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Forex Forum / Re: Best broker for new traders?
« Last post by Aramis Baynard on Today at 03:02:00 pm »
Due to scamming issue broker choosing is really difficult to the traders. Traders are losing their capital for no reason due to scam indeed. Trade12 is a broker strong because of advanced technologies which includes smart bridge technology, narrow trading spread, fluent trading platform and user friendly interface. They also provide superior ECN execution, narrow trading spread, high leverage up to 1:400, ECN accounts with lowest commission, no restrictions for pending orders, fluent trading platform including more than 250 technical tools and technical errors free interface.

Baccarat Forum / Re: Further Explanation of 'Sections & Turning Points'
« Last post by alrelax on Today at 03:43:02 am »
The Tangible/Intangible. POINT, that you define to make a decision, which you will wager on.  Vitally important and you need to always remember and be extremely conscious of that very thing.

The same as diagnosing a part from a vehicle as working good or defective.  The same as deciding what ingredient will be used within a recipe you are cooking,

Outcome.  Tangible outcome realized, based on factors that are intangible as well.  That is the problem you have to account for at times.  But it can be done with extensive consciousness and clear thinking, difficult but still possible.

Focusing on what is happening and working without the influence of your desires, greed and any outside factors changing your rationale and/or experience you are applying.  Again, not easy but still possible.

Important psych point.  A continuous decision making process to keep making decisions, that the outcome is variable.  That is extremely tough to program yourself to do, never mind trying to understand the process of making those decisions. 

You do something, make a mistake and learn.  That is life.  But baccarat is not as easy as that.  What works right now, will not work later, same shoe or another shoe.  Then again, it might??  Maybe.

The longer anything lasts in baccarat, the less chance it has of continuing.  But, I still and do not buy into the theory of the continual alternating chop theory.  Things stick and things do not without any type of mechanical way to figure out when it will or when it will not. 

Hence, Sections & Turning Points, I have written about.
General Discussion / Re: Feel free to use the forum as usual (@new server!)
« Last post by VLS on Yesterday at 10:57:12 pm »
We're enjoying a better server.

This server is more stable and provides a better experience than our former one  :applause:

As we get more financial support from members, things can only get better for us here!

...Even as we begin using it for our new site, stability should be fine on the BetSelection side of things :thumbsup:
6 - System study club /'s announcements
« Last post by VLS on January 19, 2019, 05:38:07 pm »
Hello guys, we're using this thread to track progress for our new club.

Right now the club's server is on & off @

Only "pages" work. Currently adding "topics" for proper messages.

In the end, the early adopter promo is simply giving double to everyone who joins in January!
H money returns tomorrow I'll write about what happened last night need to get some sleep I will write tomorrow like I said H money returns.............
VRSEDGE / Special LIVE roulette system by Jean #2 | Crawler App + Mutant + MM App
« Last post by vrsedge on January 18, 2019, 08:22:10 pm »
Forex Forum / Re: Forex News from InstaForex
« Last post by InstaForex Gertrude on January 18, 2019, 05:59:34 am »
China's growth will slow in 2019 and threatens the financial world

China's economy is expected to continue to slow down this year particularly on domestic demand and exports affected by US

According to forecasts, China's economic growth will slow to 6.3 percent this year and will be the weakest in 29 years. A significant slowdown in growth in China has already been observed. The resumption of negotiations between the United States and China has increased optimism that Washington may agree to suspend the planned tariff increase, which was originally scheduled to take effect this month. However, a comprehensive agreement to end the dispute seems unlikely, given the number of highly controversial and politically sensitive issues. Even if both sides can conclude a long-term trade deal, it will provide only minor relief to the Chinese economy if Beijing cannot increase domestic investment and demand.

Sources said that China plans to lower its target for economic growth between 6 to 6.5 percent this year. Weak industrial growth and lower consumer spending reduce company profits. Moreover, it also discourages new investment and increases the risk of high job losses. Since earlier growth measures had little impact, we expect Beijing to deploy more incentives in the coming months to prevent a sharp slowdown. More large-scale tax cuts are expected, along with measures to increase consumer demand for products such as household appliances and cars. Both fiscal and monetary policies eased over the past few months and this should begin to spread to the real economy by the second half of this year.

News are provided by

AsymBacGuy / Re: Baccarat unbeatable plan #1
« Last post by AsymBacGuy on January 18, 2019, 01:15:24 am »
Very soon a strict mechanical method which should help us to define when, how much and how long to bet.


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