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Baccarat Forum / Re: Baccarat Pro by Autobetic
« on: August 06, 2017, 12:26:44 am »
is not available at googleplay?

Hey backudos,

We're still on beta mode for our Android App. Rest assured we're hard at work trying to go live with it on the Play Store as soon as possible. I'll be sure to drop an update on this thread when we do. Thanks for asking!

Baccarat Forum / Re: Baccarat Pro by Autobetic
« on: June 05, 2017, 12:26:52 pm »
Update ?

Hey ice789,
I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to you. I'm also terribly sorry about the delay in getting our Banker Commission update on the App. We've been working really hard at getting the Android version ready for launch and were planning on including the Banker Commission setting along with it -- unfortunately tho, we've got some buggy hurdles to cross.

We had initially planned for an early June launch for all of this but it now looks like an early July one instead.
My sincere apologies for this.

Rest assured I will personally drop you an update as soon as we've got this sorted.
Thank you so much for your patience!

Baccarat Forum / Re: Baccarat Pro by Autobetic
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:45:14 pm »
Super Six Baccarat, also known at some casinos as Punto 2000, is a baccarat variation with slightly different payouts to traditional baccarat. Just like normal baccarat, you start the game by placing a chip on either the Banker, Player or Tie boxes. The live dealer will then deal to the Banker and Player hands according to normal third card rules. You win if you bet on the correct outcome…Banker, Player win or Tie. Payouts for Player (1:1) and Tie (8:1) bets are the same as for normal baccarat but the payout for Banker wins is different. Instead of paying 0.95:1, in Super 6 Baccarat the Banker win pays 1:1 unless the Banker wins with a score of 6 in which case the payout halves to 0.5:1. There is a side bet offered as an insurance to a Banker 6 win. If you take the Super Six side bet you are betting that the Banker will win with a score of 6 and this side bet pays 12:1 if successful.

Thanks Bally6354! It would likely take me a while to figure out how I can incorporate this into the App...but I'll put this in the App Feature Roadmap for now.

Baccarat Forum / Re: Baccarat Pro by Autobetic
« on: May 14, 2017, 02:42:26 am »
At least in the USA, so many EZ Bac with no commission any longer.

Ah yes! EZ Bac. Didn't consider that at all. We'd probably have to code that in at some point....tho quite a bit of work required to add in those Dragon and Panda side bets. Thanks for that reminder alrelax! Darn....such a long way to go to for this App  :stress:

May you can add an option of paying 50% commission on banker winning on SIX.

Hey goez, thanks for the suggestion. This isn't part of the current plan...We're coding in the Banker Commission under the 'Settings' tab where users will have to option to input any commission rate they want...we thought this would provide enough flexibility to the user. I've never come across a rule like the one you mentioned (50% comm for B on 6). Care to share which variant of the game this is and where you encountered this? I'd love to learn more about it...and of course possibly try to incorporate it into my App later.

Gosh you sure do learn something new everyday here! Thank you for all the input through forum posts and private msges so far everyone. Really appreciate all your help in improving my lil App :)

Baccarat Forum / Re: Baccarat Pro by Autobetic
« on: May 11, 2017, 02:32:33 pm »

Hey ice789,

Thanks for the feedback. Our next App update will include the option to set Banker Commission. We're looking to release this along with our Android App by early June.

Baccarat Forum / Re: Sell Me A Baccarat System!
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:40:34 am »
I will sell my SOXFAN SUPER STYLE baccarats method for the low basement bargain price of $444,444 CDN but only for the limited time and only sell 978 copy, hey hey.

LOL! Really bad idea on the pricing tho mate (especially if you intend to sell into the world's biggest gambling market, China). In Mandarin, the number "4" sounds like the word for "death" so the Chinese tend to stay away from that number...ESPECIALLY when it comes to matters involving gambling/luck. You'd be better off selling it at $888,888 -- the number "8" is associated with "fortune" in the Chinese culture.

PS: I expect a 20% cut from every sale for this advice. Thank you very much.  :))

Baccarat Forum / Re: Sell Me A Baccarat System!
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:33:48 am »
Me?  I was blasted for the 'little bit of humor' I did. Or was your 's' on the 'guys' meant for all the parties concerned??  However, I will be more aware and realize this is not the informal social circle I thought it was!  Referring to others, not you Autobetic.

Yikes, my bad. I assumed it was all just good natured ribbing! IMO all forums should operate as 'informal social circles' where meaningful conversations happen and "non-googleable" information is found. But then again, to each his/her own.

Baccarat Forum / Re: Sell Me A Baccarat System!
« on: April 29, 2017, 02:50:23 am »
Hahaha....you guys are hilarious :cheer:

I'm curious (because I've never approached a system seller) - how much do these systems cost? Has anyone ever done a price round-up or an exposé? I should probably do one on my blog.

Someone (from this forum) sent me a strategy guide authored by a J** S**** which I've been going through - and so far its looks like absolute garbage. I feel really bad for people who part with their hard earned money for stuff like that.

Happy to announce that we're very close to releasing an update that allows users to input Banker's Commission! Thank you to all who highlighted to me that this feature was missing.

We've also been working really hard to get the Android version ready. We should be rolling that out earlier in May instead of the original schedule of late June.

Autobetic / Re: Autobetic Blog: Post Discussions and Article Requests
« on: April 26, 2017, 03:41:31 pm »
Does anyone here have their own blog/site where they write about their gambling experiences or adventures? I'm also curious to know what type of content would appeal to Baccarat enthusiasts?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

Baccarat Forum / Sell Me A Baccarat System!
« on: April 26, 2017, 03:39:08 pm »
It's admittedly a very easy way to make a buck. Come up with something that sounds logical and complicated enough to command three easy payments of $99 -- and boom, you're laughing your way to the bank before you know it while sending everyone else to the casino  :applause:

I suppose that's why people do it. Or course there are also some who do it not so much out of an intention to scam but because they themselves are terribly misinformed. I wanted to share this email exchange I just had...and I hope people who may have similar questions/intentions are able to learn something from it.

Here's the email I received:

Do you have a strategy or system that you use or sell.

I've been using Kevin Trudeau banker only progression with the software it's done extraordinarily well.

The parameters are bankroll 3000 times the size of the base minimum unit.

I wanted to know what's the lowest Advantage play you achieve.

I'm currently between -7.8 to -8.5

And here's my response:

Hey (name withheld),

Good to hear from you!
I'm sorry for the delay in responding -- I've been travelling this week and just got back.

I've heard about Kevin Trudeau's progression (I assume you're talking about the 8-15-35-60-20-20 with the hard stop at hand 40 of any losing shoe?) and never really thought much of it. Frankly with a bankroll of 3000x base bet, there are plenty of progressions that can keep you going for quite a while (with a perceived winning play result).

I hate to break it to you but there really isn't a point to seeking the "lowest advantage play" for a game like Baccarat against a casino because in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't make a (mathematical) difference. I hope you haven't spent too much money buying systems/methods -- and I would strongly encourage you to not purchase any more.

Personally, when I play Baccarat it's more for entertainment than for anything else. During my recent Casino trip, I used the 1-3-2-6 progression, and whenever I saw a gain of 8 units I pivoted to Martingale at 1-2-4 (hard stop on 3 losses, and continue with 1-3-2-6). I was playing with 500x base bet bankroll.

It's tempting (and possibly logical) to think that the more complicated a strategy appears or the more strings there are to it, the higher its chance of success -- but I assure you that's far from the truth.

Do you play Poker? I would encourage you to spend your energy on something like No Limit Hold'em instead where if you put your mind to it (as much as I suspect you're doing for Baccarat), you'll see positive gains. The advantage play you seek is achievable in that game.

All the best, and keep those questions coming. Happy to answer them :)

PS: We'll be adding an update soon to Baccarat Pro which will include the option to set Banker's Commission.


Haha...well said alrelax. And love the tire analogy!

Thanks for your response.

I usually analyse the shoes I played in the casino in the home. If I can manually input the shoe I played in the iphone, I will know which of the three or four programs stored in the iphone would have fared the best. Perhaps I will know which system or systems to use for my casino.

Perhaps programming ipad may not be too difficult, since both use the same operating system. I am not a programmer!

Hey James,

I'm going to have to caution you about that approach. Manually inputting shoes that you have played at the casino (let's assume the number of shoes here is 5 per session) and then reviewing them really doesn't do anything useful for you. In fact, it could be dangerous to use such a small data sample size to confirm the effectiveness of any strategy at all. So please don't use that as a gauge of which system you can or cannot use.

Personally the only reason I would test a strategy on a casino game with a negative expected value is to figure out what would be the best and worst spikes in variance over a big sample size (I would recommend testing across at least 10,000 shoes) which would then inform my bankroll requirements and perhaps also give me an idea of when I should make my exit (for example, if I had won an amount somewhere close to the highest spike a saw in the 10k shoe simulation).

As for the iPad version, from a development perspective it isn't too difficult but I'll need to get a designer to adapt the screens for the larger size (which would require some investment and time). Nonetheless, it's definitely something I'm looking into and we'll release it in time to come. Thank you for your feedback!


i am looking forward to trying out your program. Can I run it on my Mac or do I have to use an iPhone ?

Thank you,


Hey Garry, thanks I hope you have a good time using it! Please do drop me a note should you have any feedback at all. For now I'm afraid you'll have to use an iPhone -- it doesn't run on a Mac.

Autobetic / Re: The Introduction Zone - say Hi here if you're new!
« on: April 04, 2017, 02:29:36 pm »
Haha, I do like your perspective on things 8OR9 - you sound like a classic gambler!

Guess there's never a hard right or wrong when it comes to these things. I do believe that old school gamblers have an indescribable, unmeasurable, and sometimes unbelievable instinct that turns them into sharks at the casino. But I suppose I come from a very different world...one where we grew up using Heads Up Displays, Hand Analysing Software, and all kinds of tech we could get our hands on to improve our game. So I suppose at some level mine is a generation that looks to a smart phone for answers as opposed to the human brain (or intuition).

PS: I'm afraid your Baseball reference was totally lost on me though. I've never played/watched it. In this part of the world it's all about soccer. Lol  :football:

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