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One of the best Fortune 7s in a long time!

Started by alrelax, May 14, 2023, 04:39:30 PM

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I had this F7 the other night, actually it was 1 of 3 F7s within 8 hands!  Although not a large limit table, made a quick 3k plus in less than an hour.  Actually fun, non stressful and a good time playing!

This F7 was the 3rd F7 of 3 Fortune 7s within 8 hands.  I had $20.00 on each of the 3.  I already made the two previous ones and there was a group of 4 people clearly wagering against me and one other person playing, of which the two of us were pretty much in harmony most bets. 

Anyway, on this particular one the dealer opens the players cards with two 5s and the bankers cards with a 9 and 7.  She flops a 6 for the players side and people wagering on players side start saying tie.  I stand up and point to the bankers cards and say, "pull".  The dealer, a pretty well versed dealer having maybe a year or so of experience, hesitates and looks at me.  I say, "banker having 6 and players 3rd card is a 6/7 you have to pull for the bankers".  The floor person is right there behind her and is also a very experienced long time dealer says, "pull for the banker".  Of course I am saying, "Ace, 1, Ace, 1" and she flops that Ace you see right there in my picture.  Doesn't happen very often.

I tried to get a picture of all the cards but wasn't fast enough.

I will post the scoreboards and more info in a new thread I am writing under, Every Shoe A World Apart.

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