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Hello guys, I did it! I've quit my day job so I'm supported by online means from now on.

I've come to the realization I must simply "do".

No pay-walls for content & software; if the folks want to support, they're going to. I must simply put the quality releases out there as a motivation.

I'm also keeping you informed of my non-gambling ventures to fulfill these Public Domain dreams toward sustaining my loved ones.

You surely get to notice the new gambling content + software releases :)

This is ongoing so...

If you want to be part of our personal history, the best time to support is now:


This feels right & aligned with that we stand for.

Thank you.
A humbled,

Straight-up / One-number Target [#01]
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:19:01 pm »
Let's consider two (2) ways to target one number.

The first way is rather straightforward even as it can require a dose of patience:

Track all numbers until there is only one (1) sleeping number remaining to appear.
Wait as many spins as needed until such sleeping number shows.
Bet this number for no more than one numerical cycle (i.e. 36 spins)
After the number hits, "look back" in the numerical stream to spot the current "furthest back" sleeping number in order to repeat the procedure of waiting for this new target to appear.
For the second way you must keep track of every number that skipped 3 cycles (111+ spins on European or 114+ spins on the American wheel).

After any number from the eligible pool shows up, you use it as your new target bet.
When a number from the pool gets a hit while you are betting another one, you pause the betting until another number from this target sleeping group gets a hit or "wakes up".
You continue moving the target bet to the latest of the numbers skipping 3 cycles AFTER one of them is spun.
The tracking is done using a "rolling window" comprised by the latest 111 or 114 spins, as per the roulette wheel currently at hand.

Meta-selection / Consistent Location Tracking
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:17:07 pm »
This is a cycle-based way to track:
Even chance2 spins
Dozen/Column3 spins
Double street6 spins
Corner/Quad9 spins
Street12 spins
Split18 spins
Number36 spins

Let's see it by example on double-streets @ Wiesbaden 2019-10-14, table #2, in order to be able to comment properly.

You only mark one show of the location in your tracking chart, like this:


The idea is to visualize the contiguous cycles a certain betting location shows at a given time, in order to bet for its continuation as a currently-consistent spot.

You can use a progression covering up to the second cycle for compounding, but no more. You will encounter more positive "Mushrooms" of concatenated wins if you cover the skip.

The obvious entry-point is always the first spin of the cycle. You stop the attack on a hit, then wait for the first spin of the next cycle.

In case you are using a single bankroll, you must "look back" to spot the location with the longest "succession of success", namely the one that has won the most including the skips your progression allows.

When using dedicated banks per location, it can be advisable to wait for a winning signal before re-activating target location. i.e. entering after actual back-to-back cycles with a show.

You don't limit concatenated wins to enjoy the big-time mushrooms in full.

Multiple locations / 10-unit Mini-Parachute game
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:10:20 pm »
I like the concept of a 10-unit bankroll parachute to compound the unit:

SpinLocationBet amountLoss + costAmount wonTotal profit

There is no limit on wins. After a lost attack, you go back to the minimal unit bet.

The basic idea here is to have concatenated positive runs of micro-games rising the unit in order to win the most on the positive trams, while going back to the minimal base unit for losing the least on the inevitable negative trams.

After every hit you take 50% of the net win and re-invest it (add it) into the main/active attack bankroll. Dividing the new units / 10 to get the new bet amount.

It is advisable to play with an unit that is as divisible as possible in your roulette of choice. Ideally it should be divisible / 10.

Rounding down should be done for keeping the bets working on actual game conditions.

Real-World Casino Action / Re: Don't criticize.
« on: May 15, 2019, 07:48:38 pm »
Don't criticize => Productive mindset #1 motto!!!  :cheer:

Congrats on the win! :thumbsup:

Money Management / Re: "Boom!" positive progression
« on: May 11, 2019, 08:41:50 pm »
Works very well on straight up numbers as well if you use a good strategy and the right length cycle.

As a curious note, I tend to like "transforming" wheel methods to street-wheel ones since the "times" accelerate and the payout is reasonable while still having a good cycle dynamics.

i.e. the "super zones". They can be sweet on the the street-wheel:


Baccarat Forum / Re: STAR PROGRESSION
« on: April 18, 2019, 07:39:21 pm »
Hi Jim, what's the file size?

Congrats on the win Peter :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing your live sessions videos!

Hello All

This is my first post . I have really enjoyed "lurking" here for the last year or so and finally stopped procrastinating and signed up .

Welcome to the community Leander :applause:

For the record I live in Sydney , Australia and enjoy Baccaarat and from time to time Roulette and Sic Bo . Only ECs with SicBo .

Sweet! We're pro-baccarat & pro-roulette around here :nod:

I'm putting up a new club focused mostly on the Roulette side while Glen/Alrelax can certainly assist in your Baccarat journey.

Hope you enjoy your time around!!  :thumbsup:

We're enjoying a better server.

This server is more stable and provides a better experience than our former one  :applause:

As we get more financial support from members, things can only get better for us here!

...Even as we begin using it for our new BetOnly.club site, stability should be fine on the BetSelection side of things :thumbsup:

Okie, update before launch:

The last few days we've been facing several design decisions that affect us for the next decade, well into the 2020's.

For instance, doing our security with current standards for 2019+ i.e. Argon2 password security.

Any case, the club's working on my development machine, but it's still not uploaded to the live server.

Bringing the oldie forum back AND supporting both the old + the new tech on the same main server delayed things a bit, but we're good now.

We're lying the foundation for great things as a matter of fact! i.e. we're ready for "plugging-in" real-time services such as user chats, downloaded software communication, and what not.

Web design is spartan as of now. I've been concerned with securing a solid server back-end.

We switch to the front-end / visual side of things as soon as the first paying members come around / join.

General Discussion / Feel free to use the forum as usual (@new server!)
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:29:47 pm »
Hi guys, feel free to use the forum as usual. We're enjoying a better server.


What is the price and what is your PayPal address?


Hello dear Patrik, price is $97. My paypal address is: "betselection@gmail.com"

You will be able to join via paypal button to setup your membership @ 730 days.

I'm testing code and writing content as we speak. It's focused on Roulette content at the moment. I have years of old notes to add.

We're starting with my previously-unpublished systems actually.

Okay, the new club site's basically ready to go.

We could launch right away yet I'm double and triple-checking things.

Initial promo is sensitive to your join day:

  • 13 to 19 = 100% extra = +730 days access (Two years access for earliest users!!)
  • 20 to 26 = 50% extra = +548 days access.
  • 27 to 31 = 25% extra = +456 days access.

Paypal is being used as payment gateway .

The plain is for it to completely replace my daytime job. I only have one (1) remaining local client to make the transition.

I finished my last local client job pending from last year and I've stopped looking for being hired here. This is my daytime job from now on.

We begin with the 50% extra days promo to benefit early adopters & getting initial funding.

Next message is the happy announcement. We're in this together indeed :thumbsup:

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