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Nickmsi ,
Do you conclude that you have an advantage because you get +176 per 100000 spins?

With or without the zero it is a score that does not mean anything!

Maybe I misread?
What do you call doublets?



Far from me the idea of wanting to denigrate these research on the VDW, but when I hear about "non-random" bets, I feel obliged to intervene.
Because the theorem of VDW does not say that we must play the moves by following.

Take any series of 9 disjoint spins in permanence, and the VDW theorem will be respected.
Which means that no matter if you bet "red" or "black", you respect the "VDW".

In other words when you bet "red" by following a certain procedure of "VDW", another bet "black" while also respecting the "VDW".

They both make "non-random" bets as you say!

Roulette Forum / Re: Use Math to beat Roulette/Baccarat
« on: September 29, 2017, 03:39:33 pm »

if you play the red side, you win on the 21  ( 2-5-8 )  we ignored 6-7-8

if you play the black side , you lost on the 5 (3-4-5)  , you win on the 26 (1-4-7) and you lost on the 21 (6-7-8)

it is useful to see the details sometimes.

Roulette Forum / Re: Use Math to beat Roulette/Baccarat
« on: September 29, 2017, 03:24:53 pm »

My preferred way to avoid the Mutual Bet is to bet only one side.  Just Bet Black and you will never get a Mutual Bet.

Hello Nickmsi ,

This is true, it is very practical.

It would be more accurate to say that you ignore it.
But it is there.
I will give an example ...

« on: July 13, 2017, 06:25:11 pm »

Just to say that ramtha = sect .

Do you use  hertz to make calculations on harmonics ?

The rhythm is decided by the player's variance against the wheel. With variance here, I am talking about the outcome of the player betting said predicted numbers against the wheel. If they win regularly, then the variance is in players favor, as the predictions are correct and hence the curve goes up (check my images again). If the predictions are wrong then the bet loses and the variance curve becomes negative (predictions have yet not matured in sync with the wheel)

Numerical Prescience (number prediction) via frequency and number harmonics (number interrelation) always leaves traces you can measure. In my case, I measure the quality and rhythm of my predictions via above-mentioned variance curves which in their visual information value, is the fastest way at least I know how I can determine at any given spin,
 where I stand against the Casino and how the rhythm of the predictions is - Smooth, erratic, volatile or heavenly.

The superior player in roulette is the one who can see WHERE (space) and WHEN (Temporality) to bet a specific sector on the wheel, in order to hit the right number. :)

thanks for these informations .
And good night
For here it is night
See you soon

Nothing appears by itself, or by its own accord. Everything in this universe is interdependent (linked). Frequency wise, a new number is always the result of at least two previous frequencies interacting.  Look at my first image I posted on this thread. Study it carefully. You have everything you need there in order to find the answers to your many questions. Trust me on that one. ;)

Good endeavor and good luck.



In music there are the notes (it sometimes takes a little for a melody)
You assign a number to a note of some sort.

But there is also the rhythm.

Do you assign something for the rhythm?

Even vague ideas can bloom into beautiful flowers if provided with enough patience, water, and sunlight from the Mind that harbors them.

Nice ...

A little less poetic:

The number 1 fall .... is this enough information?

If only for orientation.

It may take 2 numbers  ?

Then you understand the basis of how my platforms function in terms of accurate numerical prescience.  8)

No I have only a very vague idea .

Can you play your method without software.

Do you assign an arbitrary frequency for each number or do the frequencies differ according to the roulette wheel used?



Thank you for your reply
I am French and I take some time to translate and answer.
I am a piano teacher.


Is there any connection with this:

Valeur de n    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12

Valeur approchée de Hn    1    1,5    1,8    2,1    2,3    2,5    2,6    2,7    2,8    2,9    3,0    3,1

And : What is the relationship between the frequencies and the numbers of the roulette wheel?


What is the idea ?

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