08 New Technique in Roulette Key Gold


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Topic: New Technique in Roulette Key Gold  (Read 1291 times)

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New Technique in Roulette Key Gold
« on: January 07, 2015, 05:10:22 pm »
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  • I've added a new system to Roulette Key Gold.

    (Download from http://www.roulettekeygold.com/download.html )

    If the first dozen is hit three times its recommended you bet 3 units on high and 1 on 13 to 18.
    The opposite recommendation is suggested if the third dozen is hit three times.
    Don't use this as the start of a progression (especially on RNG) just treat it as the occasional one off bet.
    Another bet usually suggests itself within a few spins.
    It's the first bet in the video below, blink and you'll miss it!
    The next bet is on three sixains, this is proving to be particularly profitable at live casinos
    I then get an alert on the hidden dozen but for some reason I can't get a minimum bet on! I've had this before at William Hill!
    A few spins later I'm alerted to the fact that 12 neighbours have missed 13 spins, this time I can get 10p bets on and win on the second spin.