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Topic: Preacher App | NEW Challenge: Profit 125% | Session #13 | WE MADE IT !!!  (Read 1200 times)

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Guys, we made it! more than 100% profit achieved with all betting sessions recorded and maximal transparency. All the time I was using my Preacher App. In 13 episodes in total netto time 221 minutes I have more than 100% profit from my deposit 400 Euro. cool. I hope that you enjoyed it as I did. What about next steps?

NEW CHALLENGE: Turn 900 euro to 9000 euro = 1000% profit or hitting StopLoss 700. Let's go.

If you wanna catch me, here is my email: shareschoice@gmail.com

To get VRSEDGE App & System, please visit my web page: www.vrsedge.com

To get Musketeers App, Black Pirate App and Preacher App please visit my web page: www.shareschoice.com

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Brilliant achivement, Petr.  :applause: :applause:

I followed your videos week-by-week and was very impressed by your software, your strategies and particularly by your patience.

It's great that your hard work and patience has been rewarded.

And now for your next challenge. Very ambitious it is, too. I'm looking forward to seeing how that unfolds. 

Good luck with it!

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I have to admit I've always given RNG a wide berth, but your success has inspired me to take a closer look. Well done.  :thumbsup: