08 74 successful spins at Bet Voyager using RouletteKeyGold.


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Topic: 74 successful spins at Bet Voyager using RouletteKeyGold.  (Read 1174 times)

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74 successful spins at Bet Voyager using RouletteKeyGold.

In this session I play for about 20 minutes and earn 50 units or so. I'm actually playing for Euros forgive me if I say pounds it's because when I opened this account it made sense to open it in Euros, and I tend to think in pounds though it leads to a disappointment when I withdraw!

Now my bank is building up nicely I feel more confident in placing larger bets. I'm not following any particular system I'm just placing neutral bets until the program suggests something from 'The Winning Rules'. Although all the trigger point are adjustable these are as they come with the program.

Each technique is accessed by its chapter number in the book 'The Winning Rules' . The book is free to all subscribers.

The video below shows several alerts two of which are on 12 numbers the first is after 33 spins when 12 numbers remain uhit.
After 67 spins. The second dozen bet is on 12 neighbouring numbers

In some casinos its quite easy to place such a bet using the 'racetrack' here I seem to have some difficulty not that it matters, as I can place the bets manually easily enough

For what its worth here are the numbers as saved by RouletteKeyGold, feel free to send me your own numbers for testing.