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General Casino Forum / Re: Cambodia to become the new mini Macau
« on: July 08, 2020, 06:46:43 pm »
What's the development now in Cambodia? I agree with you that Cambodia has a Huge potential... With the right invesment, I do think they can be the new Macau. But how long will it takes?

It is true that Cambodia has huge potential. There are many casinos in Cambodia. It is not too late to invest in Cambodia. If anyone is interested, please let me know.


AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« on: May 08, 2020, 08:21:35 am »
Please forgive my honest 2 cent opinion here. I want to say it as honestly as I am allowed to say it here-

To win baccarat consistently or to make a living in playing baccarat, there are many many factors associated with it. Yes, discipline, patience, tutelage of the game, determination and the will, sufficiently allotted bankroll and bet selection along with the right progression is a must. For me after 17 years of learning and playing the game with real money, the most important factor in winning the game consistently is bet selection and progression. They must be equally utilized.

Know when to walk out and when to walk in.

No amount of computer testing and or practice based on the theoretical approaches will be accomplished without hands on at the table playing with your hard earned money. I don?t want any new potential or prospect players to think that it is a piece of cake to make a living playing baccarat or to win the money consistently. There is no holy grail period.

Please read, learn and practice with  real money at the table. Win or lose, strive to improve it from there.
My playing approaches are random vs random based on mathematical equations on progression. I set up my winning target and stop loss per session. Am I winning all the time, hell no. I win consistently and more than I lose, yes!

Please stay well and safe. I wish you, my fellow players, all the best..

Alrelax: please be kind to close my user account. You are welcome to communicate with me by other means because you my contact information.

Best regards,

Baccarat Forum / Re: 2 of the biggest reasons that most players lose
« on: April 15, 2019, 06:59:47 am »
There are many reasons players lose but 2 of the biggest reasons for losing can be eliminated.
#1. Players seem to think that they must play every single hand in the shoe. I hear them all the time saying things like "what should we bet now?"...or "I don't know what to do now". Well for crying out loud, if you're not sure, then why not just wait it out until you see a sequence you recognize? I haven't met anyone yet who has lost money sitting on their behind. There is no need to bet every single hand. I personally bet less than 50 percent of the entire shoe.

#2. Players are always betting against a run. Whether it's a straight line run coming down or a zigzag run. You don't know when a run will end/stop, and therefore you should never bet against it. It's best to wait until it's over and concentrate on your next bet.
Excellent advice. Player who places his or her bet every hand is a sign of being greedy, in my humble opinion. Baccarat is not a one size- fits all game. My playing style is similar to yours. I used to lose $13,000.00 a session and I promised myself that I would never be that careless again. I stick to my game plan and that how I am able to play everyday.


AsymBacGuy / Re: Baccarat unbeatable plan #1
« on: April 30, 2018, 04:12:31 am »
Apologies if I do not sound too scientific or mathematical in my attempt to present my ideas. After more then 15 years of gambling and much losses (which I will categorise as R&D 🙄☺️ and will recoup over the next 5 years), I do think that. Human emotions. Sigh

So to identify how one can overcome their weaknesses, my suggestion is to impose ‘arbitrary ‘ rules that we ‘must’ follow. And if we cannot impose these rules on ourselves, then we should bring someone along to help impose these rules upon ourselves. For example, whatever our accumulated winnings, when we run into a change of patterns or put the other way, when randomness sets in, and we start losing our grip on the situation, the self imposed rule could be reduce bet size to half or 1/3 or 1/10 after the first loss following a series of wins. If you lose 2 out of 3 bets stop for the next 15 rounds. If you lose 3 out of 4 hands, go take a walk for an hour. If you lose back 30% of your winnings or 40%, close the session.

Winning is easy. When you start losing, the issue is how to control oneself because just a few rounds of losses can inflict damage not only on your bankroll but on your psychology as well. Most of us  may claim peace or pray for peace. Peace can be easily ruffled in such situations. ‘Impose rules’

Lungyeh,  you and I have seen a lot at the baccarat tables although you have more successes than me, hehe. Shout out to you, Alrelax, and all the pros and the fellow players out there!!

Baccarat is not a one size fits all game. We must possess all the skills and tutaleges of the game  are as important, IMO.

Simply put, if one wins more than loses, that is called a success for me.


I studied and practiced Bacc nearly every evening for several years before ever laying a dollar down.  Reason is I knew nothing - just put together stats and listened to others teaching - mostly ECD stuff.  Got to hand it to ECD he really put out a lot of stuff. He gave a LOT of perspectives to the game.  The guys at BTC still use his stuff with a lot of adjustments AND do a lot of practice.  I'm not involved with them.  I got no doubt that there is some that win consistently doing what they're doing.

Prior to my recent 10 month "vacation." I had over 50% win rate for thousands of decisions.  But still practiced, studied and played various ways.  There's not one way to win.  A lot of it has to do with temperament, time available and economic considerations as well as personal objectives.

Reality?  Glen is right.  A long way of saying that just like in other aspects of life we need discipline, good management of time and money including alertness and last but not least a WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN.  But plans need practice, right?

My best advice is to share what once was told me many years ago that I always ask myself every time I play, "Do you want to win or do you want to play a game?"  Can't do both.  After that know what every aspect of the plan is and develop a habit and mechanism to maintain.  Am I perfect at it?  Nope.


Excellent advice!!


Baccarat Forum / Re: Steps to get better at reading the shoe
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:07:02 pm »
If you look at the house edge on these side bets, you would use common sense and avoid them all, that includes the Tie bet.  It's hard enough trying to buck a HE of 1.5%, never mind 10% or more. 

Players recall when these bets hit and they become highly addictive, yet conveniently forget the misses and the cost wasted chasing these type sucker bets.   It creates more excitement when they hit than any Bank or Player win, players buzz off it, yet in the LONG TERM they are going to cost you, doesn't matter they came in a few times shoe, pay more attention to when they are not hitting and see the bigger picture. 

The house edge accompanying these bets tell you all you need to know, do you want to win or do you just like gambling.

It is so true regarding the side bets. Years ago, I used to keep track of the side bets, to my surprises, I never place any side bets again.


Gizmotron / Re: Practice Sessions
« on: March 30, 2018, 04:22:31 pm »
Happened last night, ' super classical' in Baccarat to the max.

I did extremely well on the one side 'cut/chop' bets as well as 4 F-7's for table max each one, in one shoe. 

However, to the point.  There was two mini repeat runs of 5 each in the beginning, then a few 1's and 2's with a player side making a 3.  Then more 1's and 2's.  Then the banker side got real strong with every prevailing banker  either adding a third card to make an 8 or a 9 or a natural.  That last event series is my key trigger that either side is ready to take off.  I have explained this before in better detail.

But the player side came out with 3-naturals and everyone, including my two buddies says--"has to cut back to banker, let's go heavy".  They did and I waited it out and I would not have done it.  Then a 4th and a 5th player happens.  Then the whole table once again is hell bent and all excited to get the last 2 or 3 table max wagers each lost on the banker.  They all are screaming banker.  I seen it, I felt it and I DID NOT wager the players side.  Everything that always happened, happened.  Especially with bouncing back and forth, right at half way around hand 40 or so.  During the last 5 players it just got equal on the score.  But the player was producing heavy and strong prevailing score totals.  Then it ran to 13 players total.  Everyone floored of course.  Everyone except for a player wagering small amounts, lost their continuing wagers.

But the streak came, does not matter really how or what triggers, they do come and people convince themselves continually in baccarat or roulette, the board is showing us 'XYZ' will happen because  it never made more then 2 in a row or 3 in a row or 'so and so' for the last 30 hands or 30 spins. 

It will get you and eat you up.  Runs and streaks and a long continuing pattern or event happens and will produce what it will no matter what happened prior or you believe will or will not happen, simple.  Stop thinking they do not and will not.

My rule is never wager against the streak. No freaking way-- either I stay out or follow the streak.

Mr. Gizmo has interesting chart and his way of tracking is unique. Although I don't understand his system 100%, but I will study it and try to learn it. Of course baccarat is my game but I want to pursue roulette especially Gizmo's.....


Gizmotron / Re: Practice Sessions
« on: March 30, 2018, 01:53:19 am »
It's right there at the top of the chart.

| 1  2  3 | A  B  C | 0  3  6 | P |
| X       |    X    | X       | P | -- 2
| X       | X       |    X    |   | -- 7
|       X | X       |       X |   | -- 34
| X       |    X    |    X    | P | -- 11
|    X    | X       | X       |   | -- 13
|-------------------| X       | P | -- 37
|    X    | X       |       X |   | -- 22
|       X |    X    | X       |   | -- 35
|    X    |    X    |       X | P | -- 17
|       X |       X |       X |   | -- 33 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 3
|    X    |       X |       X | P |  # 18 -- Won -- 36 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 3

1 = 1 to 12 on the table layout
2 = 13 to 24 ottl
3 = 25 to 36 ottl

A = 1 to 34 ottl, the column
B = 2 to 35 ottl, the column
C = 3 to 36 ottl, the column

The rest of the stuff in the chart is my own personal pet groupings. They are all based on the wheel in sections like spokes.

So in that first bet I put 12 units at 3 each on all 12 numbers of the second and third groups, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36. You can see on the next spin that 36 hit. So that is how it won. It paid off 36 units.

Here are the missing groups:

0 = "38,37,1,2,9,10,13,14,25,26,27,28,35,36,"
3 = "3,4,7,8,11,12,15,16,23,24,29,30,"
6 = "5,6,17,18,19,20,21,22,31,32,33,34,"

P = "1,2,3,4,5,6,11,12,17,18,27,28,31,32,37,38,"
Not P = "7,8,9,10,13,14,15,16,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,29,30,33,34,35,36"

Thank you very much again for your clear explanation. I truly appreciated it. May I please ask you one more question, and I understand if you don't want to answer it. When do you decide to bet the 1, 2, 3 , A, B, and C? I see sometimes you bet 2& 3 and sometimes you bet A& B instead?

Gizmotron / Re: Practice Sessions
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:49:11 pm »
Ted, each next-bet is posted after the previous results are posted on the same line, at which point the software waits for you to select the next numbers to win. I built the software for my students that allows all of those students to just press a single button from 11, and the next (24*) numbers to win are selected. The user then presses the "Spin" button and the next results are charted and their "won" or "lost" status and the current running total are also displayed. This way the user can just focus quickly on guessing. My method is just guessing. There's no secret formula or system.

I'm good at guessing because I created structure in the form of the illusion of randomness characteristics. I gave them names too. Some people will argue that they are real characteristics and others will argue that they can't exist. They are nothing but mindfully associated formations that are used to identify sequences of continuous spin conditions. But it's still just guessing. The good news for you is that these visual formations in my charts are also attached to reality if you use them during a gambling session. They become reality in their display of effectiveness during a gambling session. What happens in a gambling session is either good for you, flat, or bad for you. So what you practice for is in seeing the different phases, in real time, and taking action to improve your over all session results.

* there is a button to invert the bet so that the meaning of the button selection has the opting to go from what is going to lose (14) numbers to what will win (12) numbers. So the software can bet on 12, 14, 16, 24, or 26 numbers to win, all with a convenient button push.

It's all here at this forum. You can learn about the characteristics, the global effect, the effectiveness states, and the Elegant Patterns. I have shared it all. The software is too big to load here and to share it. I could share the source code in its native language and you could get the free Open Source development tool that supports it. But you would have to learn how to launch and run the development software to do that. The stand alone version is 8.5 megabytes. The source code version is 76 kb. The source code version will load into the free open source version of LiveCode. I don't want to teach how this is done. There are tutorials about using the development platform online. Perhaps there is a way to make a skinny version. I didn't bother to look that up.

Anyway, you can't use a computer in a casino. So I do it all on index cards. The chart, without the win/loss results, like the first non bet ten spins, are what you enter on index cards. You would need to get good at that anyway.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, Gizmotron, for your explanation. You are right that at the B&M casino we can't use the electronic device, but index card can be used.  According to your chart, it seems that you don't start betting right away. Do you bet on column or dozen or both at the same time? I think I understand how you track the dozen and column but the 036 and P sections, I don't understand them yet. I did read about them and saw your explanation on the 036 and P though.

So according to your chart, X |       X |       X |   | -- 33 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 3
      X    |       X |       X | P |  # 18 -- Won -- 36 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 3
The first bet calls for (2&3 to win next) @3. Please be kind to explain the next bet.

Thank you again for all your help.

Gizmotron / Re: Practice Sessions
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:00:24 pm »
Rust never sleeps. Glen and others have suggested to me over the past 6 months that my "three and out" method was not really realistic. Perhaps it is unrealistic.

"I gave up on hot numbers years ago for a reason. I wanted faster action. But I also wanted the massive kill off the casino with a super win streak and was willing to descend deep in order to reach that killer sequence. That has been my Achilles Heel for the past decade. But I recognize that as a strategic flaw. What cured me was to practice just winning three net wins and out. Now, I really do know how to kill off the casino in a huge and obvious win streak. So today I'm going to play at least one long session of practice just to prove that I can stay out of the deep holes while grinding away at steady upward advances. It's like fighting for each net win, as long as the deep holes are avoided.

Ken's (mrJ) method teaches how to get off the cold numbers and come back to them if they heat back up. So that is how I'm going to do it with my 24 numbers. I sometimes reverse the bets and bet the 12 instead. And sometimes I bet 16, 22, or 26 numbers. It's just the way that I trained myself over the past decade. That's what I'm good at. But this thread taught me to get off the cold spots faster. It was and is not a waste of time for me. Here is today's practice session:"

As you can see below, I keep going as long as a huge downturn does not appear.

| 1  2  3 | A  B  C | 0  3  6 | P |
| X       |    X    | X       | P | -- 2
| X       | X       |    X    |   | -- 7
|       X | X       |       X |   | -- 34
| X       |    X    |    X    | P | -- 11
|    X    | X       | X       |   | -- 13
|-------------------| X       | P | -- 37
|    X    | X       |       X |   | -- 22
|       X |    X    | X       |   | -- 35
|    X    |    X    |       X | P | -- 17
|       X |       X |       X |   | -- 33 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 3
|    X    |       X |       X | P |  # 18 -- Won -- 36 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 3
|    X    |       X |       X |   |  # 21 -- Won -- 78 -- ( B & C to win next) @ 3
|       X |    X    | X       |   |  # 26 -- Won -- 114 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 3
|       X | X       |       X | P |  # 31 -- Won -- 150 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 3
|       X |    X    | X       |   |  # 35 -- Won -- 192 -- ( B & C to win next) @ 3
| X       | X       | X       | P |  # 1 -- Lost  -- 120 -- ( B & C to win next) @ 3
|       X |    X    |    X    |   |  # 29 -- Won -- 156 -- ( A & B to win next) @ 3
|    X    | X       | X       |   |  # 13 -- Won -- 192 -- (Prime 16 to win next) @ 3
|       X |       X |    X    |   |  # 30 -- Lost  -- 144 -- (Prime 16 to win next) @ 3
|       X |    X    |       X | P |  # 32 -- Won -- 204 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 3
| X       | X       |    X    |   |  # 7 -- Won -- 246 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 3
| X       |       X |       X | P |  # 6 -- Lost  -- 174 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 4
| X       | X       | X       |   |  # 10 -- Won -- 230 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 4
| X       |       X | X       |   |  # 9 -- Won -- 278 -- ( 0's & 3's to win next)
|       X |       X |    X    |   |  # 30 -- Won -- 318 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 4
|    X    |    X    |       X |   |  # 20 -- Lost  -- 222 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 4
|    X    |       X |    X    |   |  # 24 -- Lost  -- 126 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 4
| X       |       X |       X | P |  # 6 -- Won -- 174 -- ( 1 & 2 to win next) @ 4
|    X    | X       |       X |   |  # 19 -- Won -- 222 -- ( 1 & 2 to win next) @ 4
|       X | X       | X       | P |  # 28 -- Lost  -- 126 -- ( 1 & 2 to win next) @ 4
| X       |    X    | X       | P |  # 2 -- Won -- 174 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 4
|       X |    X    | X       |   |  # 26 -- Won -- 222 -- ( 1 & 2 to win next) @ 4
|       X | X       |       X | P |  # 31 -- Lost  -- 126 -- ( 3's & 6's to win next) @ 4
|    X    |    X    |       X |   |  # 20 -- Won -- 174 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 4
| X       |       X | X       |   |  # 9 -- Won -- 230 -- (2 & 3 to win next) @ 4
|       X | X       | X       | P |  # 28 -- Won -- 278 -- ( 1 & 2 to win next) @ 4
|    X    | X       |       X |   |  # 22 -- Won -- 326 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 5
| X       | X       |    X    |   |  # 7 -- Won -- 386 -- ( 3's & 6's to win next) @ 5
| X       |    X    |       X | P |  # 5 -- Won -- 446 -- ( 3's & 6's to win next) @ 5
|       X |       X | X       |   |  # 36 -- Lost  -- 326 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 5
| X       |    X    |    X    | P |  # 11 -- Won -- 386 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 5
|       X |    X    |       X | P |  # 32 -- Won -- 446 -- (Not Prime 22 to win next) @ 5
|    X    | X       | X       |   |  # 13 -- Won -- 516 -- ( 1 & 3 to win next) @ 5
|       X |       X | X       |   |  # 36 -- Won -- 576

It is fascinating how you chart the result of the spins. Where do I find how you bet it? Thanks!

Thanks Ted!  I am trying my best.  He showed up an hour ago in tears.  I do my best.  He took a shower and crashed out.  Told me he knows if he is here in my house, he can't run to the one casino a few miles from his house.  He is convinced that if he keeps playing he will win and win it all back.  Oh lord,  he will learn.

H- Money is very lucky. He has his mentor nearby and he should learn from you. Loss is yesterday and like I said, please regroup and go back to the drawing board, Lordy, he needs to learn from the Master. I hope he can learn it from you.

Best wishes,

Ps. he won't win it back with his mindset right now. He needs to regroup and start it all over. Baccarat can be deceiving and every player should know that there is always another day, week and month to recover the losses. If I may just give my 2 cents.....

Okay, here is my buddy's texts to me.  Some are very late at night and he is emotional.  He even told me he failed at everything the past couple of days.  Not good.  I can't be next to him as we live 75 miles apart and I have my own business and he does also.  He has not been gambling for a very long time and this is his largest loss of his own money.  He says he understands and he promises me that, he will stay away from the casinos, but he does not.  He always tells me when he goes and what he has lost.  His frame-of-mind will not allow him to win, I truly know what he is going through.

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

The last text was meant to say., "Stay away a bit, until we go together".

This is baccarat folks. I always keep in mind of this reminder to myself " when the water is boiling, I cannot soak my hands in it." It will burn my hands badly. Gambling is the same thing. When I am losing, I will not chase my losses. I had my fair share of losses in the last 14 years or so.

I feel sorry for your for H-Money, your buddy, and I hope he can regroup and slowly make his money back.

Best wishes to everyone!!

Members and guests here, had read thousands of post here, many will noticed that,
if someone says...ber EC....

1) bet the single color to streaks..
Others will say the other side may sleep for 30spins..

2) bet the chops
Others will say the other side may previal...

3) follow the last..
Others will say, the chops may prolong...

4)Then follow 2nd last..
Others will say, the long killer sequence may show up...

5) bet strictly, only a color..
Others will say , horrible ecart may hit ...

6) bet the leader..
They say, leader suddenly become follower..

What method, that could win,
When ...

streaks hit, (bbbbbbbbbb ... )
chops hit,(brbrbrbrbr....)
Imbalance ecart hit...

I think, follow 2nd last, is the answer.
Because,  only a specific sequence can kill ft2nd last.


and short sequence in clusters...

bbrr, r,bbrrb, b,brrbbrrbb

It should work pretty well with the right MM. Thank you.

Baccarat Forum / Re: Why so few posters?
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:21:45 pm »
I wanted so bad  to go previously and you know the reasons I didn't.  I still have all the paperwork and all the research and casino notes on the program.  The 3 little kids are such a huge part of my life.........my head spins every week about everything we talked about as well as the border casino  deal I had in place with the tv show.........

That stack of paperwork is about 15 inches high on the floor plus the entire second compartment of the plastic cabinet!
I don't doubt your hard work. There will be the right timing as I always say, everything happens on God's Time.

Baccarat Forum / Re: Why so few posters?
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:21:25 am »
The casinos in USA are different in themselves of rolling commissions, etc,  I do like the program however I don't have the freedom to maintain my business and be able to go back and forth to Asia to gamble. 

I was all set up with a casino Ted recommended in Cambodia.  They extended me a great program with extra great rollover, suite, airline ticket. Etc,, after they verified my USA play with 2 casinos. 

But I know myself and baccarat play, it us extremely dangerous to the player, but attractive,  and the program in Asia will fizzle and the player will lose compared to playing in the USA,  there are no consequences to walking from a table while gambling in USA except the general '4 hour' rule of thumb if you are a full comp player, etc,

Alrelax, I will be flying back to SE Asia at the end of November. I plan to see JC just to have a few beers with him. I will play at Naga World a little bit but my favorite place of play is at the Cambodia/ Thailand Border, Holiday Palace, located in Poipet Area.

Good luck to you and all the forum members!!

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