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« on: March 06, 2018, 07:19:25 PM »
Itīs simple. He is trying to peddle horse sh*t as pure gold, and yet it is not even gold (were it true).

Having gone through his "system" I can say it is a bust on the long run. Having built complex systems and platforms with very complex multi-layered probability algos that can analyze any online wheel within minutes after a specific set of spins, the best platforms I have offered my own team over at VRTech can make them 100-300 units a session (60-70 minutes) with a chance of 60% to come through.

The most experienced test pilots are using a bankroll of 100 units and consequently count their profits in the hundreds of percent, while those driving a more careful game with a higher bankroll count a more modest 50-100% RORC (Return On Risk Capital). Do I sell these platforms? No I do not as the test results and Real money sessions by my team return sufficient data to improve them for my own RM games.

Do my team members make money? Sure, those who choose to play for real instead of going for the fun option and mere testing, have made thousands of euros over the past two years. The secret has been, training, practice, discipline (in watching the probability indicators and variance curves the platforms offer them as help during real-time gaming), enjoyment and a good return found in the faith and appreciation of something that consistently produces a profit.

Have they, or I, ever been barred from an online Casino for making too much profit? Never. The myth of Casinos fearing players or gamblers winning sums that pales in comparison to their daily incomes from the greater herd of guaranteed losers is just that, a myth. Usually, this myth is upheld by those who never tried to win big and BIG very often, and on that withdrawing said sums a couple of times each month.

Playing roulette with lower expectations and outcomes than the above mentioned is not a viable way of earning money on this game nor having a certain measure of entertainment while doing it.

Our dear John Legend presents bold claims, and "stats" without solid proof to those who buys his old-fashioned (suicidal) EC based pattern breaker. Roulette has been around since the 18th century. Not a single player, or gambler, has ever been able to consistently win or more correctly produce a continuous profit on EC bets. NOT IN ANY combination, an order of permutations, or sequence stops, or the inverse. Not one. That is why the Casino flourish and gladly have the limits on the EC chances high to extremely high (Monte Carlo Salon Prive).

Those here who know me, know that what I am talking about is true. In the face of Variance, EC betting is ultimately a broke customer, add Martingale to that, and DEAD is just the beginning of this tragic saga of ignorance and make-believe.

There are a lot of "John Legends" out there. Then there are true legends, known by a few, and a reality to even fewer. You want to become one - then abandon the idea that any EC game with a Martingale infusion will make you a consistent winner at the roulette table. It would be like telling a Baccarat player that playing the TIE at certain sequences of appearing banker and player hands is a sure thing. ;)


Thank you for the clarification.

You are presenting a video and a "system", or platform, that in the video begins with a balance of 637.60€ and at the end of the video shows a balance of 668€.

That is a Return on an Investment of a measly 30.4€ or 4.8%. I donīt even have to mention the average return or profit on the placed bets, as that figure is basically non-existent.

Is this some kind of a joke?

Roulette Forum / The best players.
« on: November 09, 2017, 04:28:33 AM »

What signifies "the best players" is their ability to generate CONSISTENT profit from the table at any given session. In a landbased Casino the wins are always just below the radar in terms of size, but as final balance, it is always close to two or three times the stop loss i.e bankroll.

In an online Casino trying to bet under the radar is useless as they have very sophisticated software that knows precisely how much you have won (you receive a daily statement with all bets accounted for by size and precise time of the placed bet via a unique hash number.)

Most "players" visiting Casinos are mere "tourists" or OGDs - the latter refers to those suffering from Obsessive Gambling Disorder. You can easily spot them on the table by the way they make buy-ins and bet in a way doomed to crush the buy-in within a few spins or at most a couple of hours.

System players are also losers on the long run,  because they suffer from FEAR of LOSS more than the rationality of playing the wheel with a method that keeps the Win-Loss ratio on the positive side until they ve reached a set target equal or more than intial stop loss BR.

The last category of some very few individuals, which contrary to common belief that the Casinos fear them, are the professional players. They have basically taken the game to a level few ordinary gamblers can even imagine.

You will never see them win very large sums on huge stacks of chips on various numbers. On the contrary, these guys will basically place anything from 30-40 bets on a span of max 60-80 spins and have a return that well overlaps their initial buy-in and yet remain uninteresting in the eyes of the land-based Casino.

Why? Because they are but drop in a huge sea of incomes for said casinos that are filling their balance sheet by thousands, upon thousands of the people I ve mentioned above, that lack the capability to impose bet discipline, planning, basic probability math, and of course even such a thing as staying sober, or engaging in social talks with a guy they ve never met before or would greet on the street but at a table where they put a months income, they willingly take the risk to involve such a distraction just to prove a point or merely show off.

The best roulette players play both online and in land based Casinos. Like professional hit-men who take the time to know their weapon, their targets and even manufacture their own bullets, a Roulette pro of the highest caliber, makes his own platforms for gaming online, and of course, develops his own tools for betting in the land-based.

What do they earn? Well contrary to your one in a million lucky joe,  who stumbles into a casino and puts 2000€ on number 7 and wins 70K on said spin, and losing half before he leaves even more drunk before he arrived with his buddies, the Roulette pro makes at least a years basic income in one month, probably playing no more than 30-50 hours every month.

As the money is tax-free income according to the EU gaming tax laws (Read more about it here because the Casinos pay steep taxes of anything between 20-80% on stakes minus winnings,  depending on the country, the professional Roulette player has it rather cozy every year its time for income declaration.

He can have his money in his usual bank and not have days care about any sudden visits by a local Tax agent who want to see the "books"  That is for the business owner of small shops or restaurants where black money is always a way trying to survive in that jungle. The professional gambler has no such worries, nor does he or she flaunt their profession in the open.

it's a small club, some play in small groups, others remains single shadows, making no waves while collecting the monthly target return from a sea of Casinos and endless opportunities to earn a good tax-free buck.

General Discussion / Re: Happy 5th Birthday BetSelection
« on: October 15, 2017, 09:53:55 AM »

Wish you and your forum all the best, Vic.

I am a workaholic too. But lately, I 've cut down considerably as the price is too high,  compared to the expected return. I suggest the same for you.

Nice cake, btw.

General Discussion / Re: my prediction: forum closes 2017
« on: October 14, 2017, 01:05:32 PM »
I am afraid I completely agree with BA here.    A small glimpse into the life of this scammer. Was approached by him many years ago but saw through his scam and asked him as politely I could, in so many words, to fck off and not ever dare to contact me again.

Since then the Australian Newspapers stories about his arrest, and many court cases against this Australian/Greek Conman have made me chuckle a lot till this very day.

Vic does a very good job with the resources he has. He is alright in my book.

  I for one am a state certified teacher and write for a living.  I can read through your lines of "BS". 

Let me see if I got things right here. You come to this forum, from an unaddressed/unnamed forum, and the first thing you do is to throw an assortment of insults on Alrelax that didnīt even mention you or your unnamed forum by name.  ??? Then you offer Al, and basically the rest of the forum here a cascade of insults without even having shown one true reference or skill. I mean, I for one havenīt read any of your "professional" books, articles or even posts where you demonstrate your self-proclaimed skill?

Should I, and others here, take your word of your acclaimed proficiency in merely one post of mere nonsensical and highly personal attack on your mere say so that lacks any backing whatsoever?

Buddy, I donīt know what your problem is, but you do not barge into a new place and start throwing around wild claims and personal J'accuseīs .

If you really want anyone here taking you seriously and even remotely believing any of your claims, at least have the courtesy of introducing yourself, either by name or substance. So far the only thing I see is an obscure alias from someone claiming obscure skills, backed by nothing but his own hot air.

I hear you.

Suffice to say the people you describe, and I have met many similar myself throughout my time as both an ignorant gambler, as a young buck, and a much wiser player, in old age.

They all have one thing in common - they are incongruous with their surroundings. Almost on an autistic level. Consequently, they have no sense for the game on the long run and wind up losing more than they initially won and thought it made them masters of the universe.

The real gamblers, what I choose to call players have managed to go past the time of constant odds calculations in their heads, honed and developed that skill into something purely intuitive and almost prescient, basically something which cannot be explained, much less be taught without many years of practice.

As much as you seem to be an expert on Baccarat by your own right from decades of real-life practice, I too have become an expert on the game of roulette, and I do not mean that RNG garbage Casinos slap an image of a roulette wheel on and immediately attract the suckers devoted to this sham of a game like flies to horseshit.

 I am talking about the real physical wheel and the ability to predict and see when and why a certain sector of it is about to come up, given certain factors like the croupier, the wheel, the specific spin numbers and so forth.

Based on this knowledge, I develop and have developed many platforms suitable for online play for a dedicated team that tries my creations and of course landbased play for those that likes to use a certain protocol I 've offered them.

Surely I have detractors, mockers, of which some are here, and even some fraudsters, but I do not care because I do not live their lives, nor do they live my own.

You might find (or already have) that walking through a forest a good day, the many caws from a flock of crows does not interest you, and are easily filtered away, but the day, and moment, you find yourself standing face to face with a rare owl looking straight at you, you freeze and wait for that rare sound so few bother to hear, and much less appreciate. There are a few owls in this forum, each with its own flavor of gaming wisdom,  and it is the sole reason I am here.

All the best.

The quality of your posts, even to non-baccarat fans, provides quality and substance to this forum. You should not allow those unspecified middle-of-the-road forum brigands you addressed in your post affect said quality, or will, to further provide this forum with glimpses, insights, and memories of your decades of real life Baccarat experiences at the best tables of Las Vegas or otherwise.

Because if it did, the mediocrity from those suffering from nothing but mere ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) would win another empty victory, dragging down this forum into the abyss of their own ignorance.

Trust me, there are many readers liking your posts more than you know. Their absence of comment does not necessarily equal unappreciation of what you write but merely revealing a difference in personality as to external vs. internal.

General Discussion / Re: RDL -Red Days of Loss
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:30:49 AM »
Thank you for your perspicacious comment, Dane.

Your Swedish insertion gave me a chuckle and managed to put a smile on my face while working on my next platform below...

General Discussion / RDL -Red Days of Loss
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:43:37 PM »
The Universe is a funny construction.  Broken down to its most minute level which is below the subatomic layer, there is a reality, one could liken to an essence or substance of sheer creative power (or dark energy). This power has the ability to create any given position of any given phenomenon in any given space and temporality. Yet all things being equal in this immense equation, it is the apparent inequalities we thrive in as humans and which we deem valuable or invaluable according to set standards.

The point here is that what is essentially a boundless body of something beyond matter and energy (the two being the very same nature), it has certain laws. One of them is that what is given a position of appearance and taken advantage of, is taken back and the position cleared into a zero-sum balance.

The process is ongoing without end.

To a player, who has overcome his gambling nature and become acquainted with this specific law, any taken position is understood as one taken against this Universe via its proxy, is the game at hand as a representation of the said body. What we see in this game as a variance generated by something apparently random, is the Universe offering positions based on our interpretation of its infinite ability to create positions based on a vast net of interdependent origination.

The human mind is too feeble in comparison to the entire body of the Universe, to understand or perceive its ongoing process of creating/rendering incalculable positions of matter and energy in a temporal casing we come to see as time relative.

For sure various equations can be developed to describe these states and our relation to the parameters of said mathematical realities, but when it comes to what we perceive as chance, "luck" and "bad luck", we are merely addressing created positions of deemed value and not the true reality of the Universe itself.

Still, for a player of chance, it is important to be aware of  "Red Days of Loss" or what I choose to call - RDL.

When RDL hits you certain times a year or month, it is nothing you can do to prohibit this process having its way. Bing on the financial market, this is the day you will take a good haircut without even being able to bail out. In gambling, this will be the day your system or protocol simply doesn't work and brings nothing but loss however implemented. 

For those who have a keen sense of impending or ongoing RDL, they cut their lossess and stop any activity encouraging further loss by acknowledging this is a day of the Universe correcting its positions versus your own activity. Sure, you will, if being aware of the RDL, land on a profitable balance accumulated from earlier days of activity, but if you challenge the RDL  with your entire position, you will lose, and you will lose it all.

How this takes form is a spectacle well worth observing at least one, or two times,  in your life, but it is also a necessary one, as to teach you, the immense irrelevance you have and play in comparison to the sheer power you use and challenge on any given day, for any given desire, and outcome be it professional life, gaming, or otherwise.

I hope this post has at least helped preparing you for future RDL and given room for contemplating past ones where you didnīt know what was going on.

Thank you.

General Discussion / The intriguing nature of system sellers/scammers
« on: September 25, 2017, 10:48:56 AM »
System selling Scammers are a dime a dozen. But sometimes it is not always a question about a scam. It can easily be a question of mathematical ignorance.

Many years ago I used to know this kind looking, rich and extremely intelligent professor in economics in Sweden. He had won a certain fame for having authored a book about implementing Point and Figure Charting in the Stock and Options Market. That gave him a good social network in the higher echelons of the Scandinavian Market.

The thing though was that when this guy went into pension, he started spending a lot of time with his hobby which was roulette. He developed many Land-based systems, but all of them dealt with street betting with various degrees of point and figure implementation on the bet signal.

He made many travels down to Bad Homurg, Wiesbaden, Travemunde, Baden Baden and some other German Casinos and soon enough became a well-known visitor and esteemed client to the VIP Managers of said Casinos.

The thing though was that he also got to know new players and started to sell his various systems at a really juicy price of 50,000€ a pop. All backed up by his past title and book of course as evidence of his seriousness. Once when I sat at his mansion and tasted one of his homemade Ceasar salads, a "client" arrived and joined us. It was quite a wealthy man and owner of several large luxury restaurants in Stockholm.

Sitting there munching my salad I saw this well-dressed fine mannered professor pitching this guy on his latest system at a price close to 75,000€. The guy loved roulette and listened like a child listening to his daddy telling a story before sleep. After an hour they rose up and the professor told me its time to pay a visit to the Casino Cosmopol (a luxurious one in Central Stockholm) and show the client how the system was implemented.

The thing was though that I had paid him a visit to explain to him that his system could not work on a sufficiently long set of bets due to variance problems.

As his client went out to the large mansion parking, the professor turned around and answered: "Very true, but the client can never prove that mathematically in order to get his money back."

I asked him why he did this. He certainly didnīt need the money as he was very well situated. He responded that Roulette was his passion and selling systems just was a way to verify his own inventiveness in this area, not to forget he finished as we walked to our cars, he had discovered the pricier he made the systems he sold to his rich clients the more eager they were to buy them considering he was a well-respected name in the finance industry.

It taught me a lesson that in this business sometimes money is not the only reason certain people choose to sell "systems", it is also a way to verify your own assumed ingenuity.

Consequently one could say that this grey area business is not always about shameless greed in some of its peddlers, but also incurable intellectual vanity in others.

Roulette Forum / Re: What is the true nature of that which we call Future
« on: September 24, 2017, 04:25:58 PM »
If you want to quote someone famous historical figure, at least use their proper name. It wasnīt Buddha (not Budda) that said that. It was Gautama Buddha, or Siddharta Gautama.

Buddha is merely a denomination given to beings of an immense spiritual awakening, known as Unexcelled Complete Enlightenment, in classical Sanskrit also known as,  Annutara-Samhyak-Sambodhi. ( In my youth I lived for a while in some Japanese Zen Buddhist Temples so I picked up a few things.) ;)

Roulette Forum / Re: What is the true nature of that which we call Future
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:52:52 PM »

You seem to suffer from receptive aphasia. Even given time, as an illusion or non-illusion, time itself cannot cure that. Proper training combined with a specific set of biochemically based medicines (read drugs) can. Oh, given time to have an effect of course... :nod:

Roulette Forum / Re: What is the true nature of that which we call Future
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:41:27 PM »
The process of aging is a chemical process. Any chemical process is a thermodynamic occurrence and any thermodynamic occurrence demands a spatiotemporal continuum (second law of thermodynamics) or a direction of time.

If this was not so, your body would not be able to take a single breath as the lungs you carry around must function through a biological process, supported by a gravitational field that acts on any particle, from a subatomic particle or waveform, up to an overgrown petulant child like yourself, via sheer temporality. The last part, Einstein himself tried to prove via his unified field theory but failed. Latest discoveries in Quantum Physics though might succeed where he couldnīt.

Now, where was I, ah yes,  thank God the Timeless, I have a computer clock that shows it's time for an afternoon snack.   8)

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