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Re: Beating Baccarat
« Reply #15 on: December 17, 2018, 12:47:57 am »
There are lots of tangible and lots of intangible things that define each of us in the game of baccarat. 

For instance there is the skill set we each present.  Some of us understand what it is and others do not, either way, we each have some and each are lacking some.  To me, that is why camaraderie and understanding and trusting others at the baccarat table, can seriously make you a lot of cash.  Likewise, that very thing can seriously hurt you just as quick.  And IMO, that is where so much of the confusion sets in with each of us.

I still say, some of my largest wins are because of the other players at the table and the camaraderie we believed in and followed at the time.  It was not because of a pre-planned schedule of wagering whereupon; I followed a plan with goals, etc.  It was that we actually overpowered the shoe and we got on that heater, followed it and go out at the right time. 
And with baccarat, it is very possible indeed to 'overpower' the shoe.  Not change it, just overpower it.

The problem where so many of us go wrong is what we see and how we interpret that at the casino.  So many of us allow that to control themselves and their thought process.  This is wrong.  However, the aura and the overwhelming influence will alter almost everyone's senses and interpretations of the game.  The down fall of most and usually never even recognized as such influential power. 

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  You make it about yourself, each of us does, but it is not.  It is about the shoe and its presentments and nothing else.  Everything else is influential overflow, IMO.  But most all of us play as though we figured it out and we can't make ourselves wrong. 

Same as a football team, it will work and then it will not, or it is about a certain player doing a certain thing and it works and then it does not.  It can't always be the same as you do not know with certainty the variables waiting to be presented.  The same as a pro football team with all the resources and the money being paid to everyone to play and win.  And the football team will have to adjust, witness, change, reinvent, readjust, alter and seek out the variables and variances with each play, subsequent plays, each game and future games.  If they cannot make the same and redundant things win with consistent and repetitive consistency, what makes you think you can do the same with baccarat? 

Your success (if and when) will come (and stay with you or leave) from your decisions matching the correct presentments of each and every shoe.
  No scheduling with preset triggers will allow you to win more than you lose if you play more than one shoe.  Simple as that.  Problem is, the highest majority of all baccarat players believe it is a science of math.  The sad part is, they are right and wrong. 

And therein lies the fuel for their continued attempts. 

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