiences in the correct way;

3) Don't allow uncertainty to stop you;

4) Be careful to focus on your failures and losses rather than your present opportunity;

5) Not allowing knowledge and experience to play advantage roles;

6) Never claim your a victim;

7) Stop any over analyzing;

#8. Do not allow yourself to classify and limit positive and advantaged playing;

9) Stop the "If Only" statement and belief, which will normally throw you off track.

Fortune 7s at hands: 3-4-5-21-35-50

3 back-to-back Fortunes.  Never saw this before.  I have seen plenty of back-to-back F7s, but never more than 2.  Saw a few triple Fortune 7s in a banker streak separated by regular banker wins and I have posted those here in the past.

Hand 3:  Player 6/4 flops a 6. Banker 10/F flops a 7.

Hand 4:  Player 2/2 flops a 6. Banker 5/A flops an Ace.

Hand 5:  Player 8/7 flops a 7. Banker 9/5 flops a 3.

Note:  My theory about 0-1-2-3 low or no ties is PREVALENT and extremely factual here as well in the first 50 hands!

Second picture is how I would do the Sections.
General Discussion / Thanksgiving 2023
November 20, 2023, 05:25:42 PM
Best Wishes to all on my forum here, members that contribute, those that continuously browse and all the people coming on to read without signing-up as well!

Happy Thanksgiving 2023! 

Administrator and Forum Owner
I wish to spell it out.  Plain, simple and clear.

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If you are legit, responsible and care about your fellow forum member/potential customers, you would have zero problem with this.

If you post without contacting me the way many attempt with links and advertisements, I will immediately delete them and ban you in several ways.

This is my policy and it is never going to change.

I am open to sponsors and sponsorships if you wish to venture down that road.  So, that leaves out all the spammers, phishers, scamsters, drama link posters, etc., etc., etc.

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Last night.  I wanted to take pic of the scoreboard but too many casino personnel around the bac table actually.  Thought it was better not to attempt. 

Below I am posting my hand written casino bac card with the Bs and Ps the way I normally keep them most of the time. The circled Bs and Ps were natural 8s or 9s wins.

I copied my friends clip board detailed notes he keeps with each hand written out.  My notes are added.

3rd numbers are the third card draws for the side, I circle those. 

I only stayed for the first 28 hands. I firmly believe and subscribe to the; 'Play serious—risk the buy in capital-you can only win short blasts healthy and happily more so than playing long hours with unlimited goals type of play trying to win more and more or come out of debt', etc., etc.  Bac is super influencing to the person playing, no matter whether he is winning or losing or struggling with back and forth.  And IMO the shoe is not an easy follow whatsoever and certainly a sizable win, is even harder to hold and leave with. Okay, onward.

1st hand.  A Fortune 7 for the bankers.  And everyone is literally hyping the bankers side and ready to wager heavy and hard on the bankers. 

2nd through 12th hands. All players.  Love those players win with a total of 7 points. 

Hand 13.  Banker with a Natural 9 win.

Hand 14 through 20.  All player wins with 1 tie hand 15.

Of course my 0-1-2-3 no ties/low ties come into huge reality once again here, BIG TIME!  Which 0-1-2-3 ties to me, dictates it will continue doing what it's doing.  And it certainly did my friends!!

Love that 6 players followed by the 5 players after those double bankers.  What a set-up for those 5 players, 1 less-the same or 1 more.  Yes sir!

22-Players.  5-Bankers.  1-Tie.  First 28 Hands.

>>>When it's there, it's there.  Period.<<<

Side Note:  So many continuously played for the 'cut' during this whole first 30 hands period when the players side was strong, real real strong. 

* I lost hands 13-21-22 & 28.
* Did not bet the first hand after the tie won.
* Won the first bet as I wagered banker and fortune 7 and Dagon Bonus as well.
* Switched to players side and stuck there, first two players side wins wagered smallish, then kicked it up.  Yes, I did desire to change to bankers side numerous times, but I did not and I an sure glad I did not. 
* Notes on left side were my wagers.
* I switched to bankers on hand 23 and lost that wager, that was immediately after losing 2 wagers on players to the 2 bankers that won on hands 21 & 22.
* Frustration started to set in, but I got around it by concentrating on what was happening and accepting the bankers were not going to make an immediate comeback.

When it did the players mini-streak of 6iar which took hands 14-20, it made one of those famous 'boxes' on the scoreboard. 

The electronic scoreboard at the table is 8 hands from top to bottom, before the turn right.  It coordinates with the card I was manually using.

Certainly a banker heavy shoe at the end, but equalization and near equalization occurred a few times.

Now that I am writing about some of the shoes I play, I watch the other people more, pay a lot more attention to what I wrote about, with NOT applying experiences subconsciously and as well, concentrating on reality interpretation, etc.  I feel the benefits both physically with decision making and the results there of, wins. 

(It would be great if many could do the same and post on the forum!  I have even read on other forums how several like to come into BetSelection here and view the real boards and results I post, but they do not post, lol.  Whatever, guess it's just the mentality of most and how many of the forums have an abundance in drama banter and that endless search for the never found holy grail wagering system(s), rather than actual gaming reality and results.)

The Shoe.

Fortune 7s.  Hands 3-8-19-28.  Love the 0-1-2-3 'Low Ties' happening as well!  One of the factors that I always look for. 

Just before the 7 player IAR, it was 12 bankers and 6 players. Then equalization comes about 12 Bankers and 13 players. Then it turns to 19 Bankers to 14 players and then 19 Bankers to 17 players.

Then the next section after the back to back ties after the triple player.  2 sets of triple bankers and three single players brings us to 26 bankers and 20 players.

Sitting at hand 51 with serious conscious thought of a classic (and so commonly occurring) 1s and 2s and maybe a triple for the next 25 or so hands, is the way I was actually figuring it out.

But the banker started and it was a strong banker with several hands that should have lost easily to the players, but did not. A hint I love to follow!  I will post 2 board pics as examples as to what am I talking about with 1s and 2s and maybe a triple or so after some clumping like what happened already in the first half and then some. Because that is what happens in the highest majority of the shoes.

I liked it and believed in it continuing with the banker when it made that 4th IAR win (hand 55). The 5th and 6th wins were clearly favoring the players side when their first two cards were flipped but the bankers prevailed. The tie caused most everyone to wager on players or back off as I do recall.

Two more naturals won over the players 2 card 7 and a players natural 8. The bankers side was unquestionably strong.  The triple players that occurred convinced almost everyone the players side would equal out, but they certainly fell off.

On the third Banker all I saw, which doesn't come that often, was a 'BOX' to be made and I said it out loud and everyone looked at me like I was absolutely crazy and it would never happen. There were a few comments how it was going to chop or just make 1s and 2s and there is no way the bankers are going to make a come back.

THINK & SEEK IN REALITY!  Is all I can stress about what I did.

Three more bankers were made for a beautiful clean 'BOX'

A great shoe for those that played it in sections, believing in what was happening for short periods of time, not engaging in the cut wagering consistently as so many do, and doing a couple positive progressions and just pulling down until you lose the last one and starting over again.

Additional Note.  By the 28th hand I was up well over $3,000 (buy-in put away) even with giving back a good $1,500 + on that 7 IAR players.  Just had it consciously in myself to set my buy-in safely away, and risk half of what I won already. And that paid off nicely with multiplying that $3,000 win numerous times when that 'BOX' was beautifully built out!!!

The first two pictures are this shoe I am making reference to. The last two pictures are examples of what I made reference to the 1s, 2s and a triple or so after some clumping or a stronger shoe, etc.
The following will be a continuing series of posting.

Long and hard research here. Analyzing countless past play with why I did what I did, textbook study and a lot more. Now I will start this thread with the goal to allow you to change your response to what you cannot control, which is the presentments of the shoe.  But you can allow yourself to grow stronger and understand your decision making, which affects your buy-in, bankroll and producing a higher profit.

Know what is really happening at the game of baccarat, relying on your experience; is it a negative advantage? But truly using interpretation can be to your advantage.  You must know what the differences are and how they both affect the decision making process. 

Sit down and seriously measure yourself against your wins, losses and the decisions you made with the reasons you did. Interpretation of your experience is what will clearly give you real advantage with your decision making process in the game of baccarat. 

Interpretation occurs as the result of a combination of several factors. The mind has an automatic tendency to interpret an experience and create a story/a fallacy about it based on your memory, past realizations, and situations you have encountered yourself or with others when you were present. Your mind then selectively gathers data from within the experience(s) to support its interpretation. It may seem to you that your mind is simply trying to figure out your experiences, but really it's screening for evidence to support the decisions you are making from your story it is clinging to. However, your story is delusion because your mind is being clouded by extremely strong emotions brought on positively or negatively with each hand presented from the shoe.

Therefore, a crucial skill for minimizing emotional chaos and sustaining clarity in your baccarat game is the ability to distinguish between your experiences and your interpretation of your experiences. Your experiences are simply whatever is happening at the moment; the hand, the wager won or lost, the camaraderie, high-fives or fist bumps, the long faces and the banged chips against the table, etc. etc.

Your interpretation is your minds reaction to those  experiences. One way to understand this difference is to picture that when you are directly experiencing a moment similar and you are within it. When you are truly interpreting it, you will put yourself outside of it and give yourself a true advantage.

You must become committed to a particular and interpretation regime to the point that it becomes a habit, a story that you repeat in related circumstances. For example, your interpretation generated by your reactive mind usually will become your primary experience which will usually be opposed to whatever is actually happening in the game of baccarat that needs your full attention and be considered advantaged response. Then what normally happens is we continue on with the shoe, but our attention is split and far less than complete. That causes us to allow frustration, emotion and disarray to sit in fast which will add poor decision making forcing us to revert back to our experiences having no direct correlation to the shoe we are playing.

The shoe is not your battle ground! Your mind is your sole battle ground you face at the table. It is the place where the conflict resides, the place where we develop habits that put us in direct opposition with the reality of the shoe being played. It's where the things we figured would happen, never happen; or were the things we believed and desired to happen actually happen. But we fell prey to our own train of thought because of direct opposition with reality. Therefore, if we were right we tend to repeat and we all know the game of baccarat will never repeat itself over and over the same way we want it to. And on the other hand, if we were wrong then we correct ourselves and the shoe reverts back to producing what we believed was wrong. 

That is what you call direct opposition with reality in the game of baccarat.

It is where our expectations get the best of us and we fall victim to our own trains of thought, again and again and again. It is our own fault within our own mind, not the shoes fault, or the shuffle, or the cut, or the other players wagering against us, or the dealer, etc. etc.

Truth be told, in the game Baccarat we will receive a unique set of unexpected and unknown limitations and variables within a shoe. The advantaged question is:  How will you think and respond to the hands being presented?  You can either focus on the lack thereof (experience), or empower yourself to play the game resourcefully with full and real advantage, making the very best of each outcome as it is presented (interpretation), even when it's hard to accept with a loss of your wager.

The bottom line here is, that you cannot control what is happening around you and with everything that has already been set. So you challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening to straighten out those habitual, spiraling patterns of thinking that clearly the highest majority of all baccarat players engage in. But that is much easier said than done though, for all of us. Because it is hard to change the habits we engage in mostly at a subconscious level. But we can get better by bringing more awareness to what we are doing through our own experience and proper interpretation of such that will give us viable advantages with our decisions concerning wagering.

Will post again when I finish my next part.
Baccarat Forum / Shoe from a few nights ago
October 15, 2023, 06:09:34 PM
Started off good but with excessive ties as you can see.  The shoe had a total of 16 ties with two more sets of back to back ties.  Lots of natural 8 or natural 9 ties within those 16.  Probably 8 of those were natural 8 or 9 ties. 

I hit the fortune 7 as you can see from the picture I snapped. 

I was playing $225.00 to $350.00 build outs, positive progressions for my base wagers.

Right after the score board shot I snapped, it turned to all chop chop.  There was a total of 9 additional chops, bringing the shoe to hand 38. 

I was not playing the chop.  I stuck with banker and fell outside the groove, big time!  It was a big time easy 'give me' playing the chop, most were naturals for either side, as well as reductions to zero for the side that just previously won, etc.  But I did not play it.  Would have been a quick $5k-$9k. 

I was staying even at best, winning one, giving it back, winning one, giving it back, etc.  I took it all the wrong way and the frustration built.

The shoe then turned to all singles, doubles and 1 triple for the next 37 hands.  10 singles, 12 doubles and the one triple.  Like I said, there were 6 additional ties as well.

Not a good shoe for me.  Big time stupid me!  I just didn't play it as it was being presented.
Baccarat Forum / Another Night, Another Shoe
October 09, 2023, 02:28:01 AM
Went and played a shoe the other night.  Lots of classic easy to read give-me's in the shoe! 

The sections occurring, the strong, the weak, the mini run of 6 by each the bankers and the players and those being side-by-side, the 3 beautiful fortune 7s, and a lot of great dragon bonuses of 7 and 8 and 9 to zero bonuses for pay outs of 6 or 10 or 30 to 1.

Fortune 7s at hands 6-11 and 55. There was one more F7 at the end of the shoe as well.

Here is a picture of the shoe a little better than half way with the first two sections marked up.  I was playing this particular shoe in 3 sections. 

Here is a picture of my 3rd fortune 7 win, which was a 7 to 0 win, so the F7 $20 bet was an $800.00 payout and the dragon $30 bet was a $180.00 payout.  The dealer is getting ready to pay me as you can see, he has the $180 cut out for the dragon win and is getting 6 hundred more of green out, as that is what I asked for.