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Albalaha's Exclusive / Re: Holy Grail of Gambling: Essentials
« Last post by Albalaha on Today at 04:09:22 am »
Slot? What the hell! Is it a spam message? First post propagating a casino and slots.
Hope you are doing well. Any thing eventful for you lately?

As an addendum to albalahas post/inquiry above. 

After reading alot of your post a few months back I then went to many of the utube links you provided. I found both informative/THX.

I recall you mentioned in Fall 20' you were optimistic on an upcoming IPO but couldnt give us the ticker until it went public. Has that public offering indeed happened?

After reading your articles on crypto I started a daily monitoring on the following:


I am still monitoring/have not purchased any of the above.


Re: Crypto markets. Do you have an opinion on what effect (if any) the money put into this asset class will affect the precious metals markets??? The physical as well as paper investments?

In recent months I seem to all of sudden be bombarded with emails from Paypal pushing PP account holders to purchase crypto via their PP account and hold in their accounts(with many restrictions).
     Any knowledge on this /personal opinions or thoughts??

Thx in advance.

Continued Success,
Albalaha's Exclusive / Re: Holy Grail of Gambling: Essentials
« Last post by shawresse on Yesterday at 08:48:22 am »
Post removed because it contained advertising and unsponsored links, Alrelax/Administrator and Board Owner
            What is your prediction for these crypto by the end of this year, pricewise average rates:
 1. BTC
 2. LTC
3. Binance
4. Ripple
5. Doge

             Will Doge touch USD 1 or it will sink to lower level?
betting "both side", would at least,
 "minimise losses",
"maximise profit",
 and after long run, still profitable...

          Whatever you think is due to your desire to win small sessions which is tough to manage. I think for the long run where I have to win with my bet so why bother betting both sides together. It will look weird and also calculating both together would be tougher than you can imagine.

need to do some long simulation, to see what happen ...(eagerly waiting for your finding...or am I too naive...hahaha...
            You are not naive but you lack simulation skills so have wild dreams that this should work without evaluating. To get something benefit you first of all the basic logic should be flawless then simulations help. If you lack the logic or simulation, you will stay confused and naive forever. Either you do it yourself or get help from someone.
General Discussion / Re: Happy Father's Day
« Last post by KungFuBac on Yesterday at 04:28:42 am »
Thank you sir.

A Happy Fathers Day to u too.
Hi PatternAnalys

Thx for post.

Alot of creative ideas in  your post above.

Ill have to think on it as i may have a couple Q.

Continued Success,
Hi alb
Thx for responses

I agree it(pospro) may not win to infinity trials.

"...It doesn't win average shoes as well. It needs better than average times to win..."

     It depends. If one only wagers on part of the shoe then an average shoe may (or may not) be reflective of the part that received wagers.

I also like that no casino rules that require us to play 100% of our wins back through the casino.

They do not ask us to gamble at all. We do that and lose our money too apart from any coincidental win that we got from casino. This is true for 99% gamblers. We lose money in the endeavour of winning more and not for any guilt of winning money from casino.

     I don't know what you mean.

negative progressions if used cautiously could surpass over 10 millions spins test on roulette while I did it with Ophis.   

     that's impressive--Im guessing it was a same-side wager(e.g., black or red?)

         I did this 8 years back with one of the finest programmers on any forum, Ophis. We surpassed all data that we could put our hands over. Over 10 millions spins of roulette were beaten, mercilessly. We bet all sorts of bets from EC to single number. It was a controlled negative progressions, kind of brute force attack on all bets possible in roulette. You can feel it here:

      Thx for link as I read the first page or so today. Interesting sim. Good study by u/ophis. However, Im not sure how much is applicable to a real cas live table. It seems if it performed that well with roulette there are several other games I would hypothesize we would see superior results.  Just my quick thoughts as I have very minimal experience  w roulette so maybe it(roult) has some underlying traits within its overall  profile that lend itself to this type of wagering. Even with my lack of roulette gaming experience I would still hypothesize Bac p/b as well as Craps line wagers(e.g., Pl / dp), would perform better, all other variables being the same(due to a variety of reasons).
Good info and kudos to u/ ophis.

*Side Note: I have only played one shoe in my lifetime across thousands of shoes that neither P or B showed 3 in a row same-side wins(ppp or bbb). That particular shoe only had one 3-consec chop(near the end).

 Well, probability to get a ppp or bbb is 1/8 roughly so in 72 hands of a shoe, one should get it 9 times averagely. You said you saw only one shoe of such kind where no PPP or BBB occurred, well it is actually rare and remote to happen frequently but if you get one or two such wins in a shoe, it should not be enough to get you a net profit.[/size]


Continued Success,
Hi Alb
Thx for reply to my Q

What was the MOST hit in any 1000 consec trials  for each side (B and P) ? Thx in advance.

    "...558 and 548. You should get the MAX seeing the Least of its counterpart when Ties are already removed from counting...."

I concur

Continued Success,
AsymBacGuy / Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« Last post by KungFuBac on Yesterday at 03:22:02 am »
Hi AsymBacGuy
Good post. Thx for answering my question and the additional intel is thought provoking.

"...We'll see more deeply this issue in a couple of days. ..."

We look forward to the next edition.

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