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Last night 9-12-19
« on: September 12, 2019, 03:32:36 pm »
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  • Well, took part of the day off yesterday for a break with the 9-11 memorials.  Participated in the remembrance of all the emergency workers and civilians that perished that horrible day, 18 years ago.  Finished late around 10:00 PM or so.  Myself and H-Money went out to eat and then decided to go to the casino on the way to drop him off, before my ride home.

    We got there around 1:00 AM.  Previous shoe was just ending.  H-Money buys in with $1,500.00.  He places $200.00 on the Banker first hand, wins and turns to me, I cut the shoe you seen that right?  I told him, slow down and play what you see.  So he tells me he is going to wager for doubles.  He wins the first 2 Bankers and then wins the following first 2 Players.  He flat bets the $200.00.  He follows his word and losses the 3 third repeating Player as he wagered for the cut to the Banker.  He then wagers for the second repeating Banker and losses that as well.  After the first Player which was a natural, another ball game game enters the picture. 

    He said to me, the first hands were all naturals so far and I am sticking with the Player.  So, he wagers another $200.00 and wins the first Player.  Then I told him to do a (1 + 4 Side Parlay) that is my favorite when things get strong no matter the shoe presentments, etc., and he listened to me.  He wagered the same $200.00 on the Player and told me he was doing the (1 + 4 Side Parlay) as well.

    Please Note:  I have written about my (1 +4 Side Parlay) wagers.  While I do not religiously wager consecutively with the Side Parlay Wager (normally skipping numerous hands being wagered with the other flat wager or positive progression, etc.,) I endorsed H-Money's ideology about doing the Side Parlay Wager repetitively as well because the Player side was so strong, etc.  So the old saying, when it is there and being presented, capitalize on it.   

    He won the next four hands with an incredibly strong Player presentment each time.  No matter what the Player had, even 2 monkeys and the Banker have a 7, the Player would pull an 8 or a 9.  Another one was the Player having one and the Banker having a 7.  The Player pulls a 7.  The tie was a natural 9 tie as well.  So, he flat bets the $200.00 he was sticking with, shooting for a thousand to $1,500.00 profit and swore to walk away if reached.  He won every (1 + 4 Side Parlay) wager he made on top of the flat bet of $200.00.  So on the 5th hand he is clearing $3,000.00 extra on the (1 + 4 Side Parlay) wager.  He goes to a $400.00 wager and stops the (1 + 4 Side Parlay) wagering.  He wins the 6th and the 7th hands as well.  He sticks with the $400.00 flat bet and goes in with another $400.00 to start the (1 + 4 Side Parlaying) once again for the 8th hand.  The tie comes out, Natural 9-9 Tie.  He sticks with the same exact bet he had, while all the rest of the table is verbally citing, Banker strong and Tie Cuts, etc., etc.  He wins the 9th hand and is hyped up big time.  Now, the whole table was with their pure statistical garbage about no way for the streak to continue and Banker has to come out and time to cut again.  Almost every hand, everyone was wagering for that damned cut!  Almost no more over powering the shoe where all players group up and just smack the casino on those types of runs or even long chops (types of trends or patterns does not matter, just anything repeating itself with strong repetitive occurrence hand after hand).  But it is turning into a game of, that guy can not keep winning or it just has to cut, type of thinking hand after hand after hand.

    H-Money leaves the wager out there and wins the next 3 hands as well, the 10th, 11th and 12th hands with the $400.00 out there as a flat bet as well as the (1 + 4 Side Parlay) he started again.  He wins them all for another $6,000.00 profit once he completed the 12th hand.   

    So he completed 2 (1 + 4 Side Parlays) and his numerous flat bet wagers before it finally cut to Banker.  Cashed out and walked away.  We went back after about 15 hands or so after doing what we had to do.  It was all 1s and 2s.  People were winning one and losing 2 or winning 2 and then losing 2, etc. 

    The bottom line, anything can happen at anytime.  But the easiest thing to smack the casino is to jump on and and stick with anything that is strong no matter what type of presentment trending that is.

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