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Topic: Another 37 Even Chance Bets! using RKG  (Read 2720 times)

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Another 37 Even Chance Bets! using RKG
« on: July 08, 2016, 01:38:35 pm »
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  • If you noticed that the ball had remained on one half the wheel for say seven spins what would you do ?

    Would you bet on the half it stuck on or would you bet on the half it hadn't hit?

    Would you wait for  9 spins or 10 spins or more to see if the pattern continued before betting?

    Any answer is arguably equally valid and such a situation may well be grounds for starting a progression.

    During  my process of 'continuous development' of RouletteKeyGold   I noticed while programming an alert for neighbouring dozens that several adjacent ones would come up simultaneously.

    If seven come up at the same time then that means half the table is sleeping.

    The first part of the video below gives an explanation the latter half shows actual play at BetVoyager No Zero during which I use neutral bets and get alerts on 3 sixains (yet another even chance bet) , 3 finals.
    On spin 33 I get an alert that 5 adjacent neighbouring dozens have missed 7 spins this means 16 numbers have slept. I would have liked 18 but in the interests of the demo I bet and lost on the first bet, I won the next.

    The numbers played were: 24,7,3,6,30,19,9,14,29,35,29,13,4,15,1,10,35,13,29,6,31,17,34,17,18,33,3,35,23,25,36,2,6,19,18

    Apologies for the quality of the video. It started as a simple explanation then I put real play session into it. If any of you can do better please contact me.

    The latest release of RouletteKeyGold is now ready, now you can watch an extra 37 dozens and even chance bets how will you use it?

    One of you waits for any neighbouring dozen to miss 11 spins then bets on it and any other sleepers that have slept.

    Another of you waits for several alerts at once before betting then uses a short progression dropping it after 2 spins but continuing it on the next alert.

    After all you never have to wait long for another betting opportunity.