08 Black Pirate App + new algo ExpHit explanation + live RNG roulette session


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Topic: Black Pirate App + new algo ExpHit explanation + live RNG roulette session  (Read 916 times)

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hi guys,
i explain in details new algo ExpHit which is a part of BP app + i comment first live session with this algo. You will see RRR 12:0. Plus on top i already played second session with ExpHit with RRR 20:0, it is coming soon as well.
Have a nice day

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Thanks for the explanation of your algorithm. I'm wondering why you have chosen to pick numbers from the "belly" of the Normal curve rather than the extremes, other than it's contrary to how most people pick their numbers. Have you done any research into this? Because on the face of it there is no good reason to pick one set of numbers over any other, insofar as they are all equally likely a priori (in the absence of any physical justification to the contrary).

Advocates of one school or another give reasons for betting the way they do:

Hot numbers : "focus on what's currently hitting the most because you have evidence that these numbers are favourable!"
Cold numbers : "Numbers which have been sleeping are bound to wake up soon and make up for their absence!"
Neither hot nor cold : "Focus on what happens most of the time because extremes are by definition rare!"

Personally I don't find any of these reasons compelling. What WOULD  convince me though is some actual statistical evidence that one school of thought really is superior.  As a statistics guy, do you have any such evidence?