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Forex Forum / Re: Forex News from InstaForex
« Last post by InstaForex Gertrude on Today at 04:40:38 am »
CBI Urges Next UK PM To Act Fast To Get Economy Back On Track

The next UK Prime Minister should restore confidence and take action to bring the economy back on track, the Confederation of British Industry said in its Business Manifesto published Monday. Carolyn Fairbairn, the CBI's Director General called for a clear direction for the UK and to build a long-term vision that drives in investment and back business as a foundation of a growing, inclusive economy.

Brexit has stalled progress on the UK economy for three years. A Brexit deal remains a top priority for business, but a broader vision is needed, the lobby noted.

"Early signals matter. The UK is a fantastic place to do business but we must be honest - the reputation of our country has taken a dent in recent times," Fairbairn said.

"Our new Prime Minister has a real chance to inject a new lease of life into the UK economy and show the world we are open for investment."

The manifesto also called for fast action to show world that the UK remains a trusted place to do business and to build a compelling economic vision for the UK of the future.

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Baccarat Forum / Re: After too many years
« Last post by alrelax on Yesterday at 05:48:12 pm »
"Beating" the game of bac or "Beating" any other game within the casino is a term extremely subjective to each of us. 

Many will use the term "Beating" as the holy-grail or convincing themselves or anyone else, that whatever it is they are preaching or describing will definitively allow them to win each and every time or nearly something similar to that. 

Of course, others use the term "Beating" to describe control and a method that allows themselves to profit within the realm of their findings, etc. 

Then what happens is the internet mathematicians, scientists, engineers and drama queens will twist and turn most if not all of the explanations into fuel for their daily fire boasting their own circle for degradation and banter among their like internet family of friends, etc., etc. 

Back to the Barnes & Noble theory I have detailed out many times.  Not one bit of difference. 

Baccarat Forum / Re: After too many years
« Last post by Lungyeh on Yesterday at 07:10:20 am »
I think going by the postings in this forum, there are probably a few long term winners. I venture to guess Alrelax, Asymbacguy, Soxfax, Adulay, Jimske although they may not have openly proclaimed as such.

As in the Bible, there is no open declaration that Jesus is son of God but the miracles he performs leave no room for doubt.

Or at least net winners up to now.
Baccarat Forum / Re: After too many years
« Last post by 8OR9 on Yesterday at 12:36:05 am »
As has been said many times before, anyone can beat roulette, baccarat or Sic Bo or blackjack or craps in the long just need a very large bankroll and a very conservative money management plan to handle the eventual large downswings in you bankroll.

As a simple example, assume the most you will lose flat betting in a shoe is 8 units, and your profit objective for a shoe is 5 units, then you can use a money management plan  of:

11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 11111111 (  you lose all 40 bets )

22222 22222 22222 22222 ( you win all 20 bets  )

You lost 40 units ( in 5 shoes or a net loss of 40 units over many shoes flat betting 1 unit a bet)  so then bet  2 units a bet . winning 10 units a shoe over 4 shoes = 40 units so now you are even ) less banker commission)

You lost 40 bets and won 20 bets so you won 20/60 bets so you broke even only winning 33 % of your bets.

This is of course a very simple example, but you get the general idea.

Of course if you bet using  an aggressive negative progression , then you need a very,  very, very large bankroll to handle the very, very, very  large down swings.

General Discussion / Re: Being a VRTech Test pilot.
« Last post by 8OR9 on Yesterday at 12:17:11 am »
Do you have an app for a double zero wheel?

Also I think I know how you can use this in an American casino which has the "Stadium - Fusion"
roulette, baccarat and blackjack games which use a live dealer and you enter your bets using a computer terminal.

If you need more info, let me know.
Baccarat Forum / Re: After too many years
« Last post by titantts on July 20, 2019, 04:39:44 pm »
Thank you for that info; myself got beating up almost died ….(stop playing now hoping some day come back stronger smarter)
General Discussion / Being a VRTech Test pilot.
« Last post by TheMagician on July 20, 2019, 09:07:52 am »

Anybody, using our superior sector predicting algorithms has nothing but a rush flowing through their brain, watching the predicted [unknown] future and real-time, colliding in a profitable NOW.

Our latest top fighter, the UXG5. (continuous Win-loss ratio of an astounding 75%, with peaks up to 90%)

One position currently open. Last date to apply - August 31st, 2019.

We apply no fees, we sell nothing, but we expect that the best of the best, once chosen, will be able to fly our top fighters against the best Casinos in Europe and in doing so,  give their best for the team and nothing less.

All earnings are yours to keep. We do not kid around with our unique prescience technology, but we do keep up a positive team spirit as we share the many, often hilarious, and adrenaline-filled experiences of our winning trophies against a common foe - The Casinos.



The VRTech Team
VRSEDGE / RfL XOR App Golden Edition | #3 Jean's LIVE roulette playtech session
« Last post by vrsedge on July 20, 2019, 04:32:37 am »
Baccarat Forum / Re: After too many years
« Last post by AsymBacGuy on July 20, 2019, 02:17:38 am »
still no one beat The Baccarat???

Actually almost every poster on the net beats the game consistently.
But they do not want to divulge "how".

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