08 New Even Chance Betting by using 3 sixes in Roulette Key Gold


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Topic: New Even Chance Betting by using 3 sixes in Roulette Key Gold  (Read 1747 times)

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OK, it's not new but it is new to me and Roulette Key Gold!

Following suggestions by some members I've added a method for betting on three sixes. It was confusing at first I'd hate to do it with pencil and paper but but I've nearly cracked it! Preview below !

This is the equivalent of an even chance. I've programmed the first six sixains in to RKG and will hopefully include the others soon.

I've tested it successfully on two casinos Bet Voyager & William Hill as below.
I know several clients use this on live casinos hopefully RKG will make it easier to use online.

As I tend to stick to level stakes  I haven't  included any stakes or totals in the program just where to place your bets.
I hope to have all 11 sixains included in this coming week.
In the second half of the video I play back the numbers from the first game and discover I could have won on neighbours as well!

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Using New Three Double Streets Alert in Roulette Key Gold
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 11:31:16 pm »
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  • I've now finished programming Double Streets into RouletteKeyGold.

    I've also added two new techniques, more of which in later posts.

    It does seem better on live casinos rather than RNG but either way the wins are much more frequent than normal even chance bets and as these aren't outside bets you may be able to stake less.

    The system alerts you when any three double streets have missed a specified number of times. A record is kept of the maximum numbers of times in red so you can use this to specify the level you want to play at.

    Some form of progression is probably necessary. In the video below I've played 20 spins and had three bets and three wins. (I wish it was always as easy as that!)

    When there are three adjacent double streets indicated the program ignores them they are all high or low. I'm sure we've all seen exceptional runs on high/low

    On spin 10 I get alerted for the double streets 4-9, 10-15 and 25-30 but I wasn't concentrating hard enough and missed it! It would have won on number 11!

    On spin 12 I get another alert on 1-6, 19-24 & 25-30.
    I win again on number 23 but unfortunately I messed up my bet and only put on three bets of 20p instead of 50p.

    On spin 18 I get another alert on 1-6, 7-12 & 25-30.
    This won on number 8. This time I'd made a fortunate error and accidentally won more than intended.!

    Although the video is only 4 minutes long it represents 20 minutes live play and I made three mistakes but it shows the program worked and it also shows I'm only human!

    To alleviate boredom I'd play this in conjunction with one or more of the other systems and unlike me try not to get distracted and make mistakes!