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We're enjoying a better server.

This server is more stable and provides a better experience than our former one  :applause:

As we get more financial support from members, things can only get better for us here!

...Even as we begin using it for our new site, stability should be fine on the BetSelection side of things :thumbsup:

2 - System study club /'s announcements
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:38:07 pm »
Hello guys, we're using this thread to track progress for our new club.

Right now the club's server is on & off @

Only "pages" work. Currently adding "topics" for proper messages.

In the end, the early adopter promo is simply giving double to everyone who joins in January!

Okie, update before launch:

The last few days we've been facing several design decisions that affect us for the next decade, well into the 2020's.

For instance, doing our security with current standards for 2019+ i.e. Argon2 password security.

Any case, the club's working on my development machine, but it's still not uploaded to the live server.

Bringing the oldie forum back AND supporting both the old + the new tech on the same main server delayed things a bit, but we're good now.

We're lying the foundation for great things as a matter of fact! i.e. we're ready for "plugging-in" real-time services such as user chats, downloaded software communication, and what not.

Web design is spartan as of now. I've been concerned with securing a solid server back-end.

We switch to the front-end / visual side of things as soon as the first paying members come around / join.

General Discussion / Feel free to use the forum as usual (@new server!)
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:29:47 pm »
Hi guys, feel free to use the forum as usual. We're enjoying a better server.


What is the price and what is your PayPal address?


Hello dear Patrik, price is $97. My paypal address is: ""

You will be able to join via paypal button to setup your membership @ 730 days.

I'm testing code and writing content as we speak. It's focused on Roulette content at the moment. I have years of old notes to add.

We're starting with my previously-unpublished systems actually.

Okay, the new club site's basically ready to go.

We could launch right away yet I'm double and triple-checking things.

Initial promo is sensitive to your join day:

  • 13 to 19 = 100% extra = +730 days access (Two years access for earliest users!!)
  • 20 to 26 = 50% extra = +548 days access.
  • 27 to 31 = 25% extra = +456 days access.

Paypal is being used as payment gateway .

The plain is for it to completely replace my daytime job. I only have one (1) remaining local client to make the transition.

I finished my last local client job pending from last year and I've stopped looking for being hired here. This is my daytime job from now on.

We begin with the 50% extra days promo to benefit early adopters & getting initial funding.

Next message is the happy announcement. We're in this together indeed :thumbsup:

That's a big incentive for me to be a proficient content curator [...]

I'm the "Benevolent Curator For Life" of the club :D

I change my mind about free access.
That is a problem Victor, then everyone can pick any junk and post it to get four months free access, not good at all.
There has to be a way around that.

Free access is granted manually after validating the system. It is done by adding +120 to the "remaining_days"  integer field in the database.

System creators are the ones getting free access.

Variations to other people's systems with substantial new copy/text are valid submissions too.

There are no set standards regarding minimum post length. Guess we'll work a fair & balanced minimum amount of words as submissions happen...

if I publish enough follow-up systems will I have access according to the systems I publish? is there a limit on how many times you can post to get free months?

You can publish all three (3) methods in one day or take as much (or as little) delay in between; as you wish. It is entirely opt-in.

After your submission is approved, +120 days of full access are added to your account.

I'm doing the database as "Microservices" so we can have anything plugged into it. Data operations are decoupled from the web page itself.

There are actually two front-ends. One for non-paying members (traditional page-based, optimized for search engines) as well as a premium one as a single-page application with real-time feed plus other bells & whistles (think modern e-mail clients).

(Our downloads/software can finally enjoy being tied to member accounts thanks to it)

Any case, since there are no paying members yet, we're launching with the traditional one.

I'm dead serious about developing this club. The plain is for it to completely replace my daytime job. I only have one (1) remaining local client to make the transition.

The contents of the site is also making it to an e-Book to be sold on Amazon, eBay, ClickBank plus other venues, making my incursion as an Internet marketer. That's a big incentive for me to be a proficient content curator besides being the developer of the club.

Well, this is it. I know we're only days away from release. It's a very important event in my life and our communities around.

Wonderful Patrik!

I'm still @ it. Club's server is up; I'm devoting to the web app itself.

We're launching with some form of promo for early adopters for sure.

Vic's Ideas / Re: => Non-betting discussion banned! (New site)
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:15:03 pm »
okay.  I'll plug my method for 4 mos access.  :-)

That's great Jim! I figured it may be ok to squeeze 'ye olde brain' three (3) times a year for the freebie pass :)

A tad bit of a motivation to post can help keep it @ the productive side for the group!

...You never know which thread will take off & become EPIC  :nod:  :thumbsup:

Vic's Ideas / Re: => Non-betting discussion banned! (New site)
« on: December 27, 2018, 12:46:56 am »
I'm avoiding implicating "winning system" in the copy.


- Users agree they are buying access to the server only. No winning system(s) claimed inside.
- Original system creators can submit their method in exchange of 4 months of access.

I'm at the point of stripping "half-way" functionality. It is basically Pages, Register and Post.

Merry Christmas 2018 @ ALL!!!  :love:


Vic's Ideas / Re: => Non-betting discussion banned! (New site)
« on: December 20, 2018, 10:13:31 pm »
Sent this to a member, thought it would be good to post:

Hello _, some clearing points:

- The forum is not "Private" in the traditional sense. i.e. all system topics have a partial preview so there are no hidden method threads.
- It is more of a club where people gather to study methods. I provide the software for the testing (bots).
- There are no moderators, only me.
- Some contributions are expected by other fellow system creators in exchange of getting access to the content.
- We launch with a small extra promo to close the year where we give 50% extra active membership time for people who join to close 2018. i.e. 548 days instead of 365 days.
- The site is being put online @

I'm developing it on my computer so there's only a test page on the server right now.
Live (public) release is expected by Christmas. It's just a few days left to launch.

Cheers & many thanks for your interest!

Vic's Ideas / Re: => Non-betting discussion banned! (New site)
« on: December 18, 2018, 09:17:54 pm »
Hello, thanks for your post! Short & sweet answer: the expectation is to have a place where the only type of posting and interaction is expected to be system/method study.

That's basically it.

I am submitting all of the systems I've created throughout the years as well as my own variations on several methods form the spanish-speaking "scene".

Only time will tell if the "Free Backdoor" would attract other fellow members to submit theirs.

On a side note, the new site sponsors two bot projects:

- BetSoftware (traditional windows bot)
- BetOnlyBot (experimental bot for Linux, Windows, Mac, web and mobile)

Both are 100% free for the community as a side gain from this endeavor that benefits both members and non-members alike.

...with the new Bot enjoying direct access to the server for customized functionality enabled for paid members.

There are no holy grail promises, just hardcore method study with accompanying software for members to make their own conclusions.

Site's actually only ~$8.08/mo, but the payment is needed in advance in order to have the "safety net" to plan for the year as opposed to being of the verge of inoperability for the proverbial/perpetual next month.

Yearly planning and yearly sponsorship is quite the shift regarding what we have today.

The site WILL be kept clean and curated since it's a "live book" (which members can download - i.e. all the forum pages in a single .PDF)

It isn't a traditional gambling community per se but a very focused betting study site.

There will actually be no surprises regarding content. All the live posts have a % of visible content as a 24/7 preview.

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